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There are four different engineering departments in IAS apart from the administrative departments (Sales & Marketing, Public Relations & Advertising and Financial & Administrative Affairs). If you are wondering about the chapters and duties within IAS, you can also check out our Organization Building.

  • R&D

Our colleagues in this section are responsible for the creation of new technologies and for the provision of these services both internally and externally.

  • Software Development

The caniasERP modules are responsible for developing, revising, adding new modules and preparing new versions of the TROIA software language.

  • Consultancy

They are responsible for the analysis of the current structure of our customers, the installation of caniasERP, the development of customer specific applications and the provision of end-user training.

  • Technical Solutions

In IAS 'software sales processes, they are responsible for performing services like detail analysis - additional development prototypes - detail demo - workshops.

  • Employee Structure

IAS Turkey office; R&D, Software Development, Consulting and Technical Solutions departments have a total of 90 employees together with 66 Computer and Industrial Engineers.

Our working days and hours are Monday - Friday 09.00-18.00


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