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We offer ready to use industry solutions combining the know-how gained from over 1000 ERP projects in 30 years. 


Solutions for you

Regardless of whether you are looking for a standard system or customized application, you will find your solution in caniasERP. As stated above innovative software infrastructure gives the advantage of offering customers individual software concept.


Therefore, caniasERP can be offered in the form of a customizable standard ERP as well as an individual development platform. In the first version, IAS is your solution and consulting partner. We help you to identify and implement the optimal approach and advise you in concern of your ERP project on all issues. In the second version, we primarily assume the role of a development partner. In other words, in addition to the basic implementation of the project, we support you in the adaptation of caniasERP to your individual requirements and the company specific development of the solution.


caniasERP guarantees maximum creative freedom, as IAS customers have direct access to TROIA, the source code of the application.



Our Expertise

Long-standing expertise has always been an important factor in ERP projects. IAS consulting team have both technical and functional expertise. The customer receives extensive support since the strengths of our consultants are found in both the analytical and conceptual work as well as on the side of programming, problem-solving and solution implementation. Besides the deep technical know-how, the consulting team has many years project experience in different industries.


IAS attaches great importance to the understanding of your specific needs, to model processes precisely and to customize them in your system. In addition, our consultants focus on the end user‘s needs and ergonomic aspects.


The maximum increase in efficiency, through integrated ERP software, will only be achieved when the new solution is fully accepted by your team. To ensure this acceptance, our consultants carry out training (for end-users, administrators, etc.) in small groups, online or on-site and take a partnership approach throughout the project life cycle. As part of the implementation of customer projects, IAS has extensive experience in the specific requirements and specifications of different industries.


These industry skills allow us a fast implementation of similar projects in corresponding sectors, which enable our clients to have significant know-how transfer and cost savings through the implementation of caniasERP.



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