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ERP CRM automation Software – The key factor of growth of E-commerce and retail industries


Most of the fateful Ecommerce startups that failed to see the light of the day dedicated the greatest fault of keeping themselves detached from the rising ERP software. With the faster growth of online Ecommerce stores and mobile shopping in recent years, ERP CRM software has empowered the e-commerce industry to grow unlimited.

Most of the fateful Ecommerce startups that failed to see the light of the day dedicated the greatest fault of keeping themselves detached from the rising ERP software. With the faster growth of online Ecommerce stores and mobile shopping in recent years, ERP CRM software has empowered the e-commerce industry to grow unlimited.  Running and fostering an e-commerce business is no less than a critical task these days. With the ecommerce rumble in its full magnificence, the country, as well as World, has been observing the most stirring times for Ecommerce & retail industries in the last few years wherein we had seen the augmentation of some of the greatest Ecommerce companies.

As E-commerce is one of the hottest businesses and is now presenting all scores of earning for this retail industry, there’s a tough level race going on between such companies.  The professionals in the ECommerce industry must have learnt about the payback of CRM for eCommerce and Retail industry. But, implementation of ERP & CRM has rendered dual benefits for Ecommerce industry.
Now these days, some companies couldn’t achieve the target set by them, why? It’s because of the improper incorporation of technologies and lower strategies and many more.

Stay ahead of the competition
As a contest between online traders becomes tough day-to-day, the need for endeavoring enhanced customer support has developed abruptly. Nowadays, more and more Ecommerce businesses are procuring customized ERP CRM automation software for online retail businesses. You will find several advantages of having a personalized ERP CRM for eCommerce and Retail organizations.

If we consider some of the most successful Ecommerce sites and will definitely see a common peculiarity among them i.e. they all live alongside each other with adopting and systems when it comes to staying ahead of the race. ERP CRM software is one such tool that has been associated with the growth of Ecommerce companies in their success drive particularly helping them keep on tax acquiescent.
Reasons of failures of Ecommerce startups
•    Improper technology implementation
•    Lack of responsiveness and online promotion
•    Lack of inventory and tax compliance system
•    Insufficient conversion
Above drawbacks of an Ecommerce Application could be resolved with the help of ERP CRM Web Application by incorporating latest technologies like PHP or JavaScript frameworks, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, IOT, and Blockchain technologies, etc.

Least chance of tax penalties
On the other hand, when an Ecommerce owner has planned and carried out properly with the precise ERP system, a small or big business could keep control over the inventory and tax liabilities. Hence, only profit calculation will be focused on by the business owners.

By considering these factors, CANISERP’s ERP CRM Web Application today comes with various modules, features and functionalities to handle input, output, payment, receipt and multiple tax rates & exemptions, etc.

These advanced functionalities have created an excellent opportunity for Ecommerce startups and growing retail organizations,  who have not used any ERP system yet and also opportunities for the ones who are using single windows based simple ERP, but wanted to have a new one with all modern technologies and tax compliant system.

CANISERP Software Company has developed an end-to-end ERP solution for Ecommerce application. Now these days, many goods are being sold through retail counters or Ecommerce applications like Grocery, Clothes, and many more.
More benefits of ERP CRM automation software
Through online Ecommerce sites, costly equipment for exercise purpose, stationery goods, costly clothes, Books and many more things are being sold. Hence, ERP CRM Software plays a significant role in keeping inventory and purchase and sales transaction up to date. 

For example: After booking of goods by a customer, the role of the CRM module starts with sending mail to the vendors automatically about the booking of Goods. The same vendor will keep the same product ready within the due period and posted to a customer and updated on the CRM module. Now the Artificial Intelligence software incorporated in the CRM part will automatically update customers regarding the delivery schedule and the proper instruction. As and when delivery will be finished, a digital signature will be taken from customer through machine learning software for confirmation of delivery. Hence, Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology has improved the utility of ERP CRM Web Application.

Thus, ERP CRM Software plays a significant role in goods trading because of its comprehensive advantages and customization capacity to apply in any trading industry like Medical device trading, Furniture trading, Grocery trading, electronics manufacturing, and trading, etc. CANIASERP has stepped up to tackle any intricate yet unorganized method and endeavor the business with a world-class ERP CRM automation software system for their various purposes such as financial management, business intelligence, supply chain management, and customer support management.

Nothing will be critical anymore
ERP CRM software streamlines all necessary transactions in a simplified manner and allows users to retrieve any kind of reports set by programmers. Hence, the users will be able to retrieve updated information anytime to know the exact status of the stock, purchase order, sales order, and delivery schedule. So, the Ecommerce application owner will have less risk of any fraud or loss due to any hidden transaction. All transactions flow like the current on a wire as everything will be updated in ERP system certainly.

If you’re buying a technical device, its serial number, and guaranty & warranty and return terms & conditions are being declared on the web to avoid any inconvenient claim by a client in the future. So, we can say, ERP CRM automation software reduces the work burden of an E-commerce business up to 50% by conducting everything automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology.

In sum, the readers must have a better idea about the latest ERP CRM automation software and great earning in Ecommerce business. If your Ecommerce application is not upgraded, just contact us for the right solution. We will let you know everything in details with a live demo! Just buy a new or upgrade your existing Ecommerce application with latest technology. Reach us by our website or mobile number.


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