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Automation BLOCK CHAIN ERP software – a total solution for Electronics manufacturing company


Innovative technologies from CANIASERP lay concrete on the way for manufacturing industries to modernize their business flows and break down the barricade to growth, while agile for a speedy response to customer demands left behind and growing markets. With the latest Automation ERP software track, determine, and keep an eye on your whole business

Innovative technologies from CANIASERP lay concrete on the way for manufacturing industries to modernize their business flows and break down the barricade to growth, while agile for a speedy response to customer demands left behind and growing markets. With the latest Automation ERP software track, determine, and keep an eye on your whole business, starting from purchase to sale ultimately from raw materials to furnished product.

CANISERP caters all ERP software related requirements multiple manufacturing industries including Electronics manufacturing, medical device, automotive, telecommunication, and Textile, etc. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software which is built to meet the accurate needs of medium scale and large scale businesses occupied in manufacturing and distribution. One ERP system is enough for both manufacturing and distribution.

When clients prepare themselves on several fronts to grow the volume of sales, geographical areas, and more dynamism in the production field, they must need technical assistance which could be fulfilled easily by Automation ERP Web Application. Hence, this web application helps the users to grow with an unbreakable foundation.

ERP for Electronics Manufacturing
ERP software for manufacturing helps electronics industry in addressing all the challenges faced by businesses operation department. As the electronics world has broad opportunities for manufacturing various devices like TV, Refrigerator, computer, spare parts of robots, and many more hi-tech devices, they have very much sensitive inventory system. Every work is tedious here starting from buying raw materials, spare parts up to the recording of assembled devices. We take immense pleasure in the contribution of our suite of highly flexible, scalable, and quicker manufacturing elucidation for the electronics manufacturing sector.
Our veteran Automation ERP software for manufacturing industry is designed tidily to sustain a scope of broad-range of electronics spare parts manufacturing & assembly units, methods, and operations. Hence, automation software has created broad opportunities to manage and boost manufacturing of electronics plants. For example Samsung,  LG, Whirlpool, and many more.

Boost production efficiency 
Throughout ERP software for manufacturing software, actionable visibility into factory and business operations can be accomplished. Thus, it’s easier to lower unnecessary costs and make manufacturing processes more efficient while you raise ROI and profits. Everybody’s dream is to earn more profit, but due to availability of tough competitors in the market, it’s not always possible to stay ahead of the competition. Hence, it’s recommended to adopt the latest Automation ERP Web Application to boost production efficiency.

Grow electronics manufacturing with focusing on the top priorities to formulate smarter decisions, get rid of waste and amplify customer satisfaction. With no trouble adapt Automation ERP software to recent manufacturing processes, altering customer necessities, and surfacing business strategies. It’ll just handle your business operation like a remote as everything will happen with proper planning.

Improve plant productivity and quality 
Accurate inventory is the main reason to buy ERP software. Manufacturing implementation System can be improved by seeing the selling rate of different products and raw materials incorporated in it. CANISERP Automation ERP Web Application is easy and direct, letting us focus on our challenging operations more efficiently and conscientiously. The ultimate success with CANISERP’s ERP for manufacturing software can be accredited not just to the company's overseas background, but to its capability to support for business incorporation across India and Globe.
‘ERP software for manufacturing’ resolves a lot of intricacy on the invoices along with labor charges and transportation cost. In this situation, you can't control that level of difficulty without Automation ERP software.

Advantages of CANIASERP’s Automation ERP software
• It controls the cost of manufacturing significantly by estimating a comparative budget of purchase, factory expenses, labor expenses, transportation expenses, promotion expenses and executes a right sales amount or MRP.
• It reduces the manufacturing limitation by helping in analysis and planning for successful high-quality production. So, the production unit can focus on manufacturing demanding products.
• Along with production tasks, this Automation ERP software keeps inventory unit, Accounts and supply chain management up to date. Hence, you can obtain multiple benefits from a single software package.
• If you will incorporate a CRM system with ERP, it’ll be possible to track and manage sales and grow customer support service. Do you have only a single older version of ERP? Get it updated with Automation and CRM software to maximize its utility.
• It enhances resource utilization to the maximum possibilities, with proper pre-planning, in comparison to a previous lot of production. Only experienced professionals can perform this task.
• Precise and sooner revenue tracking is possible through this ERP for manufacturing software.
• It helps in yielding satisfactory profitability by adding every bit of expenses, bonus, overheads, incentives, and commissions.
• Through Automation ERP Web Application multiple electronics manufacturing units located in different geographies could be easily controlled. Everything will be updated on web portals to get a centralized report.
• Along with smooth manufacturing, automated payroll processing will be accomplished for proper effective control on the employees working for the manufacturing unit.  Hence, the cost calculation will be much easier.
• Proper control of engineering and production works with the planning of estimated time and manpower and volume of products.
• You can access to critical business data stored in ERP web application instantly. Easily access the real-time information through which you will come to know the real status of production, stock, distribution and sales order. 

CANISERP provides ERP software solutions are apt for discrete manufacturers of auto components, consumer products, leather, cement, electronics, dairy, food & beverages, machinery, chemicals precision products, steel, and various manufacturing & assembly plants. We have ERP solutions for any kind of business. Just let’s know what kind of business you possess? We will make an appropriate solution for the same. The existing ERP software user can upgrade it with the latest automation technology and CRM module at a very reasonable price. Our customer care is working for 24x7 hours and you can reach us by mail, message or phone. We will customize our software as per your need with the latest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block chain technology. If you wish to have a MOBILE ERP CRM app, you can have it from us. Share us your thought.


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