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Does the ERP help with better financial management of your business? Find out!


Have you heard of a successful business, without fantastic finance management? We believe you haven’t. Finance and success go hand in hand, and managing your finances is the most crucial aspect of running a profitable business. There are plenty of businesses that were doing well but had to shut shop due to financial difficulties or losses.


Have you heard of a successful business, without fantastic finance management? We believe you haven’t. Finance and success go hand in hand, and managing your finances is the most crucial aspect of running a profitable business. There are plenty of businesses that were doing well but had to shut shop due to financial difficulties or losses. You must consider complex balance sheets, finance, and bookkeeping where you are required to meet all compliances, following the wrong methodologies can be disastrous. 

You must have a good financial accounting system to be able to control the company and make sure the integration of financial information is possible to help tactical decision making. Getting a system offers the facility to centrally track financial accounting inside the international framework of diverse businesses, money, languages, and accounting standards will help significantly. 

If you have an ERP system, then using it to manage your finances is the best thing to do. That way you can maintain financial control in a consistent manner. The ERP will enable decision making in real-time while providing consistency and security of the accounting info. Moreover, you get the benefit of automating daily business activities of the company. Using the ERP for financial management offers benefits like 

•    Better business performance
•    Rationalize financial processes
•    Verify financial reporting and adhere to inclusive, manageable bookkeeping standards
•    Save time on data consolidation and use it for data analysis
•    Get strong monetary control

Let’s understand a little more how an ERP can help you manage your finances better. 

Overall View
As mentioned, the main aim of ERP software is to mechanize mundane and routine tasks in an organization, thus increasing the overall productive hours. Having an ERP software in place, the finances and accounting of a company can be mapped into one dashboard, thus giving the seniors or the audit authority a complete overview of the entire company finances. 

Transparent processes
With greater visibility, comes greater transparency. With the help of an ERP software, the management or the accounting manager at the organization, can at any time view key insights from the finances of a special or important department or the whole company. This increases the finance officer’s ability to take the right decisions at the right time. 

Alert Decisions 
Almost all the ERP software that is available in the market these days come with a mobile app. While most people may feel that the financial management of a large business need not be done using a mobile, the current global scenario of business demand so. With a mobile app that can display the finances of a company and allow the user to manage it through the mobile can be the game changer. It will help you keep a tab on your finances and make informed decisions. 

Reports and Analysis
One of the key ways to know what is going on with infrastructure in the business is through reports. While generating a report may sound easy at first, often collecting and collaborating the data from various sources can be time-consuming. But an ERP system has an automated system to create all kind of reports in place. This feature helps key managers generate a report quickly making the entire process easy and more efficient. 

Framing Strategies
When reports are readily available and key business insights always visible on the mobile and machine platforms, formulating better strategies that will create an impact on the business becomes easier. With the power of data, taking key decisions becomes easier allowing for better marketing plans and production strategies based on hard facts.  

Ease of Use
Although ERP software is a complex software used to manage businesses, the goal is to develop an interface, which is not only interactive but also extremely easy to use. Almost all ERP software available today is simple and easy to use, once the initial training of employees is undertaken. 

Updated records for creditors and clients 
Maintaining records of all creditors and client transactions gives you the required fodder to consider for both present and future course of action. Knowing exactly how much you owe the creditors and how much you will receive from the customers helps in the precise financial planning of the organization.

Cash Flow
Managing your cash flow is the biggest challenge that accountants in organizations face. Considering that there will be plenty of inflow and outflow of money in the company, an efficient financial system is the need of the hour. Your ERP system will do just that; keeps track of inflow and outflow of cash from the organization and in short, help accountants keep an eye on what’s happening where in the organization in relation to finances. 

A strong ERP solution that can add plenty of improvements to your finances is the key. However, do remember that a basic ERP solution may not have the features to provide the value add you need. It is important that you narrow down on a new, innovative, and easy to use ERP Solution that fits your needs.

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