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caniasERP| Introduction To India


IAS opens its 9th office in Pune, India, the leading country of information technologies.

caniasERP in India
In line with the increase in the number of its global customers, now currently 27 countries, IAS recently decided to open its 4th country office in India, in addition to its 8 offices in Germany, Turkey, and UAE.
The new IAS office will not only support global customer’s development requirements but also introduce canias ERP in India which will bring additional international brand awareness.
By completing recruitment, training process of new staff by beginning of 2016, IAS India has already begun to serve canias ERP users worldwide.

Why India?
India is a country with a reputation for its skilled IT workforce and geographic location can provide services on a 24-hour basis to global customers. Moreover, India is a huge developing economy where IAS have a good chance to gain market share by introducing canias ERP to mid-size manufacturing base companies.
IAS India will also bring additional competitive advantage to respond particularly to customers in Gulf region. Thanks to India’s location and frequent flights between two regions, visiting customers in Gulf countries is easy, fast and cost-effective.
Introducing canias ERP
Localization of canias ERP for Indian market continues for “Human Resources” and “Accounting” modules in a fast pace as these depend on local laws and regulations and planned to be completed by the end of this year. IAS forecast to have over 100 customers within the next 3 years.

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