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ERP: Why Is It Important


Many companies chose IAS as their ERP solution provider and using caniasERP to run their business efficiently. The reason being, we help our customers to increase the efficiency of business processes that are transparent and controllable with the software that is appropriate for all scales. With our tailor-made software and innovative infrastructure, we are able to provide a solution that can cater to all type of industries and their needs

ERP: Why Is It Important?

Many companies have chosen IAS as their ERP solution provider. The reason being, we help our customers to the increased efficiency of the business Processes that are transparent and controllable with the software that is appropriati for all scales. We can provide you with all the necessary information for your needs. In this blog we will talk about ERP. 

Why Do You Need ERP?
There are several factors that implement ERP. According to a study Conducted by Panorama Consulting Solutions, LLC., It is revealed thes to four primary reasons that enterprises uses the ERP system:
- 49% stated they wanted to replace out-dated ERP software
- 20% revealed they wanted to have ERP either to replace
- 16% said ERP

With an organized fashion. In addition, you can use this information. A fully functional ERP system such as ERP, human resources, human resources, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, business intelligence, financial management.  

What Are the Benefits of ERP?
So while ERP can help you to bring in multiple information of your business into one platform, the added benefits of Implementing ERP can add thes the Following benefits too:
- Collaboration can be improved
- realtime analytics and reports about your enterprise from the central database of information
- with better information and analytics you can improve the productivity
- with better productivity gain customer satisfaction
- Improve risk management
- Better and simplified compliance
- Improved and better inventory monitoring
- You can have better production planning
- Better resource management

Why to choose caniasERP?

While ERP is your ERP vendor? Here are some of the reasons why you should select us:

Wide range of functionality:
caniasERP covers almost every area of business. The modules are fully integrated in all modules.  

With Complete process integration and a unified system:
Highly trained professionals work with the numerous modules to make a complete system with high level of transparency which results into a streamlined and simple Processes that provice in faster information, consistent data and high process stability

User-friendly, ergonomic interface:
Assuming the expertise and upper hands of users on computers, Kiosks, POS, PDA's and other devices caniasERP is designed and developed in as much as simple navigation and user friendly that Gives high usability through intuitive operations above all ergonomic

This platform is designed to help you create a platform for your platform or platform . IT costs.freedom to choose databases of your choice or ease and similar approach applies for operating systems too which made sure that you become vendor-independent and get high independence and investment security which ultimately reduce the IT costs.

caniasERP is a scalable , multi-language, multi-language, multi-language, multi-language, multi-language, multi-language, multi-language, multi-language, multi-language, web-based, multi-language, multi-language, web based application. Multi-client, multi-agent, multi-agent, multi-agent, multi-agent, multi-agent, multi-agent caniasERP as its scalable and globally available into 16 languages compatible with multiple devices and 100% web based. Multi client feature provides easy integration of affiliated companies, partners, customers, suppliers, full access and utilization over web and mobile devices.
Troia, an open source programming language. All users need to know more.easy manner and allows high flexibility and self-made adjustments on time. Most user friendly and serves more of integration as compare to customization which can run on various platforms above all it will be easy for peers to review and modify the code.

Open system architecture:
CaniasERP has a capability to easily integrate with third-party systems with maximum access to all data fields within the caniasERP interface, Canias EDI provides seamless integration with machines on the production floor, Biometrics and protocol for machine learning that requires AI and bigdata.

BI and pivot features: International
Business Intelligence Companies. Canias IQ provides real time dashboard management.canias IQ application, developed by collaborating with Qlik, one of the world's leading business intelligence companies. Canias IQ provides real time dashboard, intelligence report, and many more that helps top management to take right decision.

Satisfied customers:
After working caniasERP, our customers experiencing an increase of about 40%, that is an outstanding result for us! (Customer testimonials)
Along with these main five factors. caniasERP is dedicated to providing better customer service, securing the data and with our service you can have better collaboration and workflow. 

Now you have to know what kind of software you need. caniasERP at  1800 1200 427  or mail at




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