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A Complete Project Management Solution in the ERP Software


Planning, monitoring, tracking, and using the resources to meet the demands of customers can be a difficult task using standard solutions. However, when you use advanced software such as Enterprise Resource Planning then all your business activities can become smooth and steady.



Planning, monitoring, tracking, tracking However, it can become smooth and steady. Implementation of ERP tools. Employees and department employees are working in office. It's in the software. They began to be better than their competitors.

ERP helps a project manager to deliver quick results, offer status visibility, and gives 24x7 access to all the business proceedings. There has been an increase in upgrades with respect to project management activities. It is a fact that hardly any ERP implementations fail when it comes to managing a project. Therefore, it can be said that Enterprise Resource Planning offers a complete project management solution. If you wish to become a powerful manager and come out with outstanding results then you need to get your hands over the ERP software. 

Complete project management tasks with ERP

Let us check some of the aspects of project management where ERP plays a great role. 
1. Project planning: Every project starts with a planning stage, which can be done in the best manner using ERP software. The tasks can be updated with all the relevant details on a single database, which further allows the managers to define the tasks and how to plan the next steps. Planning tasks through ERP includes – understanding the tasks, segregating, measuring, and defining based on their nature. Some of the things you can do are:

•    Plan in advance so that there is no time waste or resource leakage
•    Define various tasks through a sequence
•    Record all the tasks which are to be subcontracted through the same window.

2. Tracking projects: Tracking the performances of individuals and resources can be done conveniently through ERP software. While tracking, any risks or issues can be identified and solved then and there. Some of the sub-tasks which can be done through this tool are:
•    Track and record the project details, milestones achieved, and resource performances
•    Mapping the expected outcomes with the actual ones to see how the performance is
•    Analyze and figure out the pitfalls from the projects and solve them without wasting any precious time. 

3. Accounting and billing projects: Consolidating the revenues and project expenses becomes easier with ERP. Project managers can record expenses and funds that enable a smoother flow of financial operations. Some of the tasks that can be done through ERP are defining budgets, recording funds, and consolidating the expenses with real-time data. In addition to this, it becomes easy to classify billable and non-billable projects with the software. The costs of various projects can be divided into task wise, recourse wise, and milestone wise costs. It becomes easy to calculate bills, create invoices, and send them to the respective parties as well. 

4. Project profitability: ERP system helps project managers to examine the profitability through leveraging costs via project management modules. One can assess the planned expenses, actual expenses, and also forecast the future probabilities through the data. Some of the tasks that can be done through ERP include:

•    Measure the profitability of every task through comparisons of data
•    Predict the happenings of near future and future stages
•    Create reports and keep a record of them for future references. 

Benefits of ERP in project management

The overall benefits of using ERP software in project management not only makes the work simpler but also offers limited benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.
•    Enhanced accuracy through quotes and estimates of various services
•    Improved customer satisfaction
•    Enhanced profitability and sales
•    Reduction in inefficiencies of projects and management costs
•    Improve on-time delivery of the projects
•    Optimized utilization of equipment and valuable personnel. 

Key points to remember when implementing ERP for project management

There are some points to consider in order to gain success with ERP for managing your projects. 

  • Change management: Change is constant. It goes the same with projects too. The jobs of people change, various procedures are redefined, and basically, everything changes with time. Irrespective of any change, the project manager needs to make sure that everything is placed as it was before. This can be done through a powerful ERP tool.
  • Focus on vital requirements: Before implementing the system, it is critical to note down the vital requirements of any project. For instance, what are the important aspects to be considered for the project, how to address the software functionality issues, how to differentiate the project with that of the competitor’s, and how to gain success? All these can, however, adhere through the use of ERP tool.
  • Training: In order to get more information, you can use the software for training . Therefore, an expert should train the employees and the project manager. Only after all, all efforts have been made. 

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