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Choosing the right ERP solution is a serious investment decision.

Working with the right expertise is the key to maximize the return on your investment.


We think that the service we give is a mental effort. In ERP installations, we believe that project success depends on the quality and continuity of the service provided rather than the quality of the software. That is why we attach great importance to project management. We are continuing the production of the software without disruption during the installation and adaptation we have shown. We plan all kinds of consulting and inspecting steps from the beginning to ensure that our customers work with this diligence in the project.

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Seminars and Education

In the globalizing world, constantly increasing competition conditions, unlimited customer satisfaction, and total quality concepts have become an indispensable insight. Companies have to monitor, understand and implement their professional development and management methods in the world in order to be able to sustain their assets in these inexorable competitive conditions. With this understanding, education should be considered as an uninterrupted process. Staff at every level should be trained in line with company needs.

The IAS Academy's "Continuous Improvement" mission assists you in raising awareness of your company by developing the competencies of your employees in line with personal and organizational needs, with a proven track record of proven expertise and experience.

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Software Development

Localization, new developments and interface design are part of our broad service spectrum. IAS consultants and programmers are always available for your specific ERP requests. Our specially trained personnel are always on your side after the software project with their control purposes.

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Project Application and Management

IAS offers distinguished staff, dynamic structure, international experience, knowledge gained from large-scale projects and strong consultancy and superior education services with its own high technology.

IAS strictly carries out the projects it devises and attaches great importance to the preparatory work required to ensure that the product offered by IAS is fully compliant with the customer's organic structure and to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the project organization, preliminary study and execution phases must be completed before the transition to the active system.

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