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ERP CRM software becomes most dependable asset of Real Estate business


Are you a successful real estate business owner? Do you have a complete software package? If yes, you are recommended to upgrade it with an automation software package. If no, buy a new ERP CRM software package to uplift your real estate business. Still, you have queries? Go through this article for a detailed discussion on all features of ERP CRM Web application.

When a Real estate business grows, complexity grows. With the use of IT solutions, we always look for simplification of real estate business but the combination of ERP and CRM software could be more effective and beneficial for this purpose. However, many factors become the reason for growth or down of real estate business. The Laws of property either space or building makes real estate business more complex. But, combined ERP CRM software makes this complex business into a simplified business structure with great ROI, how? ERP works on purchase, sale, inventory, accounts, creditors and debtor record storage if you are into both real estate and construction business. 

Purchase & Sale of property and rent 
It’s more significant than ever for an operating in the real estate industry such as purchase & sales of property, construction of building, rent an apartment or commercial office to be more customer-centric by offering sales and rent service and marketing operation. Real Estate businesses look for ways to control the TAT to win the competition and preserve stronger relationships with the existing ones who are on rent.

It is truly essential for a real estate company to get detailed approaching into the sales whipped out by its brokers and agencies. However, severe competition forces the real estate industry to squeeze new technologies. This brings ERP CRM software into the picture, which helps to obtain and analyze customer intellect to help your real estate business assess construction inventory and customer information to help in making proper decisions and setting of the price of flats and rent amount.

Business owner satisfaction
ERP CRM Automation Software helps your business put a proper control on inventory which definitely saves money and accumulates exact costing of the outcome. Also, your sales guys will be better prepared and knowledgeable for the purpose of serving your customers. When incorporated with ERP software for the real estate industry, CRM software can work marvel. Throughout this combined software, you will have direct access to invoices, pricing, purchase value, sales value, customer interaction data, purchase orders, and much more information.

Either you are outstation or in office, an ERP CRM Web application makes accessible customer and inventory information at fingertips. This application helps determine new prospective customers, closing deals quickly, and planning of buying method and sales method successfully. CRM provides the proper set of tools and approach to help the sales team sell smart which ultimately increases their productivity and ROI of the company. Right from creating prospects and pricing to sales orders, CRM software can track all sales events and customer relevant information which help you have a clear view of sales funnel. Also, exceptional customer service and business improvement could be expected from an integrated ERP CRM software.

Mobile CRM app
Mobile CRM app reduces the chances of stealing secret data or hacking and enables the end-users or sales personnel to work with customer information around the globe either in office or from outstation. The sales personnel can obtain sales report as and when they needed it badly. Also, frequently tracking on different area wise customers or prospects and product wise customers or prospects is possible here with mobile CRM app at the moment of your traveling outstation. Hence, you’ll be able to detect all relevant information to customers to which area you are traveling currently.

With mobile CRM app, you can also run successful marketing campaigns along with a valuable lead management tool which will bring more conversions for sure. So, adopting a mobile app, you could have a circle of new and existing customers to share some new real estate projects and discounted offers, which definitely grows your earnings a lot. In order to stop land duplicating or property duplicating, you can build up an index of all registered lands and properties for a convenient service to clients which ultimately shows professionalism.

Customer identity verification
Before proceeding for a finalized deal with a customer, you must have all the identities and supporting documents like income sources, all existing properties of the same customer to have a secured and lawful deal. In the future, you and both seller and buyer won’t face any inconvenient situations like fraud deal and fraud representation.

As investment in real estate business is genuine for HNI (High Net-worth Individual) people. Developers or real estate owners often realize customers coming back again and again to them during new projects in attractive or demanding areas. This is only possible through regular email sending automatically about new offers and new projects throughout the automation system.

CRM software helps record all collected information about enormous volumes of customer and avails the same at a single click. But, the integrated ERP CRM Web Application offers you with a perceptive and collected data of all your customers concerning their investing nature and capacity and project budget and expenses of previous projects. 

Project budget comparison 
Since ERP is integrated with CRM a suitable estimation can be made for a new project in comparison to the previous project. Accordingly, the price of new flats could be decided. Also, for fixing up prices of flats, many factors need to be taken into consideration like purchased raw materials amount, labor expenses, current market rate, and other profit portions. In this way, the Real estate business will be profitable for sure.

In conclusion, Caniaserp has developed completely customized products like combined ERP CRM software to meet the need for real estate and other industries. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have possessed! If you wish to uplift your manual system with a computerized system, just get in touch with us. If you have already CRM software system, you can have our free consultancy to make it dual software serving system.


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