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Kaanlar Gida Chose caniasERP


Kaanlar Süt ve Gıda, in Trakya Region, with daily 1200 tons of milk processing capacity, Turkey's largest auto white cheese production line, within the framework of managing the Industry 4.0 with business processes caniaserp has decided to carry out digitization efforts.

With caniasERP Our Company has Achieved the Corporate Discipline


Project Manager Meric Ekiciler, who stated that transition to the discipline of work they have set up with more efficient data management accelerated with caniasERP, said “We can reach the correct information with caniasERP. In addition, we have increased our data entries on caniasERP and moved our corporate memory to caniasERP. We actively manage our business processes through caniasERP.”

IAS is Like a School for all its Employees


IAS Human Resources Manager Ebru Aksel, who came together with the students aiming to pursue a career in the ERP sector in the event “Career in ERP” said “ If you believe that ‘I am open to development on business processes, software and consultancy, I want to have a role in the ERP sector and I am ready for it’ then we take the rest on us and we do our best to have a fabulous work for both.”

We are Assisting the Companies in Digital Transformation Processes


Global Quality Systems Manager Çiğdem Dönmez, who explains the services and products offered by IAS for the companies in the digital transformation process says, “With our products, consultancy and project management services, we are shaping the road maps of our customers in the process of digital transformation together and we become their companions."

Correct HCM Move Companies One Step Forward


IAS HCM Module Unit Manager Gözde Erdinç points out that companies with the right Human Resources Management (HCM) module can set up more robust teams and sign successful projects. Mrs. Erdinç also adds, “Flexible and practical Human Resources Management (HCM) with extensive reporting options, integrated with the whole ERP system provides a great advantage to companies.”

What Should I Do Before Implementing an ERP?


One of the things that determine that you have stepped into the digital transformation world is when you decide to replace your old systems with the latest ones. The new technology that most of the businesses are using is – ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning.

ERP Vs CRM - Advantage of a Combined Solution


Both ERP and CRM are software tools that are used for various official purposes. But there is a distinct difference between these two software systems. While ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is mainly used for doing all types of back office activities; CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is designed for the front office works including sales.

Benefits of ERP in Manufacturing Plants


Manufacturing plants or industries are competitive and dynamic in nature. Therefore, it is essential to have one integrated solutions for such businesses in order to improve sales, reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance profitability, facilitate accurate information, and finally to make strategic and well-informed solutions.

How ERP Can Help Organizations To Improve The Business Process?


Every business is unique and it has its own series of products, services, and activities. Almost all businesses have to face one or the other operational problems as expansion begins. There are plenty of concerns that every organization has to go through while working with software such as ERP and ERPNext.

How to choose right a ERP?


Selection of a right software solution for the business, irrespective of its use, seems to be a time-consuming and daunting task. Also, it comes along with plenty of pitfalls all through its way.

caniasERP now in South America


IAS will now add the Portuguese language to the software language options currently numbered 15, will also begin the training of caniasERP software on Sept. 9 at SEEGER Engenharia e Sistemas Ltda. IAS will continue to talk with Brazilian companies in order to increase the number of partnerships in South America in the coming period.

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