What is Industry 4.0?


Industry 4.0 is a new technology development, Internet, things, cyber-physical systems. Industry is the backbone to be used for product development. As a result, we are able to implement the industry as a whole. This is a very successful business. CANIAS ERP can be an effective and supportive tool to apply the ongoing, much sought after concepts in the present-day manufacturing environment Industry 4.0 and achieve the valuable Advantages for your business with maximum ease.

Why manufacturing industry should have an ERP?


One of the most dynamic and ever-evolving industries in the market is the manufacturing industry. It is not only highly competitive in nature but also very innovative. For an industry that is going to be a dominant force in the upcoming years and many technologies are created to boost the industry it is quite essential that a solution, which would enhance its efficiency and effectiveness can be integrated into it

Benefits of Implementing CaniasERP


There are numerous advantages of implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning System. Amongst many other advantages, one can streamline their business process to increase efficiency, productivity, and decrease costs thereby magnifying the sales manifold. There are many Tier 1 service providers of ERP in India but, Canias comes up with the customized ERP solutions that allows you to choose modules of your choice.

ERP: Why Is It Important


Many companies chose IAS as their ERP solution provider and using Canias ERP to run their business efficiently. The reason being, we help our customers to increase the efficiency of business processes that are transparent and controllable with the software that is appropriate for all scales. With our tailor-made software and innovative infrastructure, we are able to provide a solution that can cater to all type of industries and their needs

What is the GST E-Way Bill and How does it Work?


With the GST rollout, several things have changed in the way manufacturers now deliver goods and services to their customers. The Waybill from the VAT regime has made way for the GST E-Way bill that is mandated where the value of the shipment is more than a certain amount. 

Find out why you need a GST ready ERP System today?


The much-awaited GST tax reform has been implemented with much fanfare and plenty of back and forth on the tax percentages charged on goods and services. However, the one thing that has remained constant is the impact the tax has had on the manufacturing and the service sector.

What Should I Do Before Implementing an ERP?


One of the things that determine that you have stepped into the digital transformation world is when you decide to replace your old systems with the latest ones. The new technology that most of the businesses are using is – ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning.

ERP Vs CRM - Advantage of a Combined Solution


Both ERP and CRM are software tools that are used for various official purposes. But there is a distinct difference between these two software systems. While ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is mainly used for doing all types of back office activities; CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is designed for the front office works including sales.

Benefits of ERP in Manufacturing Plants


Manufacturing plants or industries are competitive and dynamic in nature. Therefore, it is essential to have one integrated solutions for such businesses in order to improve sales, reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance profitability, facilitate accurate information, and finally to make strategic and well-informed solutions.

How to choose right ERP?


Selection of a right software solution for the business, irrespective of its use, seems to be a time-consuming and daunting task. Also, it comes along with plenty of pitfalls all through its way.

caniasERP| Customizable Standard ERP


Small and medium-sized enterprises often produce parts as suppliers for various industries and are therefore faced with specific requirements every day. Increasingly they support their business transactions with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software programmes.

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