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The caniasERP Service Management (SRV) module has been developed to present, as required, all information available in the system related to service status.

Service Management (SRV) with canias ERP
The caniasERP Service Management (SRV) module can be used by companies operating in the service, commerce or production sectors and can be customized in accordance with the requirements of the relevant sector. Full integration of the module with the general system and its connection to other function fields are shown in the graph.

Areas of Use
The caniasERP Service Management module can be used by companies to manage, align and process periodically recurring service activities and by customers to process breakdown notifications. With the help of the service management module, employees can create a protocol regarding service steps and record used materials or replaced parts. The functions of this module also include the creation of checklists and surveys.

On-Site Service
The general technological infrastructure of the software and the functions of the caniasERP Service Management module offer users the opportunity to manage not only service operations at the firm, but also service operations on the customer‘s side. Therefore, employees can access the application from anywhere or from every usage area, call up customer-specific information and record service-related data such as spare parts and material consumption. The module also enables users to immediately create a protocol for services supplied when it is still at the customer’s side. The caniasERP Sales has the feature of assembly and disassembly for devices, machines and asset according to serial numbers.

Evaluations and Analyses
The configuration of the caniasERP ServiceManagement module offers various categorization capabilities to the service staff. Here,various pieces of information may be relied upon for categorization (e.g. project ownerships,departments, employees, priorities, service groups or notification types). All thedata in the database are used to perform evaluations and to obtain valuable data thatwill enable better planning of service activities in the future. Thus, for example, returns can be analyzed according to causes of breakdown and necessary timely audit measures can be taken. The service history offers an instant overview of service status as well as which employee is working on which service case and when. Because all purchase and evaluation data are recorded for each material used, it is possible to perform costing regarding the service statuses. Therefore, an examination can be carried out directly, using the current data set and developments in the sales proceeds related to the service area can be followed up. Due to analyses related to material supply, breakdown and repair periods and the tracking feature offered for products with serial numbers.

Inclusion of External Service Providers
In the caniasERP Service Management module, vendors can be defined as external service departments and can be included in service operations as service providers. If desired, these external business partners may be granted limited access to the caniasERP system, enabling timely enty of information. Management of external warehouses specific to the vendor (e.g. for spare parts) and management of incoming invoices is also possible with this module.

Integration with the General System
All caniasERP modules are fully integrated to the general system. Since all data is centrally managed, a view relating to ongoing and granted warranties, active and past service events or purchased serial numbers can be retrieved from the vendor and customer dataset.
If, in the framework of a service event at the Customer’s side, the disassembly of a component is necessary, this may be directly
transferred to a service order processed via the caniasERP Production Planning and Control module. Necessary information, such as maintenance bill of materials and work plans can be retrieved from the caniasERP Bill of Materials and caniasERP Routes and
Work Center Management. During the creation of sales invoices, all sales data can be inspected due to integration with sales (caniasERP Sales): To this end, pieces of information such as active price lists, outline agreements, special discounts and other payment conditions are made centrally available for use. Due to serial number management in the caniasERP Service Management module, users may have a comprehensive overview of all data related to a serial number. At this point, subject to the features of the product, the field functions of the Purchase, Sales, Material Management and Production and of course Service Management modules operate together and support effective process execution.



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