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Do you need to shift to an ERP System today? Find out now


With the introduction, adoption and invention of new technologies, business has become increasingly complex; departments are growing, more employees are being hired, supply chain systems are increasing, and your revenue is shooting through the roof. But amidst all these, there are plenty of things that have changed with additional layers added upon, whether it is sales, marketing, production, logistics or customer satisfaction that most businessmen struggle to streamline.

If it is streamlining your operations and processes, saving money and ease of use you seek, then it is time to consider a shift to an ERP system. ERP stands for an Enterprise Resource Planning system, a one-stop solution for everything you need to manage in your growing as well as stable business. Just thinking that you need a better system in place to manage your operations is simply not enough. You must know the reasons that require you to shift to using an ERP and how the system can help you tackle those issues. 

Why shift to an ERP system?

Like any other enterprise level management software an ERP system too comes with a host of capacities and features which can make your life much easier. Here are some of the most significant ones. 

Small inefficiencies appear big

This is one of the most common issues that mid and senior level organizations complain about. There are multiple small problems, which are adding up over time to create a massive issue, thus reducing efficiency and in the process making you lose tons of money. But having an individual software to manage every problem you have, won’t help. But an ERP can. With an ERP you can manage and tackle all your small issues from one dashboard, which is not only efficient but also time-saving. 

Your business is growing at a fast pace

All businesses reach a point where tremendous growth is seen over a very short period. But along with this growth, maintenance costs and other expenditures also keep increasing. In order to manage your expenses efficiently and make sure you best use your revenue growth, you need to invest in a system where the license fees and maintenance costs don’t grow in proportion to your revenue. An ERP system does exactly that. It will streamline your team's growth and make sure that your expenditure is kept in check. 

Customer Relations

Customer Relation is the most important aspect of any business, and that’s why maintaining a stable and healthy relation with all your customers is of utmost importance. But as your business continues to grow, so does your customer base. Using individual software to manage each department of your customer relations is not only an ineffective solution, but it is also very expensive. 

With an ERP system in place, everything you need to offer the best customer service can be found under one roof; thus, saving you the cost of buying individual licenses. Plus, it will guarantee that everything your employees and customers want is accessible at one place, perfectly streamlined under one roof. 

Business Dynamics are changing 

In a fast and modern workplace ecosystem, most companies these days have a combination of on-site, off-site as well as remote workers. But what they don’t have is a single software to manage all the employees from one dashboard itself. So, the need for an ERP system. 

With an ERP system in place, your HR department will have everything they need to manage all employees using one dashboard making the entire work process, simpler, efficient, as well as time saving. 

Your information is outdated

In most rapidly growing businesses of today, information is one of the biggest assets they have, both in terms of revenue as well as customer success. But an area where most companies fail is its lack to have updated information. With an ERP solution, everything that is happening in and around your business, whether it is on a client on-site project, a remote worker getting a promotion or a sale that a vendor makes, is displayed on a single dashboard. And the best part is, the information is always live and updated in real time. This helps in making crucial decisions at the right time and making sure everything is in order. 

Tax Regulations have changed and are changing

In the global business ecosystem of today, tax and finance regulations are changing all the while. But an outdated software won’t have that information. However, developers constantly updated an ERP system, thus making the information current and always updated, making sure that you never get into trouble for having the wrong info.

In the global business landscape of today and ever-changing times, having an ERP system in place can mean the difference in lost time and increased revenue. 

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Success, development or expansion of a company can bring with it new requirements and structures. In such cases, the introduction of a new ERP system can support the company in meeting these new challenges. However, various factors must be taken into account to structure itself and optimize decision-making in order to choose the system that best matches its needs.

We have easily overcome all the chaos in our processes with caniasERP


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