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Cloud Supply Chain Software – creates gigantic value for business with ERP package!


Supply Chain companies keep an eye of all their valuable assets mostly vehicles and goods always. With good and vehicle tracking through Cloud ERP Software, they have to arrange delivery schedule through proper size vehicles to avoid any inconvenience. Traditionally, all the information related to maintenance of vehicles, managing future bookings

Supply Chain companies keep an eye of all their valuable assets mostly vehicles and goods always. With good and vehicle tracking through Cloud ERP Software, they have to arrange delivery schedule through proper size vehicles to avoid any inconvenience. Traditionally, all the information related to maintenance of vehicles, managing future bookings, payments, receipt, and resources were recorded manually in files, which cause further inconvenient issues for reporting purpose and audit & correction purpose.

Cloud ERP Software helps supply chain Industry to execute the entire afore-mentioned requirement and more significantly, all from a single centralized system. Automation Supply chain software is a kind of business tool that combines with all the 3rd party packages thus giving 360° view of all the main business functions.

Wide-ranging supply chain management software starts function from manufacturers and ends at retailer’s or client’s place. It increases the efficiency of supply chain management for more benefit from each every transaction of the business. CANIASERP integrates complex processes with a single place solution to enhance your supply chain with superior insight, organize, and data transparency. 

With Cloud ERP Software, you can do the following
• Lowering costs to improve profitability from supply chain business through valuable coordination
• Improve your customer experience with data-driven correctness, inventory, and delivery.
• Control short and long term demand for business efficiently and hence, expect repetitive orders. 
• Achieve the insights to lower stock amount in inventory and increase delivery with market rates, and offer an amazing customer experience.
• Make statistical forecasting with planning tools that help in cooperation and consolidation of information.
• Automation technology through artificial intelligence minimizes risks of loss in inventory.

Valuable record entries and update
Today, Cloud ERP Web Application offers different new functionalities such as vendor portals, product-wise display or report and a single view of the entire supply chain system and a lot more. Moreover, you’ll have different functions to enter a sales order, shipment details of order and invoice of the same shipment, entering a purchase order to buy goods and much more.
Cloud Supply Chain Software enables a supply chain business to control significant business functions like controlling resources and meeting the needs of the customer, improving transportation, methods for exploiting efficiency, logistics management, customer dependability, and profitability. Here is given below how Cloud ERP guides the supply chain industry on the right path:

Web Portal for Vendor/employee/ Customer and maintenance schedule
In a proffer to stay associated and informed, Cloud ERP Web Application comes with a web portal for vendor/employee/customer to let them log in to the account securely and safely to work with or know the status of all the logistics bookings. Especially, the employees who have an authorized account to enter new information, or edit the existing records with updated information. All the communication is incorporated for the purpose of keeping consumers/vendors updated through SMS or email.

As discussed above, transport vehicles and other infrastructure are assets that should be repaired or maintained on a daily basis. As the spare parts of vehicles are costly, the proper tracking of maintenance expenses could save huge money by the supply chain company. The major issue is with maintenance expense is that if not considered properly, it can waste unnecessary money. Also, if a vehicle is not repaired on time, it may cause big issues in-transit. So, the software can display the past maintenance date and report with clarity.

Instant Tracking and inventory control
In transit, the status of goods along with vehicles needs to be tracked on a regular basis to update the same to the customers. This offers a transport logistics business with valuable trustworthy business intelligence. Further, with the integration of mobile application, real-time tracking is easier and quicker.
Controlling inventory is a vital task for any supply chain business which could be easier with the help of Cloud ERP Software. With the implementation of Cloud ERP Web Application, the supply chain industry could view the booked purchase orders, deliveries, and sales, all from a single centralized location. It even paces up the purchase order to dispatch time. 
Supply chain businesses can use these software tools to manage inbound and outbound purchase orders and to conclude a shortage of inventory. Further, the mobile cloud ERP application can be additional advantages for the supply chain business to use it wisely. 

Improvement of Distribution through AI
Cloud ERP Software also paces up supply times with the help of instant alert and SMS updates by Artificial Intelligence technology. It enables Logistic & freight companies to control their supply flow properly. Cloud ERP refers to the information derived from the website or in-house records to improve the delivery time. 

Also, it allows distributors, suppliers, drivers and retailers to get updated on the same page of the website or social media sites by updating real-time information about traffic and customer address information, etc.  It’s recommended to follow information available on website or order page rather than social media pages like what’s App and other social networking sites.

Control staffs efficiently
Cloud ERP Web Application is an excellent tool when it comes to workforce supervision. Generally, the management of the supply chain always would like to measure the productivity of each and every employee to create appraisal opportunity and inspiration for more productivity. The operation executives can manage working hours, Lunchtimes, and snacks times with the help of the software, and obtain information to measure the performance of employees. Mobile Cloud ERP application for logistics & supply chain industry renders supplementary tight security options such as regular data backups for staff, accounts, payroll, attendance, and leave management, etc.
We are sure the readers must have a piece of detailed knowledge about the use of Cloud ERP software for business. There’s no limit at all as you can get developed all your required application through the cloud and artificial intelligence technology. If you’re supply chain business owner and have simple ERP software, just upgrade it with the latest technology to expand your business. Without modern software, staying ahead of the competition is not possible at all. In past time most businesses adopted offline or windows based ERP software. We have kept sufficient discount for such business owners. Are you one of them? Just contact us.


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