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Can an ERP system help you manage your documents? Find out now!


Businesses, whether small or large all of them face challenges. While some of these challenges are minor, not all of them are. Being able to meet challenges and fulfilling your business goals is crucial and employing an ERP system to help you manage your business operations is the way to go. Not only does this enterprise planning tool provide end-to-end

Businesses, whether small or large all of them face challenges. While some of these challenges are minor, not all of them are. Being able to meet challenges and fulfilling your business goals is crucial and employing an ERP system to help you manage your business operations is the way to go. Not only does this enterprise planning tool provide end-to-end business management and increase organizational efficiency, but it also offers several features for document management. 

Almost all ERP software available in the market come with an in-built module that is specifically designed to help businesses organize and manage documents of all kinds effortlessly and efficiently. Everything right from your work orders, purchase receipts, dispatch challans, delivery transactions and more can be fed into the system for efficient and organized storage. 

Now, are you wondering why your business needs document management? Most documents are circulated either within your organization or outside for different purposes. When you are a small business keeping track of your documents is relatively easy; however, keeping track of myriad documents of a large and growing business is very difficult. Chances of losing your important documents or misplacing them are high, which is why you must have a way to store documents with ease. 

While it is common knowledge that there is a plethora of electronic document management software available, most are expensive. Getting such software is a significant investment; however, managing your documents with the help of an ERP has a few specific benefits, which cannot be understated.

Mentioned below are some of the most significant benefits:

1.    Controlled updates and version access
2.    Easy retrieval 
3.    Secure and Safe Storage
4.    Easy access
5.    Power to control rights
6.    Sharing documents

Other than the advantages mentioned above, an ERP software comes armed with additional features that can benefit all departments in your organization especially the sales and field agents. They can retrieve and display any necessary documents using the mobile ERP application anytime anywhere, without the need to carry documents wherever they travel. Carrying physical documents increase the chances of misplacing them. Getting up-to-date ERP software to manage all your business documents can be a lifesaver. 

Combining all your content management needs onto a single system lets you get rid of manual data entry, rationalize your workflows, and access the latest business information instantly.

Here are the benefits of document management using an ERP. 

Time and Cost savings

An ERP system with an inbuilt document management module will let the organization digitize and store all documents electronically. This will help your business reduce purchase and maintenance costs when you won’t need to buy file cabinets to store all your documents. Another advantage of digitally storing all documents is an easy to search. Employees can just put in a search query on their system and get access to the document, instead of searching for them through several piles of documents. 

Improved Security

An ERP system is designed to make sure that the right people in the organization can have access to the right files at the right time. This means that the access to documents can be specifically controlled either at the group level or at the individual level if necessary. Having access control means that the software will leave an audit trail every time the document is accessed, and at any point in time. The concerned parties and personnel can check who has accessed the document, at what time, and if the document has been modified and how was it done. All these features add up to provide an additional level of security.

Version Control

In big organizations when multiple employees are working on the same document, controlling the version is one of the major challenges. Often, multiple employees store the same document at different locations and thus it becomes difficult to recognize, which is the most updated version of the document. An ERP system has in-built functions to help control the version and thus helps organizations save a lot of time in going back and forth to recognize the most updated one. Being able to get updated information also helps to rationalize the workflows in the organization. 

Protocols and Acquiescence

For organizations that deal with sensitive information and highly secret documents, following regulations and adhering to government compliances is one of the major challenges. Governments around the world are very strict when it comes to regulations, which is where your enterprise solution helps. ERP software has in-built features that make sure your documents are meeting the required standards all the time. Additionally, the government regulations and compliances built into the system are regularly updated, so that the organization can always stay ahead and undertake document management in an organized manner while adhering to government standards. 

So, can your ERP manage your documents? Yes! If you still have a few questions after reading through the benefits of ERP for document management, then do connect with us. If you’d like to know more about Canais ERP solutions, then connect with us on 1800 1200 427 or mail us your queries at


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