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With caniasERP, it is possible to trace all the processes required by the industry for machine manufacturing.

The companies that are in the machinery manufacturing industry are manufacturing both locally and world-wide and manufacturing machines, accessories and parts in all fields of the industry in line with their needs.
caniasERP works with many different sub-sectors related to machine manufacturing and responds to their needs. Many customers who have been producing special machines for customers such as Flow Forming, Hot Spinning, Shear Forming, Hydraulic Forming Presses and Special Application are following their processes with caniasERP.
Because of its sectoral characteristics, in the continuously developing machinery sector, project design, AR-GE and detailed engineering designs are made for every new product produced. In addition, the quality of the product demanded for a new product is taken in detail and as a result, the principle of "customer orientation" which is an important phenomenon in the globalizing world, produces machine parts, accessories and apparatuses suitable for customer's requests. The documentation of design and design activities of AR-GE activities is followed in detail by caniasERP.



The main processes that caniasERP can follow in the Machine and Industrial Automation Sector are:





· MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

· Sales (Bidding, Order, Dispatch and Invoice Management),

· Document Management {Integrate with Other Modules (Sales, Purchasing, Production, Quality)}

· Buy,

· Inventory and Warehouse Management,

· Production and Planning,

· Fason Takibi

· Quality Management (Fason Acceptance, Raw Material Entrance Control)

· Finite Capacity Planning,

· Budget,

· Cost Analysis (Budget-Proposal-Actual Comparison),

· Finance / Accounting,

· Human resources,

· Advanced Reporting.


Machine and Industrial Automation In addition to these basic processes in the sector, the following sectoral solutions are at the forefront.


Use of the variant configurator in every step

The variant configurator includes color, size, diameter etc. Instead of creating separate material codes for the specific materials, such as changing materials, it is necessary to deal with production, sales, product design, procurement, inventory etc. before the code population. It is a concept that can be used in all processes like.

For example; The classification of electrical items according to manufacturers and the designation of these classifications in production and in the requirements of the customer order cause the materials with the same material definition to behave like a different material just because it is different from the manufacturer or origin. Such a usage increases the number of material codes in the system, makes the system bulky and difficult to use. The caniasERP variant concept solves this problem with a single material code and accordingly with different options.


Easy to Manage Bidding Process

The process of preparing proposals for machine manufacturing is very long and troublesome. On the other hand, every minute spent in the bidding process is important for the machine builder. Nevertheless, the vast majority of proposals are actually similar to previous work. Various revisions are made to the old works and a new proposal is prepared. With caniasERP, it is possible to easily revise the system through both template offers and previously manufactured machines, and it is possible to operate the preliminary cost through these revisions.


At the same time, during the bidding process, the concept of material templates and engineering applications such as information request from the concept of costing department are presented in caniasERP through dynamic engineering calculations without depending on the product data static data.


Giving realistic term durations when bidding
One of the most difficult issues for the machine builder is to be able to give the termination time of the customer in the bidding process. One of the important issues here is the priority of the proposal within the existing moving orders and the deviation of the terminating time in the moving orders if this priority is given. Realistic terminating times can be given by testing them in the simulation environment with caniasERP.

Project follow-up in all processes
The tendering procedure required by the industry can be done separately for each project by tracking all the processes on a project basis (from the proposal planning to the financial planning to the finanstan financial tables). For example; the proposal cost of the relevant project, the pro forma profit / loss, the realized profit / loss etc. Reported.


Fason Takibi
The machinery manufacturing sector uses the fason concept in production intensively. The operations of the work orders are followed up at some times; which can be done via caniasERP in which operation of the work order, which materials are stored in the depot, which materials are transferred to the freeway, the outgoing materials of the outgoing materials, the materials remaining at the freemason, and the quantities of the semi-finished products or products coming from the contractor.

Transfer of Product Tree from CAD (Mechanical Design) Software to caniasERP

Data integration with caniasERP program with product trees and material codes prepared in CAD program is realized with EDI. After the user draws the integration, the ERP program will not have to re-open the product tree and material card again. In addition, thanks to related applications; The product tree, route and work order information of product trees and material cards integrated with the drawing program can be accessed. The quantities, quantities and stock status of semifinished products or products and the raw materials and raw materials used to make these materials can also be seen on this screen. The user can open purchase orders or work orders for the materials selected from this screen. Purchase and production information about the machine can be tracked from this screen using a single screen. From the same application, the output of the product tree can be taken as ".jpg".

