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What is ERP?


You will find the answers here for the questions such as what ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which is one of the biggest helpers of sustainability and development of companies, is, how it developed, why it is important for companies.

Modern HR Management Software Could bring great revolution


Incorporating HR software into your existing business ERP software solutions can be obliging, particularly for large enterprises. As HR department plays a crucial role in the increment of ROI of a company, this department should have a well-controlled computerized system to manage employee database, candidate database, and attendance database,

Grow your education institution with Education ERP Software or web application


Education ERP Software helps educational organizations like schools, institutes, colleges, universities and other sorts of organizations take care of various activities starting from inquiry and rendering education to controlling students, fees & attendance, putting controls on performances of teachers, and staff members. Also, it controls other activities like a library,

Become a smart manufacturing industry with Cloud ERP, MRP & IoT software.


The manufacturing industry of India has played an important role in the improvement of GDP of the company and from the survey it’s found that the companies which are using Automation Cloud ERP MRP software are gaining more benefits from production. If you are under pressure to figure out how the Internet of Things (IoT) works, no worry, as you are not alone in this track.

Top automated ERP CRM software for Metal Manufacturers!


Top ERP Software is certainly a most valuable wizard tool for all industry types like manufacturing, education, supply chain, retail, chemical, etc., and metal is not an omission here! However, the metal industry has viewed tremendous growth across the country in the last few years because of the implementation of the rolling infrastructure mission.

Improve Automotive business with Automation ERP Software!


Businesses in the Automobile sale, repair & maintenance services sector ought to render top class service to stay ahead in the race. Now these days, then businessmen and professionals who are earning more than INR 50000 pm in India or $2000 per month in the USA would like to have four-wheeler for family traveling purpose or reputation purpose.

Top ERP Software with HR, Payroll & Account - Creates incredible value for different verticals


Human Resource is the most basic resource for any businesses which helps in taking important decisions and conducting valuable tasks. Payroll ERP Software helps businesses expand their business successfully, that why it’s called Top ERP Software. One of the archetypal aspects of the Top ERP Web application, the HR payroll module covers time tracking, serves administration and HR regarding salary and employee correspondence.

Uplift your Health care business intelligently with big Data and Business Intelligence ERP Software!


In the past few decades, Big Data and data analytics were mostly used for reporting purpose. As modern businesses are becoming more data-driven, they adopt BI software to extract a full proof valuable report from the collected data. Varieties of businesses use Business Intelligence software to improve their processes. Currently, how many patients are coming on average as there’s much healthcare opened in the urban area.

Top 4 reasons why you obtain ERP Business Intelligence Software for Hospitality and Restaurants


Over the last decade, it has been found that the key improvement of Hospitality and Restaurant business occurs throughout the proper analysis and best decisions. That’s why some restaurant owners become billionaires and some are still at the middle layer. However, the brisk evolution of IT, automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence and secured data warehouse help in decision making easily.

ERP CRM software becomes most dependable asset of Real Estate business


Are you a successful real estate business owner? Do you have a complete software package? If yes, you are recommended to upgrade it with an automation software package. If no, buy a new ERP CRM software package to uplift your real estate business. Still, you have queries? Go through this article for a detailed discussion on all features of ERP CRM Web application.

Automated Mobility CRM Software Empowers Modern Sales strategy


Cloud-based automated mobility CRM software lets you concise all the crucial CRM tools to handle a smarter business efficiently with quicker decisions. As Cloud has already a powerful impact on the technology sector, most of the companies including SMEs and startups prefer Cloud-based software for a fruitful sales campaign and customer support service.

An automated ERP System with high security is your virtual management!


Some companies are hesitant to implement complex ERP systems and function in the cloud because of apparent security risks or data loss effect. But, with the implementation of strong cybersecurity many highly progressing industries or government agencies might be constrained to the geographical location of a data warehouse where database server systems are kept.

How Textile industries grow with ERP Software?


ERP Software is Inventory & Finance management software used in different industries starting from small up to large ones. It becomes the most dependable asset in various industries like Textile, manufacturing, chemical, food processing, automobile, construction, oil, and many more. Among these industries, Textile industry is one of the popular industries,

Top reasons of buying Project Management Software!


Project management software, the soft tool that helps project managers (PMs) and teams work together and achieve targets on time while administering resources and cost. Every IT company wishes to earn great amount by yielding more projects and accomplishing them within a short period. But, the successful completion of projects

What is relation between BI software and ERP?


In BI software, we can get a proper survey on the current status of the business by utilizing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). All Information will be obtainable by organizations at a faster rate as many associations apply KPI. Mainly, the business higher authorities have need of reports and information on the current status of business to plan a proper budget

How does Artificial Intelligence help to improve ERP? Find out now


Artificial Intelligence helps to restructure and improve business efficiency and productivity these days, nearly six decades after introduction. Nowadays, AI sensors keep a track of products at every step of their life cycle from the shop floor to client sites. Cloud ERP solutions help gather millions of data points to create the basis for machine learning.

How Mobile CRM App enables businesses win competition!


