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Founded in 1989 by Yaşar Hakan Karabiber in Karlsruhe, Germany, IAS (Industrial Application Software) is a dynamic and innovative enterprise, specialized in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Since its foundation, it has expanded its operations into other European countries, like France, Austria, England and Ireland in early 1990s. In 1994, IAS decided to invest more in research & developments (R&D) not only to follow technology but to have its own technology. By incorporating IAS Turkey, R&D center opened in Istanbul to compete with the fast changing technology and customer requirements. Our R&D department took up the challenge to develop a unique software development platform so that IAS has its own technology to compete at the higher level and TROIA was introduced in 1997 designed specifically for the business applications. Taking it further caniasERP 6.01 was developed by TROIA in 2000 it was one of the few ERP solutions with full functions available online. With over 27 years of experience in software development as well as design, implementation and monitoring of comprehensive ERP projects in diverse areas,

IAS is one of the technological leaders among ERP producers for all-sized companies with its 9 locations in 4 countries dedicated to customer-oriented software, efficient business processes and a collaborative partnership. The integrated development environment TROIA is open-source and platform independent which offers exceptional flexibility to the companies with the modular system structure. As evidenced by representative market studies from Trovarit AG and GPS, its flexibility is the core strength of caniasERP.

“We have been rated one of the best ERP systems by our valued users in the total customer satisfaction survey with regards to software. Happy and satisfied customers are the confirmation of what we do."

Daily Working for You WORLDWIDE.


Over 800 customers

Over 800 customers and more than 30,000 end-users in the world.

9 Office

Germany (Karlsruhe, Düsseldorf, Hamburg), Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), India (Pune)

50 partners

More than 50 partners worldwide

Users from 30 countries

Germany, Turkey, Ireland, Malta, France, Austria, Poland, Mexico, USA, China, Romania, The Czech Republic, The UK, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Netherland, Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Yemen, Syria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Albania, Azerbaijan, Sweden, New Zealand, South Korea.

15 Languages

German, Turkish, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Danish, Persian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Russian, Korean.

Always on the Move



Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is based on healthy growth. In addition to the continuous development of our software and consulting services, we are focused on technological advancement. Through this, we pursue the goal of always satisfying the individual needs of our customers. For us, success goes hand in hand with satisfi ed and productive customers who can maintain their position in the market and continue to grow stronger. Therefore, we maintain consistently high quality in our product, service and consulting, where we reach through strict adherence to our quality standards, which is our top priority. In fact, we are a medium-sized company as well and know very well the needs of our target audience.

The use of innovative technology allows us to realize highly functional solutions with far fewer development resources, like those that other software companies offer, only with a more open architecture and faster adaptation, which in turn make it even more affordable for medium-sized enterprises.


Main Idea

The integration approach can be seen through the whole caniasERP system which includes permutation and combination of all modules. With a comprehensive portfolio of modules we provide a complete solution and ensure seamlessly linked business processes. With the global uniformity and the extensive networking of individual modules, companies can attain high data consistency and better responsiveness to current development.

Optimally coordinated procedures increase transparency and reduce costs. This means more effi ciency in the management of business processes and at the same time offers future security and noticeable competitive advantages.


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