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Cloud ERP software assures to solve all issues with ecommerce business!


At present ecommerce becomes the fastest growing business sector, which has observed a broad evolution in the past few years. With growing internet or digital media and SmartPhone devices, ecommerce revenue has reached around $150 billion. Similarly, online retail trading is estimated to grow by more than 20% in 2019.

At present ecommerce becomes the fastest growing business sector, which has observed a broad evolution in the past few years. With growing internet or digital media and SmartPhone devices, ecommerce revenue has reached around $150 billion. Similarly, online retail trading is estimated to grow by more than 20% in 2019.       
Nowadays, the universe is witnessing a gigantic heave in the ecommerce industry popping up at a swift speed. Ecommerce market is spread like ocean overworld and is expected to spin monstrously in the coming years. Thus, it’s essential to know and recognize what the customers are truly seeking in terms of products and services to keep up with varying market demands and desires.

Benefits Incorporation of Cloud ERP software
In ecommerce companies, the inventory and financial functionality of cloud ERP software help the CFO leave the office for any outstation traveling purpose with a proper backup. They can control business from anywhere with the help of cloud ERP web application throughout the traveling period.  Moreover, the business owners are much interested in the costs concerned, the period and the ROI mentioned with the cloud ERP software. All costs including onetime payment or yearly or renewal or maintenance charges need to be clarified to the CFO or managers from the start without any hidden charges.

The main advantage of a Cloud ERP web application is the shifting of capital costs to operational costs. Once the ERP shifts to cloud platform, there will be lesser expenses required for maintenance of the hardware, and other things.
Following are the reasons for using ERP software for Ecommerce business
• Easier order bookings with stock status
• Multiple payment facilities
• Timely delivery 
• SmartPhone app shopping facility
• Customer support solution
• Automated new offer alert on email

Easier order bookings with stock status alert automatically
Whenever customers need to book your goods, ERP assures about the availability of the same good in stock, so that customer could proceed to book the same instantly. If the good is not available, the stock status will display automatically about it which is possible only by automation technology implementation.

Multiple payment facilities
Ecommerce websites have all kinds of payment options including e-wallets, net banking, Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal and many more these days for enhanced cash flow and flawless shopping.  Allowing different payment options enables and encourages more customers for regular shopping. Now, these days, all skill level people would like to have online shopping and hence, the single click payment method is a better idea that the customers like more. Most of the commerce sites don’t accommodate complex cart dispatch procedure that needs too many clicks or difficult instructions.

Timely Delivery
Timely delivery is something that every ecommerce company yearns for, which depends upon different factors like logistics service, infrastructure, delivery address, order processing or cancellation, etc. Any of these factors may cause problems in delivery which could be easily controlled by Cloud ERP software. For instance, starting from order placement by a client, processing of an order, goods preparation for delivery of the same within the given time, everything will be recorded in the ERP system. Hence, it is imperative for ecommerce companies to invest in an automated cloud ERP web application that would schedule and streamline the supply chain operations for simplicity and visibility. Obviously, good cloud ERP software tracks shipment details, order status, delivery, inventory, and other aspects by putting everyone on the single web page.

SmartPhone app shopping facility
As per the current survey, SmartPhone has enhanced online shopping greatly with ecommerce apps for a secured and personalized transaction. More than 60% of online shopping is being done through SmartPhone and tablets. For this reason, it is necessary for all ecommerce businesses to put their heads into a SmartPhone by developing shopping apps to stay ahead. First and foremost, the ecommerce companies would like to develop a responsive or mobile-friendly website to enhance customer experience with 3D product views, finger click payment, etc. Hence, we can say online shopping through SmartPhone as Smart Shopping.

Customer support Solution
This is where most of the ecommerce companies fall after their product counterparts. Here in an Ecommerce site, one major drawback is touching and realizing products. Hence, in online shopping only reputed branded products attract customers to get them. It means non-branded products are being sold rarely in comparison to branded products. But, Social media network somehow assists in sharing real-life experience on taste, quality and lasting of products. Hence, most of the ecommerce companies build up a huge size network to promote their products.

Automated new offer alert on email
Now, these days, the ecommerce websites offer tons of products, it’s always mandatory to understand and identify the buying style and choice of customers to serve them better. For instance, some buyers like high-quality clothes more and in this situation, you need to send an email with a discounted offer for high quality branded clothing and definitely it works. Your sales rate will be getting improved with proper interaction with customers and by allowing some discounted offer to them for bulk order or costly dresses. Offering western or modern dresses to urban area citizens with a discounted offer is a good idea which in turn increases popularity or goodwill of the same company. If you are incorporating CRM and ERP software together, it would be much easier to sort out urban area and rural area and email offer could be sent easily.

We hope the readers must have a good idea about the advantages of Cloud ERP Software for an ecommerce company.  We are sure, the ecommerce company having Cloud ERP and CRM software together could be a world famous ecommerce company with huge selling rate. Do you have a plan of becoming such a bigger ecommerce company? Just get in touch with us for any suggestion or consultancy. If you have simple ERP software, and not getting much revenue from online sales, just upgrade it with Cloud ERP software and start flying in the sky. We are confident, you can compete with Amazon, eBay and other shopping sites. Just imagine!


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