The canias ERP Routes and Work Center Management ROU) module enables users to create all Work Centers related to production in the company without exception.

Route and Work Center Management (ROU) with canias ERP

In this module, the system automatically recognizes Work Centers selected on a route and in defining routes, the configuration belonging to that Work Center is applied. The scope of this configuration may include determination of capacity parameters such as existing types of services in the relevant Work Centeror operating processes different than the factory’s schedule.
It is also possible to define classic service types such as manpower, production tools and hardware as well as different types of services such as working hours, personnel assignment, etc.. The definition showing which capacity groups the work centers belong to constitutes the basis for re-determining the timing of operations in production planning. The graph shows the integration of the canias ERP Routes and Work Center Management module to the canias ERP system.

Integration with the General System
The purpose of the module is to support production planning by transferring operations that are configurable at canias ERP Routes and Work Centers module to production. Quality control plans recorded for materials and operations can be included in the relevant operation using the canias ERP Computer Aided Quality module. Therefore, automatic checks can be requested for certain times at relevant points in the production process.

Thanks to integration of Routes created with the canias ERPStandard Cost Calculation Module, calculations may be performed in the framework of all service types present in the operation and that constitute the basis for determination of production costs. Here, use of resources is taken into account. Operations defined are also used in relation to the Service and Maintenance module, but they are used in the framework of a maintenance production order, not for production of materials.


Link to Bill of Materials
In the canias ERP Bill of Materials module that can be used in line with the Routes and Work Center Management module, lists of components regarding production processes are defined. When defining a route, these components and relevant operations are mutually brought together. Detailed planning performed with the canias ERP Routes and Work Center Management module enables users to assign components to relevant operations. This assignment then constitutes the basis for an exact and accurate material requirement
planning. The supply of materials can be planned to be realized at the beginning of production or in a special process. These data are utilized in all other production stages up to purchasing.

The variant concept is also available for routes. Therefore, subject to characteristic features specified in relation to a material (under the same material number), operations not included in an alternative configuration can be performed. Detailed planning enables subsequent processes to be carried out automatically in high security and simplifies daily works.

Deadline Planning and Workflow Processes
Each route definition and all transactions related to the relevant route are subject to execution time frames planned by the user for participating units. In this framework, material requirement planning for production and detailed deadline planning, availability of work centers, deadlines for material supply and (if any) purchase orders for services, are planned.

Route definitions that are subject to time or size of the lot to be shipped are created taking into account subsequent operations and the production process that is actually to be carried out. A production order sets a deadline for an operation level based on formulas recorded in the system. The standard scope includes the feature of estimating the time period for transfer from a production center to another, taking into account waiting and interruption periods.

Convenience and Flexibility
When a bill of materials is expanded, route description can also be expanded in parallel. This operation is performed in the production order or in the route definition that updates, upon request, production orders not yet confirmed during the recording procedure. A history for all routes and versions of the route at different times can be kept.

Creation of alternatives offers a general freedom of choice. In addition, these may be linked to certain lot sizes and under some circumstances, enable a certain quantity to be used at another machine. The canias ERP Routes and Work Center Management module enables the routes/work centers in the canias ERP system to be managed easily and flexibly.








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