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Business Intelligence Software – Finding actionable insights, condense risks, amplifying profitability.


Business intelligence is meant for the use of intelligence for the purpose of analyzing data of the company by collecting and processing the financial information from databases to build up a fruitful working strategy. Hence, a company can take valuable business decisions with the aid of specialized ERP BI software.

Business intelligence is meant for the use of intelligence for the purpose of analyzing data of the company by collecting and processing the financial information from databases to build up a fruitful working strategy. Hence, a company can take valuable business decisions with the aid of specialized ERP BI software. When Business Intelligence software gets developed with the incorporation of ERP framework, it’s really gigantic and multi-beneficial for a company who desperately needs growth at any cost.

Banking and Financial service organizations must influence all the obtainable customer information across channels to successfully offer their products, take advantage of on the market changing opportunities. CANIASERP renders end-to-end BI software & Analytics solutions for banks and Finance companies that make use of all the accessible business information to sanction the decision-makers or higher authorities with dashboards and sophisticated reporting facilities with deeper insights.

360-degree view
BI Software delivers accurate information for bank and finance organization. Don’t be surprised with financial data analytics report and a single source of true data that has a 360-degree view for all the authorized users and this view enhances business performance. Use essentials, not perception. Come to know the real profitability and procedures and make tactical confidential decisions.

ERP Business Intelligence Software is the data analytics software which helps financial managers waste less time collecting financial and equipped data. This software renders a 360-degree view of the whole business so managers, owners, and professionals can understand the detail volume of yield from customers, product, and procedure on a regular basis and make major deliberated decisions with self-confidence.

Time is money and this concept is much realized by the managers and business owners better than anyone else in an organization. Don’t throw away more time for a significant report, just buy a financial analytics software which generates the analytical report certainly for you. It basically creates out of your financial information good-looking and meaningful yet remarkable insights that will fulfill everyone needs.

What-If circumstances
Planning is one of the unavoidable parts of an organization, which helps grow smoothly. Going through “what-if” circumstances makes a broad way to forecast future-leaning, evaluating current states and planning further is a core if not a crucial part of any financial personnel. The ERP BI software accumulates your metrics and allows you to allocate them in visual dashboards for improved teamwork. Definitely, it’s different from ERP software as it has data storage, reporting, and planning framework.

Trim down delays in the operating expense management by permitting your teams to gather and work collaboratively on their real-time information. As CaniaSERP’s Business Intelligence software is user-friendly and simple, just hand out the work within your team members and track all your ongoing expenses flawlessly. Thus, you will be able to control all financial activities throughout this software.
What to do for multiple branches?

Get developed a web application of ERP Business Intelligence software to obtain instantly an ideal view of your different revenue flow, granting everyone in your team to unite all financial information. It means the users in different branches will input all the sales, purchase, payment, receipt, income and expenses related information and the managers and business owners can concentrate on profitability percentage and make a quicker data-driven choice.

Throughout the web portal application, obtain improved forecasting with reduction of the manual data transactions. Our business intelligence software for financial professionals teams up with you to manage your cash flow and balance sheet the smoothest way possible, and produce beautiful visuals that you can share and edit with your colleagues.

Find following are valuable modules of ERP Business Intelligence Software
• Money Management
• Sales Purchase presentation
• Profit/loss analytics 
• Production flow management

With our business intelligence software, any financial manager and users can view financial intelligence reports, Gross profit, dashboards and handle the company data anytime from anywhere across the globe. In this way, the top level directors, CFO or business owners can be more independent and converse the right information to the suitable persons like investors and employee at the right time after taking a proper decision.

Benefits of Pyramid Analytics
Mainly, the pyramid analytics method helps Banks and finance companies, where the customer data is more valuable than other assets. Hence, it needs 100% security. Unlike other consumer-service industries, banks and financial organizations require pyramid analytics to generate a single-click view of their client’s information, invite new clients, better serve and maintain existing ones. Hence, BI Software is mainly demanded by banking and financial companies for a pyramid style analytic report and planning purpose.

Therefore, this pyramid analytics report assures many reports about the customer or bank or finance companies. A customer can get information about past transactions and a bank can get detailed information about profit or loss of bank by using Pyramid analytics of BI Software.

Business intelligence and Artificial Intelligence with ML
Advanced Business intelligence software is accommodated with Artificial Intelligence which enhances the online opportunity of bank and finance organizations. Now, every bank has net banking facility, in which customer can log in and make NEFT or IMPS transactions through secured methods like encrypted SSL security certificate and some prompt validation of identity by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machine learning validates the device IP from where you are conducting your online transactions, in case new IP, Artificial Intelligence will send an automatic mail and SMS regarding the same to keep your Account secure.
Can we have a mobile App on BI Software?

Yes, of course! You will have a mobile app of BI software which could be called Mobile BI App as you must have seen how most of the banks are launching SmartPhone app for their customers to conduct all transactions in a highly solid security method.

BI Software makes it easy to dirt free and deal with big data from different sources or departments of the same organization. Its time arrived to stop unnecessary works with never-ending spreadsheets and your data is being used for complete analysis with dashboard reporting feature that enable planners to make a future plan of growth and win the competition. Do you wish such competition? Just get free consultancy from us.


IBA Trainings Continue Online 


Following the official directives to self-quarantine and to work remotely from home, our IAS Business Academy trainings will continue as scheduled from our online platform. We offer this special training to all our IAS partners, customers, employees and anyone else with an interest in learning more about ERP, technology, software, and digitalization. We highly recommend these trainings to take advantage of the opportunity while working from your home.

caniasERP Provides Global Solutions in Enterprise Risk Management


IAS Business Academy General Manager Çiğdem Dönmez was the guest of the 'Family Companies with Dr Ebru Karpuzoğlu' program at Business Channel Türk. Dönmez and Karpuzoğlu spoke about the developments regarding the Corporate Risk Management and Personal Data Protection Law. Dönmez said, “As a global company, we support our customers in compliance with legal regulations and technological solutions. Our customers can manage their corporate processes via caniasERP and perform corporate risk analysis regardless of location, sector, country and legislation. ”

University Students Have Been Trained by IBA


IAS Business Academy (IBA) instructors came together with students from Sakarya University Industrial Engineering Department. IBA instructors, who organize a three-day workshop within the scope of the career days of the university, aim to reinforce the students' theoretical knowledge with practical work carried out on caniasERP.

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