Jewelry Sector

The jewelery sector is one of the important sectors with its own unique processes. It is possible to monitor all the processes of this industry in caniasERP.

If we think about 40 thousand kuyumcuyu, which is small in size in our country, and 10 thousand in Istanbul, and the manufacturing firms that manufacture these, we can clearly visualize the size of the sector.

The jewelery has its own specific processes, terminology, units and strict safety rules. While the various forms of money in many sectors are the ultimate financial unit, the carat, billiards, gram units of valuable mines and stones in the jewelry sector are subject to a kind of monetary policy. The supply chain cycle within the industry also takes place through these units.


The main processes that can be followed in caniasERP in the Jewelery Sector are:



· Sales (RFQ, Order, Dispatch and Invoice Management),

· Retail Management

· Buy

· Inventory and Warehouse Management

· Production Planning

· Document Management

· EDI (Electronic Data Transfer)

· Finance - Accounting

· Human resources

· Budget

· Cost


In addition to these basic processes in the Jewelery Sector, the following sectoral solutions are at the forefront.

  • Daily transactions

- Opening Model Card / Printing Barcode

- Outsource

- Production Process

- Repair Process

- Dialing Operation

- Price Update Process

- Daily and Total Stock Report

  • Catalog Creation
  • Banko Transfers
  • Daily Balance Sheet
  • Counting Operations
  • Barcode Design
  • Sales Operations
  • Bag Follow


caniasERP has been successfully implemented in the jewelery sector with its structure supporting multiple units and sector specific editing and screens, and the above listed processes have been carried out via caniasERP and sector specific reports and applications such as daily balance sheet have been supported.


Daily Operations
It is an application where users frequently use daily transactions.


Daily mining applications allow the user to draw a product's image, create model cards and print barcodes. The application allows the user to use an existing image. The system can quickly create a new model card during different product entries, or automatically create a model card for each new captured image, if desired. The user can read the barcode history of the related model by reading a barcode that he created

The Outsource process allows the user to follow the outgoing materials for production or repair.

Diamond rings, necklaces, etc. with production processes. Production management of the products is provided. With this application, the user can calculate the cost of the product by inputting precious stone entrances as desired and the workmanship information that occurs during production. It can complete the process by receiving the label and certificate output.

With the repair process, the user can follow the additions or deletions made on a barcoded product, as well as input the labour information related to it and calculate the cost.

The conversion process is an important point in the calculations in the jewelry industry. For example, the USD paid in cash is entered as the HAS on the exchange rate at the time of passing the current account. This kind of transactions can easily be done with cash and current account movements.

With the update label price application, new labels can be printed by updating the label prices of all the products in the user created barcode list.

The barcodes on hand can be listed with daily and total inventory report. If the barcode is a group of barcodes, a list of the resulting barcodes can be accessed and the barcode cost details can be seen.


Catalog Creation Application

Preparing a catalog is a troublesome business for companies. With this application, it is possible to make catalog printing easily on the desired product list.


Banko Transfers

Bank transfer allows the transfer of existing barcodes from one bank to another bank individually or collectively. Especially, it gives the opportunity to carry out fast processing of product outlets.


Daily Balance Sheet

With this application, daily or past balance sheet report can be obtained. The receipt is recorded on the balance sheet basis and can be compared with the balance sheet the day before.


Counting Operations

Counting application can be used to count gold or stone stocks of a counter or a store. During the counting, the normal operation can be continued in the system and the inventories that are started to count are not affected by these operations.


Barcode Design Application

It is the application where output designs are made for barcodes to print. Barcode designs can be prepared based on product and user.


Sales Operations

Two different methods have been followed in terms of convenience for users in sales operations. In the first method, a barcode reading window was opened and products were read to create a sales document. In the second method, a sales document is created by the user reading a txt file prepared outside. After the sales document has been created, if a relevant document needs to be integrated with another program, a virman file can be created according to the determined form.

Common Terms Used in Jewelery Sector

Million: Gold, silver, etc. Is a term indicating the degree of purity of the goods produced from the mines. It is also used as a setting in our country. The purity of gold is set at 1000 (24 calories). For example, a 14-gauge gold can be found with a 14/24 operation. If the amount of pure gold in a gold of 300 gr is 225 gr, gold can be calculated with 225/300 operation.

Has: A term that indicates the amount of pure gold. The HAS of a 14 gauge gold of 10 gr can be found by the process 10x0.585 = 5.85.

Karat: The unit of measure that expresses the weight of the diamond. 1 ct equals 200 mg weight.

Montur: The frame where the stones are placed in the jewelery.


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