Design and AR-GE Revisions
Changes and revisions made in the product trees are kept in the system. Authorized users inform the relevant groups about these changes by mail. These revisions are also recorded on the cards of the materials with the revision number and revision date information.

Providing Material Traceability
It is very important that when a machine is manufactured, hundreds of semi-finished products are manufactured, by which operator, by which machine it is produced, by which supplier, when and with which acceptances are purchased. There will be thousands of material movements during the day, and in order to provide such traceability, it is necessary to follow lots in every material. However, this creates a serious operational burden on businesses. Because every time you look at the system, you have to choose a lot number that distinguishes the material beside the material code, or you have to create a new one. With caniasERP, the system generates the lot number itself and frees you from a serious operational burden.

Document Management
All kinds of information, especially the sales proposal and order information, can be followed up with the document management. All kinds of documents are associated with the document (.jpg, .gif, .pdf, .rar etc.) and are stored in a special structure that can be communicated to the server via caniasERP. Users can access, modify, read, delete, etc. documents. To provide data integrity and information security. Because the documents are stored on the server in a way that is related to canias ERP, rather than on the users' computers, revisions and all related documentation are available locally. So to give an example; It is possible to follow up on all the proposals that are made by more than one staff member for a project and know what the current revision is.


Staff Working Report
It is recorded how long the staff is working for the design, the project or the AR-GE activity and the cost analysis can be reported at any time.

Purchasing Approvals
Purchasing requests opened by users are tracked and approved on a departmental basis. The opened purchase requisitions drop to the screen of the department manager, from which the department managers can only see the requests opened by their departments and can confirm or cancel the selected rows. This initial approval triggers the purchasing department and the purchasing manager can see the purchase requisitions that department managers have approved and turn them into purchase orders by approving them. After the purchase order has been created, it falls into the approval of the necessary managers according to the total amount of the order and after the final approval is given, the order is taken out and the order passing process is completed. Information to the owners of requests translated into the purchase order goes to the mails. Later, when the stock entry of the purchase order is made, the employee who requests the purchase and the informant for the purchase responsibility goes to the payer. Thanks to all these features, the procurement process; Approval mechanism and information mails.

Quality Management
The raw material quality control entries are made according to the criteria determined by the purchase. Made here; The quality control of the criteria selected by the person requesting purchase from the quality control criterion pool is carried out in the determined order and by the determined persons. Therefore, the authority controls of the people who carry out the quality control are made by the system on the basis of criteria.

In the operational quality control, it is ensured that the warehouse manager of the material receives the stolen goods for the control of the semi-finished product or the product from the furniture. This process ensures that the quality control officer receives data on the screen. The quality department receives the information that a movement of a freemason has been made to be controlled by this movement through the mail. The quality control officer or the authorized person can then check the quality of the stool and make the material available.

The quality control module integrates with the document management. Technical documentation and other quality control documents of the relevant material can be obtained at any stage.

One of the more difficult to manage for the machine builder is the management of nonconformities and improvement work.

In this case, for example, after-service product improvements, design changes and follow-up, nonconformities resulting from the production are performed, and improvements are made to follow-up, preventive activities and processes. With caniasERP, these activities can easily be carried out by integrating data from one screen and from other operations (Service Management, Quality Management, Production Management).

Flexible Counter Capacity Planning
One of the important issues for the machine builder is to change the priorities of the orders and to make a rapid change in the production if a priority is given. With canias ERP, it is possible to change the priorities of the orders and to adapt the material reservations to be used and the loom plans quickly to the new situation.


Calculation of Actual Costs After Machine-Based Production
It is very complicated for the machine builder to calculate the cost that you think about the general production costs which are done by different operators for different machines, hundreds of materials are used for each produced machine and the production activities can continue in the business. The actual costs of the machine can be seen with canias ERP. In addition to this cost, details such as labor, preparation, machine, depreciation, indirect material, indirect workmanship, electricity, how much it has received can be analyzed.

Cost can be monitored on the basis of machine or product, and canias ERP makes it possible to carry out cost analysis on projects with larger diameters, especially on long project projects.

"How much of the work to be done or the work to be done should I do in-house?" The question is again a difficult issue for the machine builder.

canias ERP analyzes the profitability of these processes separately and helps you to understand which operations to make inside, what to do outdoors, or to invest in more. It happens.



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