In this customer dominating era, every necessity of customer needs to be fulfilled by the seller or service provider in an adequacy manner. Fulfilling all needs of customer would be the key factor to grow quickly which creates the need for CRM application. Obviously, CRM software helps render best possible customer support with its vital components and facilities.

Medical Device manufacturing process can be harmonized by ERP


Medical device manufacturing is a substantial industry in which costly machine parts or components are assembled. Starting from micro spare parts up to bigger size spare part, all need to be estimated and recorded in a suitable system. But, are the manual or excel sheets enough to store, search or update data? Here, ERP for Manufacturing

How MRP software helps your business to grow?


Our business has developed and you discover the need to discover a software answer for help with the day by day working of your business. As it develops, the outstanding task at hand step by step, or in some cases not all that bit by bit turns out to be a lot for you and you need assistance, yet it's simply not doable to develop the staff

Know How CRM software works?


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM helps a company to store its entire important prospect. CRM software helps maintain all the customer related data. CRM software helps to maintain the relation between customer and company.

How Cloud ERP helps your business to grow?


Cloud ERP is a type of ERP software that is also known SaaS. Cloud ERP software runs through various different computer resources connected by the internet. Cloud ERP brings down your businesses all out expenses just as level charge costs.

Know how ERP can benefit a company?


ERP software solutions have increasingly helped the small and big enterprises by integrating all the data of a company. ERP system centralises all the beneficial data from a different platform to a single platform. ERP system helps you to collect, store, manage and interpret data from various business units.

Top 8 Ways Your Mobile ERP Can Help Your Sales Team


Enterprise solutions especially ERP offer plenty of benefits when it comes to managing your business. The recent Enterprise Mobility study found nearly 62% of the most successful mobile programs made a profit within a year or less. Close to 72% of business executives plan to have a minimum of 5 mobile initiatives this year and they expect their revenues to grow at least 10% because of these initiatives.

Top 7 ERP Trends to Look Out for This Year


ERP is no more a buzzword or a concept, it is real and here to stay. With most businesses looking to streamline their process and work to become profitable, the demand for an Enterprise Resource Planning solution is on the rise.   Tailor-made solutions, compliance of regulations and cloud-base

What is the ERP system and how it helps a company to grow its business softly?


ERP system stands for Enterprise resource planning system. ERP is software that manages the business and helps the company to work smoothly. ERP integrates all the data of a company in a single platform. ERP integrates data all the data from different platforms to a single platform which may include product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and human resource.

Manage to outsource the right way especially SME's! How can ERP help?


You’ve set up your business and are hustling for new clients and your business has witnessed a surge. Can your production facilities scale up to fulfill production for additional orders you’ve received? Can you meet the deadlines set and do it all yourself? Well, if you are positive about meeting all your challenges then you are all set to grow.

Can an ERP system help you manage your documents? Find out now!


Businesses, whether small or large all of them face challenges. While some of these challenges are minor, not all of them are. Being able to meet challenges and fulfilling your business goals is crucial and employing an ERP system to help you manage your business operations is the way to go. Not only does this enterprise planning tool provide end-to-end

Will your ERP augment the business or act as a roadblock? Find out now


In the modern business ecosystem, innovation and invention are the surest ways of success. While corporates around the world are on a race to reinvent their business strategies, startups are making headlines with new and innovative approaches every day.   The modern business world is ever changing and motivated to innovate and invent. Where the best

Do you need to shift to an ERP System today? Find out now


With the introduction, adoption and invention of new technologies, business has become increasingly complex; departments are growing, more employees are being hired, supply chain systems are increasing, and your revenue is shooting through the roof. But amidst all these, there are plenty of things that have changed with additional layers added upon, whether it is sales, marketing, production, logistics or customer satisfaction that most businessmen struggle to streamline.

Why proper implementation is the key to success in ERP systems!


In this new world of competitive edge and strong business ethics; attracting and engaging with new clients is a very exciting process. But what most businesses fail to understand is the fact that although the number of opportunities around them is increasing everyday so is the competition. Most businesses look for solutions that will help them

How To Use ERP Software for Getting Most Out Of Your Investment?


You just made the first payment for your ERP software. Great News. An ERP in today’s global business dynamics is one of the best software any business can have. But the fact remains on how to utilize it in the best way possible and with maximum efficiency.  So in this article, we will talk more about how to use your ERP software like a pro and get the

Data analytics -the name of the game today?


Social media giant Facebook has over 1B users every day, Instagram has 340 million while Snapchat is quickly catching up to these numbers. What’s common among these businesses is the way they rely heavily on collecting data and analyzing data to run their operations. But they aren’t the only business giants analyzing their data. 

ERP for Manufacturing Companies


As your manufacturing business develops past outskirts and the generation turns out to be more venture based, the business opportunities increases, and you will have worldwide competitors. Globally, the manufacturing business has a long history when compared with others. As Important factors, for example, innovation, monetary atmosphere, client requests change

Is your ERP Flexible? Understand what it means for your business


Most businesses vouch for the fact that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps to better your productivity while adding value to your business significantly. Though there are cases where business executives may feel just the opposite -they believe the ERP system doesn’t let them expand their operations.

