Mining Industry

Mining industry engaged in the ongoing process of manufacturing mineral ores is required to constantly look for means to maximize utilization and productivity, control processes and reduce costs in order to remain competitive and profitable.

ERP Systems, to be effectively used in the mining industry, should be capable of adapting to all the peculiar variables of this industry. caniasERP ’s sophisticated and flexible architecture and its acquired expertise in the same industry enable the provision of various sophisticated monitoring and control functions in addition to its ability to address all common requirements of this industry.

The core processes being pursued in caniasERP for the Mining industry are as follows:





  • MRP - Material Requirements Planning
  • SAL - Offer, Order, Dispatch List and Invoice Management
  • PUR - Purchasing
  • WMS - Inventory and Depot Management
  • PRD - Production and Planning
  • BUD - Budget
  • PRC - Production Costing
  • FIN - Financial Accounting
  • INV - Inventory Management
  • HCM - Human Resources
  • BSC - Balanced Scorecards
  • IMP - Import Management
  • EXP - Export Management
  • OLP - Advanced Reporting


The following are the special enhancements undertaken in caniasERP for the Mining Industry.


Mining sites inspection management

caniasERP provides facility to keep track of prospective mining sites inspection process and maintains database of these prospective sites with regard to various information as provided by the geological department. It stores information such as section and license number based mineral and ore type availability, its quality etc. This facilitates saving money and time as each minerals availability is readily available and therefor it need not have to be studied again in the future. It also provides reports as to from which section a certain ore can be extracted and in what quality etc. 

Production parameters suiting each type of mine

Production details of the mine vary depending on whether the minerals are extracted from open or enclosed pit.  While in the enclosed production pits, production is maintained in “preparation (meters) production (tons)" and in the open pits it is maintained in "pickling (m3) production (tons)". The production parameters as well units vary depending on the mine and as such the production data gathered will also be detailed based on the type of mine. For instance in open pits, details regarding the plate number of the truck that makes "pickling", or in which shift the pickling was made, the length of the journey made by the truck (km) etc. can be gathered and the total pickling figure can be determined. These details can also serve the criteria for measuring the performances of the operator or the truck.

Stock management as per mining operations

caniasERP facilitates efficient stock handling in all areas pertaining to the day to day operations of mines. Consumption of the consumables can be routed against corresponding cost centers for each pit and thus the total consumables costs relevant to each pit can be ascertained.  It is also possible to plan and monitor the consumption of consumables such as dynamite, capsule, mine pole or diesel oil based on preparation or production operations and its actual consumption measures can be ascertained. For tender based purchases such as mine poles forest department stocks which are available from directories can be monitored in addition to firm’s stock. Thus when stock purchased through tender is transferred to the firm, the real values can be ascertained by just adding shipment cost to its original cost. System also facilitates targeting desired output against prescribed mining area and thereby actual results can be compared against the target plans. For instance, depending on the characteristics of the mine, it could be estimated that in order to extract 1 ton of ore, an average of 12 dm3 mine should be used. Once this target is set, the actual output of ore and the actual consumption of consumables can be compared with this target plan. In the same manner, for enriched mines, the desired increase from the raw ore can be planned in percentages, and comparisons can be made with the actual data obtained, and relations could be established with that of sales department’s targeted plans. The spare parts installed or removed from the machines either in case of breakdowns or routine maintenance services can be routed directly to the machine costs enabling both machine wise maintenance cost analysis and machine efficiency analysis.

Maintenance and Breakdowns Management

Routine maintenance plans can be made according to the machine based service cycle time or according to the periodically gathered engine hour data.  All standard maintenance and breakdown analysis can be performed by caniasERP.

Sales Management

Sales data is maintained and monitored against product codes created for enriched ores. Apart from all standard sales functions, other features including collective connections, varying materials, unit prices and payment methods etc. can be monitored in the system. Tonnage details could be obtained automatically by means of integration with weighbridges and dispatch bills can be issued from weighbridges. It also facilitates monitoring of trucks waiting for the issue of their dispatch bills from the weighbridge. System provides warning messages based on the overall risk status of the customer in the offer and order stages. Campaigns can be announced to the relevant customer groups with the assistance of CRM module. caniasERP system works integrated with the firm's websites where online payments can be processed. Customer also can access details such as their receipts, their trucks waiting etc. using online access. Various analyses such as Pareto analysis based on product, city, sales department and customer can be performed. 

Human Resources Enhancements

Apart from the Standard Human Resources functions, all details obtained from the site entrance toll gates or card readers can be verified and tallied against the personnel follow up records.  Occupational accident reports, union member personnel monitoring and underground exemptions are some of the unique HR requirements applicable to the mining industry.

Royalty Estimation

Details pertaining to site based production such as, total sales, total purchases etc. can be ascertained by the system.  “Detailed Royalty Estimation" and "Default Interests" also can be calculated based on site and period based production data’s.


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