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Become a smart manufacturing industry with Cloud ERP, MRP & IoT software.


The manufacturing industry of India has played an important role in the improvement of GDP of the company and from the survey it’s found that the companies which are using Automation Cloud ERP MRP software are gaining more benefits from production. If you are under pressure to figure out how the Internet of Things (IoT) works, no worry, as you are not alone in this track.

The manufacturing industry of India has played an important role in the improvement of GDP of the company and from the survey it’s found that the companies which are using Automation Cloud ERP MRP software are gaining more benefits from production. If you are under pressure to figure out how the Internet of Things (IoT) works, no worry, as you are not alone in this track. Unlike you, many people are mystified about the awful idea of IoT with Cloud technology.

How is it probable for something to all over the place and be nowhere? No worry, we’ve got you enclosed. For the ones, who recognize that IoT is nowhere should remember that IoT is not a substantial system or notion. In fact, for many companies, IoT is a revolutionary concept or model that is far away from us. When we integrate IoT with Cloud ERP MRP software, the utility of this solution will be up to a great extent.

Improving manufacturing method by IoT
Opposing to the misapprehension, IoT is everywhere, believe it or not. Merely put, it includes almost entire mechanical tools or machinery on the earth, improving manufacturing methods, forecasting outcomes and sharing data, all in a current basis.

It links vital business operations like procurement of raw materials for the production purpose and releases the finished products to supply chain for distribution purpose. In fact, it has become a significant part of every business sectors especially in the manufacturing network. IoT based Cloud ERP MRP software is significantly aiding the improvement of what we term it as smart producing unit or factory.

Smart manufacturing with Cloud ERP MRP Software
IoT Cloud ERP software for manufacturing enables a business to observe, control and detect issues for linked machines and apparatus from a distant or isolated location. IoT revolution enables the manufacturing unit to become a smart one with connected equipment and machines than ever. Thus, many potential issues could be detected through IoT implementation. For illustration: Telephone device, routers, mobile devices, and other biometrics devices could be linked up and controlled with IOT software and validated by Cloud ERP Software.

This can be something from managing the performance of a machinery/equipment to inspecting its past/current performance record and so on. Most significantly, mechanics, on the other hand, can sprint the essential preface diagnostics to come up with pertinent remedial actions. Hence, they need proper training to handle IoT based Cloud ERP MRP software to control the function of machine and performance. For instance, through Biometrics device, the user login can be authenticated to work with MRP software. If you’re looking for MRP Software vendors in India, CANISERP is a perfect choice, who has several branches in European and Asian countries like Germany, Turk, and many more.  You will get absolutely overseas quality software for your manufacturing/service business unit.

Boost up productivity with high-quality production
With automation technology like AI and machine learning, smart manufacturing process could be improved a lot with growth in production quality, efficiency, and flexibility. Automation technology raises an alarm for loading of more raw materials into manufacturing machines when it’s going to be empty after releasing the finished products.

Many manufacturing companies across the globe still rely on old traditional machinery system for their production purpose. Since they’re not much educated about benefits of IoT with Cloud ERP MRP software still they’re confused about the incorporation of smart advanced manufacturing machines and IoT based ERP software. For example, in any factory, chances are fairly high that it might be using various types of ERP systems that do not link or interact with each other thus, leaving the database untouched and undisturbed.

What’re your views? But, until today, more than 500 manufacturing companies are using our IoT based ERP software for Manufacturing.

IoT put together ERP data
IoT has increased the utility and significance of ERP by putting together data from various ERP MRP software and formats including spreadsheets, measurements, structured & unstructured data and many more. Hence, IoT has brought revolution in ERP software by enhancing the machine incorporation into it.

Now by assessing such a data pool, an organization surely keeps itself in a much better stage when it comes to practice and influences the data for something instinctive and valuable. That’s why the most aggressing and progressing manufacturing companies.

Through the implementation of MRP Software, a business would start receiving valuable insights into key operations along with identifying problems in existing IT systems or tools, if any. Talk about scalability and agility.

Surely Increasing production
Such faultless flow of information and smart incorporation of the IoT assists you to create algorithms, excellent logic, and co-relation between different procedures and systems.  Artificial Intelligent data analytics also, lets you recognize exceptions and amalgamation to drive you towards uninterrupted improvements in your procedure whilst skipping drawbacks and building operations much supple and incline. Hence, till today nobody has complained about dissatisfaction on Cloud MRP Software because of its reliability, flexibility, user-friendly, simplification, excellent reporting feature and 360-degree view features. That’s why the manufacturing business owners never hesitate to adopt the latest IoT based Cloud ERP MRP Software for their factory.

Existing ERP users
Also, our existing ERP users never hesitate to upgrade their older version with newer advanced version ERP application because of trust and excitement of gaining more improvement and they do so as per past experience on our older version MRP software. Now, with a new version of IoT based software, they can buy smart digitalized machines to improve production 3 or 4 times of the past volume with older versions. 

Till today, CANIASERP has worked positively for the improvement of the customer’s business and earnings simultaneously. On the other hand, in today’s innovative business strategy, where business and technology leaders eagerly hug advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, and 3D printing, etc. the pioneering concept of IoT aided smart factory at multiple locations. For illustration, through wireless CCTV camera, you can rotate and adjust from a remote distance. Similarly, by sitting at one place, you can run multiple machines in multiple factory locations and can take report of production volume.


Optimizing processes in 10 steps: How to find the right ERP system


Success, development or expansion of a company can bring with it new requirements and structures. In such cases, the introduction of a new ERP system can support the company in meeting these new challenges. However, various factors must be taken into account to structure itself and optimize decision-making in order to choose the system that best matches its needs.

Digital Transformations is not an Option But Must


Reis Makine’s General Manager Basar Demircan, attended the ‘Compulsory and High Quality Transformation in Pandemi’ panel held by the Bilişim Summit for online platform, said, “We have a large data pool that allows us to process and analyze data and make decisions on the spot with the technology. These decisions that we make always takes us one step further. For this reason, we think that digital transformation is not an option but a must.”

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