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An automated ERP System with high security is your virtual management!


Some companies are hesitant to implement complex ERP systems and function in the cloud because of apparent security risks or data loss effect. But, with the implementation of strong cybersecurity many highly progressing industries or government agencies might be constrained to the geographical location of a data warehouse where database server systems are kept.

Some companies are hesitant to implement complex ERP systems and function in the cloud because of apparent security risks or data loss effect. But, with the implementation of strong cybersecurity many highly progressing industries or government agencies might be constrained to the geographical location of a data warehouse where database server systems are kept. Besides, on-premises ERP System provides superior customization alternative, which can be significant. Hence, on-premises ERP systems are well controlled and more secured in comparison to other distant data warehouses.

Cyber-security maintenance team implements the greatest security software and tools to strengthen the security level of the ERP Web application. Hence, most of the MNC’s and giant companies would like to have strong security added ERP web application in which no hacking is possible. These sites could be called as Virtual office management by incorporating HR and CRM software to ERP software.

High Tier ERP Systems with Automation
Usually, ERP software is deployed either on a cloud server or on-premises, which could be a valuable customary system for the purpose of secured data management. As per the size of an organization, multi-tier ERP systems need to be installed for the purpose of faster data processing and flow.
Sometimes, some companies prefer to have one large Tier 1 ERP system which runs across the company and includes critical functions. Some companies also have Tier 2 ERP system, which runs lesser critical functions or department wise developed. In this Tier 2 or more Tier ERP systems, everything will go smoothly and securely with a lesser chance of data redundancy or loss and higher level security controls.

ERP Systems Supplier
There are many ERP vendors with a wide variety of functions either on-premises or cloud deployment options. Pricing is on a tough competition with numerous modernization technologies like AI, ML, and Blockchain, etc.

Many of the smaller or bigger software vendors offer the latest ERP software that controls genuine business operations, as well as functions relevant to retail, ecommerce, healthcare, manufacturing, or public sector. Without higher cyber security and automation implementation, no uses of ERP systems for any kind of industries desire it as a web application.

Assistance for ERP Systems
ERP System vendors have different criteria or rules regulations for ERP users as per licensing agreement which is much significant for a customer. Different levels of support services are available, for instance, phone and net chat option, onsite visit charges, fixing up bugs, patches, issue resolution, backup of data and upgrade assistance. The customers who have Cloud ERP systems can save service costs as it updates different patches automatically as and when required.

Hence, it’s highly recommended to adopt a Cloud ERP system to get served efficiently and flawlessly. Generally, support services handled by the ERP suppliers would be much valuable, even though there is third-party customer support service available. Hence, most of the ERP suppliers provide direct support service either technical or non-technical to keep their customers satisfied.

Modules of a complete ERP System
A complete ERP system refers to the inclusion of all modules including CRM and Business Intelligence for All-in-One purpose. The modules are as follows:
• Material Procurement Module 
• Production Module 
• Marketing Module
• Sales Module 
• Quality Control/Assurance Module
• Inventory Management Module
• Accounting/Finance Module 
• CRM Module
• HR Module
• Planning Module
• Formulation, R&D Module, BOM
• Business Intelligence Module (BI)

No worries! You will only have that module which you need as per your business size and strategy. But, we always recommend a middle scale and corporate companies to adopt all modules in one pack for a developed business level.
Nevertheless, with time, the need for ERP software for manufacturing was considered because of the implementation of formulas/recipes including mixing, testing, etc., which consequence in amending of state.

Industry & authoritarian observance
An ERP system controls the reporting method and hence ensures observance with authoritarian needs, meeting data incorporation and enabling full availability, without any bulky fines and reputation issue. From the survey, we found that 60% of the organizations having ERP implementation are very happy with the overall ERP supplier experience. Further, 65% of companies having ERP implementation can share their real-time success stories with all facilities and service rendered by ERP package.

So, the end-users must be sincere enough to input data correctly and get a correct report on the summary of data by going through the appropriate form. If the end-users go through wrong report form or put any wrong criteria, definitely a completely wrong report can be extracted, which may cause loss to your business during planning and procurement.

Latest updates on ERP Systems
In this modern era, ERP has gone forward a lot to put up recent technological fashion as well as the latest tools to resolve complex business issues. The ERP Systems vendors carry on evolvement for making their offer more effective, supple and affordable. Some latest contemporary trends of ERP are Cloud Technology, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big data analytics, mobility incorporation with e-Commerce, etc. 

If we consider Auto component manufacturing company, Cloud ERP system has helped a lot to bring improvement in real-time data and operation. Implementation of IOT and machine learning ensures 100% efficiency and security of ERP systems. Once you collect the data into a cloud ERP system, you will be able to admittance to great insights and analytics into complex operations including procurement, inventory, waste control, purchase and stock of raw materials, production, observance, quality and much more. Both raw materials and finished products will have a limit of re-procurement and reproduction, which helps a business move smoothly. 

Overall, timely procurement, sale and a strong security added website have created a big improvement in ERP implementation. Businesses using the latest ERP systems could get an opportunity of automatic alarm about the shortage in stock either raw materials or finished products through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Also, biometrics security could be applicable through IOT and machine learning technology which is really effective to work securely with ERP systems. Any more doubt? Just call us or send us a message. We will be happy to assist you in resolution of queries.


Optimizing processes in 10 steps: How to find the right ERP system


Success, development or expansion of a company can bring with it new requirements and structures. In such cases, the introduction of a new ERP system can support the company in meeting these new challenges. However, various factors must be taken into account to structure itself and optimize decision-making in order to choose the system that best matches its needs.

Digital Transformations is not an Option But Must


Reis Makine’s General Manager Basar Demircan, attended the ‘Compulsory and High Quality Transformation in Pandemi’ panel held by the Bilişim Summit for online platform, said, “We have a large data pool that allows us to process and analyze data and make decisions on the spot with the technology. These decisions that we make always takes us one step further. For this reason, we think that digital transformation is not an option but a must.”

‘ERP Pyramid Model' for a Successful Project


It is a great advantage to establish a strong and well implemented ERP system. If we can create an 'ERP Pyramid Model' just like Maslow's 'Needs Hierarchy', which categorizes human needs, we can build successful projects with stronger foundations.

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