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ERP Vs CRM - Advantage of a Combined Solution


Both ERP and CRM are software tools that are used for various official purposes. But there is a distinct difference between these two software systems. While ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is mainly used for doing all types of back office activities; CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is designed for the front office works including sales.


Both ERP and CRM are software tools that are used for various official purposes. But there is a distinct difference between these two software systems. While ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is mainly used for doing all types of back office activities; CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is designed for the front office works including sales. Both the software systems have separate functions and databases. Still, these software tools can be incorporated together in an organization for getting marvelous effects. 

As per the reports produced by Microsoft, the differences between ERP and CRM are quite indistinct now, due to the similarities in many of their features. These resemblances have inspired the software experts to combine these two software systems into one single package, for the benefits of the users. It is found that this integrated solution is more functional than any one single system, either ERP or CRM. The business owners now enjoy numerous benefits of using this multifunctional software system in their offices. 

Benefits of integrating ERP and CRM together

Prevents duplication of stored data – ERP and CRM handle different databases of back office and front office. Often these databases tend to contain the same information which may overlap each other, when put together at one place. When these two software systems are combined together, these databases are also integrated to form single centralized data storage. All the duplicate information is eliminated from that database, making the data simpler and concise. The sales data is automatically entered into the dispatch system, making the delivery procedure simpler and faster. Hence, both the sales team and the customers are simultaneously benefitted due to this integrated software system.

Collect and centralize all data – Normally, different kinds of data are entered into the computers in an office and remain scattered in various folders, which need to be searched in times of need. The combination of ERP and CRM systems gather all these vital dispersed data in one place that can be centrally accessed by all the employees. The tasks become easier and faster for every office staff, when they try to find any official information on the office computers. Therefore, the use of this integrated software system saves the time of searching urgent files during the emergency hours in the office. 

Stops the loss of important data – All the databases of the sales, front office, back office and inventory and put together by using the combined solution of ERP and CRM. Thus, there is far lesser chance of getting any vital data of the customers or vendors misplaced in the office system. So, the company management can rest assured about the security of their databases, which are centralized with this latest software. 

Saves maintenance costs – When ERP and CRM are used distinctly in an organization, the company needs to spend more money for the regular maintenance of these software systems. Like every other tool, the software systems may start malfunctioning, if not checked regularly by the experts. The company needs to pay a handsome amount of money to these software experts on monthly or annually for servicing their systems. However, an integrated solution of ERP and CRM saves the extra maintenance cost, as now only one system demands maintenance. 

Easier for the sales force – The sales people are highly benefitted due to this integrated solution of ERP and CRM. They can now keep the details of their sales and do not have to search anywhere else for contacting their customers in future. This combined software system helps them to keep track of their sales till the delivery of the products to the customers’ places. They can locate any misplacement of a product while shipping to the given address of the buyer. Therefore, there is hardly any chance of dissatisfaction among the customers regarding the after sales service of the company. They can also consult the sales history of the company at any time, to gain better perception about the potential customers for selling the company products more easily in the market. 

Saves time and money for training – Usually, the office staffs need to be duly trained on the correct use of each new software system so that they can handle it efficiently later. Lots of money and time are spent on each training session of ERP and CRM software modules. However, the combined system of ERP and CRM needs only one training session for the employees, saving their precious time in attending two trainings. It also saves the money spent on training of two modules by the company management. Thus, it is financially profitable for the company.

Helps in achieving more benefits – Every commercial company can achieve huge business profits due to the installation of the integrated system of ERP and CRM. It saves the money of the company management on various aspects and also intrigues the sales force to work more efficiently for the company’s benefits. The easiness in work boosts the overall productivity of not only the sales team, but also of other back office and front office staffs. Therefore, the overall profit of the company is guaranteed with the incorporation of this combined software system.

Now, plenty of companies realize the benefits of integrated ERP and CRM system, which is much better than the use of any other software applicable for official purposes. As there are so many benefits of using the combined system of ERP and CRM, Canias ERP has introduced such integrated software module for the corporate clients. You may contact us by calling up at 18001200427 or may even send a mail to for further clarification on this product. Good luck with your business functionalities with ERP!


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