Top 7 Reasons You Need an ERP Software in The Automotive Sector Today


The automotive sector is very dynamic and managing all its procedures right from sourcing to manufacturing correctly while meeting the short cycle requirements on time and in the budget are very important. To manage the whole production cycle without any issues digitization and institutionalization in the automotive sector is imperative.

Industry 4.0 and its Impact on Indian Business Environment


Industry 4.0 Revolution also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is already making its way into the world and has already started its impact on the Indian market and thereby Indian business environment. Industry 4.0 will create a wide-ranging impact immensely in our lives and work because it is quite different than the earlier industrial revolutions.

ERP for Construction Industry


ERP for Construction Industry: Building material manufacturers comprise a large segment of the construction industry. Their processes are inclusive of inventory management, finance management, production, sales, purchasing, and warehouse management.  Thus, their requirements are as unique as any other industry. So are their limitations like the management system, loopholes, and procedural overlaps. 

ERP Should Be Able To Integrate With Other Systems


In any business, there are many different systems and processes that help in managing and running of an organization. To perform the back-end functions that support in driving the business is ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning. But for reaping the full benefit of the ERP it is important that an organization integrates the ERP system with the rest of the IT and other systems that run a business/organization.

Why do we need a BI tool besides ERP?


BI or business Intelligence is there to help organizations transition better into the ERP system. Already with the established knowledge that ERP is quite a helpful system in running a business/organization efficiently one often forgets the perils it can put the company and the IT employees though while it is being implemented.

Does Your Business Needs an ERP?


In this start-up era, many new businesses and the government’s “Make in India” policy, are allowing a 360-degree growth. All this has been adding to the nation’s overall development. Besides, high competition is helping business owners grow at a fast pace. Keeping up with such rate of growth is difficult for single-handed management. 

Mobile ERP -Understand the Advantages of Mobile ERP today


An unorganized business makes for messy management. To get ahead and make the most of the opportunities, organization is what the business needs. ERP can help you ensure that your business is organized and functions smoothly in the long-term. An enterprise resource planner caters to all the divisions separately while assimilating their roles on one computer.

What is Industry 4.0?


Industry 4.0 is a new technology development, Internet, things, cyber-physical systems. Industry is the backbone to be used for product development. As a result, we are able to implement the industry as a whole. This is a very successful business. CANIAS ERP can be an effective and supportive tool to apply the ongoing, much sought after concepts in the present-day manufacturing environment Industry 4.0 and achieve the valuable Advantages for your business with maximum ease.

Why manufacturing industry should have an ERP?


One of the most dynamic and ever-evolving industries in the market is the manufacturing industry. It is not only highly competitive in nature but also very innovative. For an industry that is going to be a dominant force in the upcoming years and many technologies are created to boost the industry it is quite essential that a solution, which would enhance its efficiency and effectiveness can be integrated into it

Benefits of Implementing CaniasERP


There are numerous advantages of implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning System. Amongst many other advantages, one can streamline their business process to increase efficiency, productivity, and decrease costs thereby magnifying the sales manifold. There are many Tier 1 service providers of ERP in India but, Canias comes up with the customized ERP solutions that allows you to choose modules of your choice.

ERP: Why Is It Important


Many companies chose IAS as their ERP solution provider and using caniasERP to run their business efficiently. The reason being, we help our customers to increase the efficiency of business processes that are transparent and controllable with the software that is appropriate for all scales. With our tailor-made software and innovative infrastructure, we are able to provide a solution that can cater to all type of industries and their needs

What is the GST E-Way Bill and How does it Work?


With the GST rollout, several things have changed in the way manufacturers now deliver goods and services to their customers. The Waybill from the VAT regime has made way for the GST E-Way bill that is mandated where the value of the shipment is more than a certain amount. 

Find out why you need a GST ready ERP System today?


The much-awaited GST tax reform has been implemented with much fanfare and plenty of back and forth on the tax percentages charged on goods and services. However, the one thing that has remained constant is the impact the tax has had on the manufacturing and the service sector.

What Should I Do Before Implementing an ERP?


One of the things that determine that you have stepped into the digital transformation world is when you decide to replace your old systems with the latest ones. The new technology that most of the businesses are using is – ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning.

ERP Vs CRM - Advantage of a Combined Solution


Both ERP and CRM are software tools that are used for various official purposes. But there is a distinct difference between these two software systems. While ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is mainly used for doing all types of back office activities; CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is designed for the front office works including sales.

Benefits of ERP in Manufacturing Plants


Manufacturing plants or industries are competitive and dynamic in nature. Therefore, it is essential to have one integrated solutions for such businesses in order to improve sales, reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance profitability, facilitate accurate information, and finally to make strategic and well-informed solutions.

caniasERP| Customizable Standard ERP


Small and medium-sized enterprises often produce parts as suppliers for various industries and are therefore faced with specific requirements every day. Increasingly they support their business transactions with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software programmes.

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