Aviation and Defense Industry

caniasERP for aviation and defense industry, is designed to meet the demanding needs of this industry.

Manufacturing organizations supplying products to the aviation and defense industry should be catered to identify and respond to the new challenges been encountered on a frequent basis. Change in this industry is a common phenomenon and organizations should be capable of managing this change with adequate solutions at their disposal.   

caniasERP  provides the much required agility to respond to changes and effectively manage pre-production, production and post-production operations of products being manufactured in the aviation and defense industry.


The core processes being pursued in caniasERP for the aviation and defense industry are as follows:





  • MRP - Material Requirements Planning
  • SAL - RFQ, Order, Dispatch List and Invoice Management
  • PUR - Purchasing
  • WMS - Inventory and Depot Management
  • PRD - Production Planning
  • CAP - Capacity Planning
  • DOC - Document Management
  • EDI -  Electronic Data Interchange
  • BUD - Budget
  • COS - Cost Analysis
  • HCM - Human Resources


Following are the industry specific features been provided to aid the above said core processes in the aviation & defense industry. 


Material tracking, vendor quality & performance management

Aviation and Defense industry include components and parts including powertrains, shafts etc. produced from raw materials such as titanium, chrome, and aluminum for use in rotorcrafts, fixed-wing aircrafts, and various engines. All required processes for proper control and management of materials such as material movement against work orders, quality control upon work order completion etc. can be efficiently undertaken in caniasERP. In addition to this, it also enables back tracing the respective vendors for the lot of components in case of quality control failure of the finished products. System offers functions to manage vendor compensation for any faulty supplies and ultimately provides the performance assessment per supplier.

Processes including maintaining of vendor outputs and inputs, work order approvals based on vendor input and thereby triggering quality control processes etc. can be efficiently managed from a single screen within canias ERP.


Variant Configurator

Since materials with varying lengths and dimensions are been used in different products, these materials will have to be cut number of times throughout the production process. Each cutting operation changes the length and it is imperative to keep track of the material length consumed and the length available in stock.  These tasks are made possible by the use of variant configuration feature in caniasERP.


Vendor Selection and Vendor Information Management

Vendor assessment, price and price validity comparisons etc. could be undertaken efficiently as part of the vendor selection process in caniasERP Vendor assessment process could be conducted based on the defined criteria applicable for the industry. Purchase offer approval process ensures that the preceding steps are undertaken accordingly. 

Since any kind of information in defense industry is deemed sensitive and confidential, changes undertaken in the information already recorded in the system could be put to effective usage only after going through an approval process. In case of vendor information management, any information originally recorded in the system becomes active only upon completion of these approval steps. In case of non-approval, the changes undertaken are discarded.

Repair & Rework Analysis and Reporting

Due to highly skilled workforce requirement and considerable material costs in aviation and defense industry, each rework/repair request originating from the customer would need to be analyzed in detail. With caniasERP, it is possible to record each of these requests in detail and analyze so that causes of defects can be statistically determined and reported. 

Business Center & workforce wise expense tracking;

Due to stringent production cost control measures owing to the nature of the industry, it is required to track and control labor cost entailed per work center & employee. Production order confirmations could determine the time consumed per work center/employee in performing its operation. In caniasERP, production order confirmation facility is extended further with the provision for each employee to log in to caniasERP using their personnel swipe cards so their confirmation could be performed more efficiently. This enables system to determine and effectively control the time taken per work center/employee in performing each operation.


Production unit price can be calculated monthly on work center basis and actual labor cost incurred can also be determined from the system. By the use of caniasERP, calculation of unit price changes at work centers is rendered instantaneously.



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