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caniasERP Webinars July Calendar Announced


caniasERP webinars, which attracted great attention, will continue in July. Do not forget to register online from the IAS Business Academy website ( to meet with experts who develop caniasERP on the online platform and ask your questions

Digital Transformations is not an Option But Must


Reis Makine’s General Manager Basar Demircan, attended the ‘Compulsory and High Quality Transformation in Pandemi’ panel held by the Bilişim Summit for online platform, said, “We have a large data pool that allows us to process and analyze data and make decisions on the spot with the technology. These decisions that we make always takes us one step further. For this reason, we think that digital transformation is not an option but a must.”

‘ERP Pyramid Model' for a Successful Project


It is a great advantage to establish a strong and well implemented ERP system. If we can create an 'ERP Pyramid Model' just like Maslow's 'Needs Hierarchy', which categorizes human needs, we can build successful projects with stronger foundations.

IAS Attended First PMI TR Membership Meeting as Corporate Member


Following the signing of the corporate membership agreement between IAS and Project Management Institute (PMI TR) the first meeting was held. Speaking at the digital meeting, IAS Project Manager Fatih Gorgulu said, “IAS is a very experienced company in the area of project management methodologies. Because of this, I believe that this agreement will benefit both parties.”

caniasERP Brought Us Advantage in the Pandemic Process


Reis Makina’s General Manager Basar Demircan said they have an advantage by managing their business processes with caniasERP and added “Especially during the global Covid-19 outbreak, caniasERP has enabled us to work remotely. During this process, the importance of ERP foftware was proven once again.

How ERP-Systems Support Global Trade


Terms such as sustainability, new markets, manufacturing on demand, global networking, trade wars, digitization and automation, service-oriented and complementary business models, localization - or, if you look at the very latest, the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) - all these have a significant impact on global trade.

A Silent Revolution Happened in Our Company with caniasERP!


Isitkamet Casting IT Manager Nurullah Bardakçı stated that a silent revolution was experienced within their companies with the transition to ERP system. Mr Bardakçı also added, “We have found solutions to many issues, especially our problems related to integration and reporting with caniasERP. caniasERP's standard software has responded to our needs.”

Companies Having ERP Gains Advantage in Pandemic


We spoke with IAS General Manager Mert Poyraz who confirmed that there was no disruption at work during the pandemic. Regarding accounting and remote working systems in caniasERP Poyraz said, “We quickly adapted to new conditions. We did not suspend the development of new projects or maintenance services that we provide. Our customers gained a competitive advantage over companies without an ERP system since our customers were able to manage their business remotely.”

IAS Launches Institutional Membership Cooperation Project with PMI Turkey


IAS has signed an institutional membership cooperation protocol with the PMI Turkey Chapter, with over 800 members and volunteers, which actively operates in project management studies and methodologies, and whose mission is to raise awareness of the importance of project management and to develop and expand it as a profession. The two institutions held their kick-off meeting online to discuss the goals they hope to accomplish.

İmak Ofset Begins Digital Transformation with caniasERP


IAS has started a new Digital Transformation project with Imak Ofset. Founded in 1997, Imak Ofset is an important leader in the printing industry managing its core operations from their offices located in Bursa and İstanbul in Turkey, with additional representation in Russia and Kazakhstan. 

Time at Home is More Efficient with IBA


Starting in 2020 with a new vision and structure, IAS Business Academy(IBA) has become more effective with each passing day. IBA General Manager Cigdem Donmez spoke about IBA’s new projects which are now offered online as a result of social isolation due to this global pandemic. Cigdem explained, “There is now a great from participants who are using this time to focus on professional and personal development”  

IBA Trainings are Now at Udemy!


IAS Business Academy(IBA) is expanding the number of training opportunities by collaboration with Udemy, a global learning platform with the largest selection of online training courses. As a result of this partnership, IBA training is available to thousands of people via Udemy. IBA General Manager Cigdem Donmez that similar partnership is now planned.

IAS Expands R&D Studies in 2020


Explaining the company's journey in the ERP market and the 2020 targets, IAS General Manager Ahmet Oturgan said, “We achieved  significant momentum in 2019. With our Industry 4.0 vision, we continue our work without slowing down. We will double our operations in 2021 if things go as planned.”

caniasERP Now Speaks the Language of the Machines


The IoT and Automation solution offered by IAS has achieved success in its pilot project. Preparations for the next project are moving forward. Explaining these IoT and Automation solutions, IAS General Manager İlker Er said “caniasERP can now communicate and speak the language with any machines, sensors, meters, and devices used in production sites. The data is transferred directly to the system, saving our customers time and costs involved with integrations  because the system is already fully integrated with caniasERP, and the error share is minimum.”

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