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The recruitment and placement process in the IAS Human Resources department consists of certain steps. If you are wondering about the HR process within IAS, you can also check out our page.

  • Recruitment and Placement

IAS is recruiting for positions that are open during certain periods of the year. He announces in various ways the declaration of the position of the HR department on the request of the relevant department head. Incoming applications are handed in front by the HR department and preliminary interviews are conducted by telephone with eligible candidates. Candidate expectations are learned and the requirements of the position are transferred to the candidate. Candidates are invited to the interview if both sides agree on the expectations.

At this stage, the HR department officer conducts competency-based interviews with candidates and can perform a foreign language test and personality inventory according to the position. The HR department, which makes the necessary evaluation, proposes the appropriate candidates to the relevant department head. Appropriate candidates are subject to a technical content-based interview by the department manager. After this stage, candidates who are deemed suitable by the department manager are offered a job by the HR department.

  • Education

New participants in IAS will first be involved in an orientation program, either individually or in groups, followed by in-class caniasERP and/or TROIA programming training, varying from one to four weeks depending on the task area.

  • Social Rights

  1. Morning breakfast and lunch
  2. Personnel service
  3. GSM Line and Telephone: Depending on the position my employees are allocated GSM line, telephone, and a portable computer.
  4. All our employees can participate in in-office activities.
  5. Job Application Form: Department Department Automatically opened, First Name, Last Name Entered manually.
  6. On the Education Application Form: School and Department will be opened automatically. Name, Surname will be entered manually.
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