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Accelerate Yielding volume of Glass Processing Industry by adopting ERP software or web application


Glass is an extensively used and significant component in our daily requirements and even in manufacturing plants, furniture plants, construction Company and house repairing and maintenance industry. A wide array of glass made products are manufactured and utilized in different industries like bottling, housing, watch, etc.

Glass is an extensively used and significant component in our daily requirements and even in manufacturing plants, furniture plants, construction Company and house repairing and maintenance industry. A wide array of glass made products are manufactured and utilized in different industries like bottling, housing, watch, etc. Since, there’re many Glass manufacturing and processing companies, how they will increase ROI? How they will stay ahead of their competitors? Glass Processing Industry ERP software replies all these questions with a complete application package of customers, inventory, sales, and operations.

ERP software for Glass processing industry has various significant modules like Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, and CRM, etc. These modules help to amplify the abundance & profitability of a business. Glass Processing Industry ERP application can supervise all the complex process of manufacturing, & supply the produced glass from one system to maintain lowering of minor data outflow and data deception.

Customized ERP software for Glass Manufacturing Industry
Now these days, most of the ERP vendors provide genuine ERP solutions for any kind of businesses. For example, Tally ERP software is commonly used for different types of businesses, but it doesn’t have all feature and facilities for Glass Manufacturing Industry. 

For instance, CANIASERP has automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, IoT, Blockchain technologies, web application, and business intelligence reporting which aren’t available with Tally. Especially, CRM software incorporation with our ERP software enhanced the value for Glass processing industry.

Many significant modules are included with ERP software like purchase, sales, inventory management, manufacturing, supply chain, and accounting systems are flawlessly incorporated to grow the profit graph point to high. 

Importance of Sales, Purchase and inventory module
Glass Processing Industry ERP Software also helps in maintaining the Production, supply, distribution, accounting and logistics management from a single web portal. Hence, its advanced Sales module helps customize and produce the glass products as per the sales order, otherwise product may be rejected by the customer due to wrong design and low quality. Sales module also assists in tracking of deliverables and sales forecasting for a complete or half of financial period so that the company can come to know which product has better quality and which area clients have more demand for that product. Hence, promotional and production plan will be made accordingly. 

Similarly, the Purchase module depends upon the sales order and volume of stock available in the store or warehouse. As per specific sales order, purchase of raw materials will be conducted. By comparing the previous rate available in purchase module of ERP for manufacturing software, the purchase price could be negotiated well. Inventory module is utilized to control, track and valuation of all the past & future raw and finished materials in the warehouse of the organization. 

Excellent control on all transactions with Account management
Glass Processing Industry ERP Software possess most valuable Account management which is used to control the accounting, the particular amount that will be received or paid at the time of sales or purchase transaction and also keeping the list of a vendor, automatically generation of invoices and automated follow-up notice for payment as per set schedule. Hence, it’s always recommended to buy the latest automated Glass Processing Industry ERP Software for the incorporation of automation technologies and many other technologies to gain several advantages.

This Glass Processing Industry ERP Web Application also assists in storing & maintaining all valuable records, monitoring all transactions, rendering updated data anytime, anywhere and on any device like desktop or mobile. Also, as per requirement, CANIAS provides excellent facilities for planning and maintaining the updated information throughout the customer support service. It can also handle a better plan for production with high quality output deliveries within time forecasting & advanced planning.

Excellent reporting on manufacturing and sales
After recording all the transactions, it’s time to extract report from the available data and calculating profit and forecasting next production volume and sale & purchase volume. Also, according to these estimations, employment and advertisement expenses are being spent for a valuable output.

Crucial advantages of Glass Manufacturing Industry ERP Software:

Perk up production efficiency on plant and processing level.
Lower production cost & wastage due to reforming all the manufacturing, purchase and sale processes and minimizing data wastage and data deception.
Customized business intelligence reports which are used to understand the status business, compare the sales order and sales volume, purchase order & volume, stock-in-hand or any account related information.
Used to support connection & share the data within different departments in the organization especially between the sales and the operation team.
Extend capabilities of Glass manufacturing company to provide high-quality products.
Increase ROI as well as profitability through business intelligence reporting, visibility, and control.
Better resolution of compliance
Increase customer satisfaction with the timely deliverable and higher quality.

Care at the time of ERP software development
At the time of development of ERP software for Glass manufacturing industry, proper care should be taken to apply strategies that make an efficient path towards business agility and cost minimization. CANIAS is well-known for adopting those advanced strategies and makes them successful solutions for their clients. We are confident that our Glass Processing Industry ERP Software can uplift your business process for sure.

Glass fabrication ERP Software
Monolithic, Annealed, heat reinforcement, tempered, insulated, laminated, holes, notches, grids, spacers and gas filling options, etc. How many times do you repeat the data entry to fulfill a sales order? No need to revise an invoice for a repeat order.

Glass Processing Industry ERP Web Application has expanded the opportunity for growth in production volume and ultimately it increases the number of machines and branches of the same business. Do you want to have such kind of ERP software for your Glass processing, manufacturing or fabrication businesses? Just get in touch with us. This new ERP software will save your time and money for sure.  Glass processing business will be more profitable through incorporation of CANIAS latest ERP software.  

Contact us immediately, if you’re into Glass manufacturing business or any other business. We have solutions for any kind of business.


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