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Grow production volume in Carpet Manufacturing industry with latest ERP software


Are you into Carpet Business? Do you manufacture or trade carpet or floor decorating products? Contact CANIASERP for the best consultancy regarding your software systems. If you don’t have software yet, just adopt our latest Automation ERP software or if you have already ERP for manufacturing software,

Are you into Carpet Business? Do you manufacture or trade carpet or floor decorating products?  Contact CANIASERP for the best consultancy regarding your software systems. If you don’t have software yet, just adopt our latest Automation ERP software or if you have already ERP for manufacturing software, upgrade it with latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block-chain, and IoT.

The carpet and floor decorating industries are very exclusive in nature as the consumers for such products have very particular necessities and many times need profound customization along with a good TAT. ERP software for Carpet manufacturing Industry helps manage and maintain all data and the particular customer necessities along with the display of sales and revenue.

The user could get excellent software and web application support service. Some benefits are described as follows.

Inventory tracking and Management
Carpet manufacturing software helps the businesses adopt a procedure-oriented method towards Inventory control and management, CRM, supply chain management (SCM), and Intelligence report. This ERP for manufacturing software helps the carpet manufacturers to increase ROI and comprehend a combined surrounding between customers, whole seller and distributors by reducing data duplication and detecting the weak or holes in the data system.

As there are always hacking possibilities with virus infection threat to the system which could be prohibited well with the help of higher level Cloud ERP and security technologies.

Excellent Estimation planning for purchase and output
The planning department of manufacturing makes accurate material judgment and estimates with various scenarios, customer’s first choice, and budgets. ERP software for carpet industry automates the entire operation and makes the manufacturing method more profit-motive and active while having a planned material need.

Every production starts with a truthful estimation and planning of sales. Automation ERP software provides a specific requirement of the product as per sales order so that the materials are not over purchased and wasted. In case of higher demand for any product, some companies produce some extra volumes and store in a warehouse for instant sale. Since Carpet Industry implements costly materials during production, they never wish a loss or wastage situation. These profit motive decisions can also be taken on the go anytime, and from any device at any location with ERP designed by CANIASERP.

ERP Web Application for multiple production units
For a bigger volume of production, many companies establish multiple factories across the nation.  ERP Web Applications are designed to improve and optimize the production in the multiple factories and can be accessed by the management professionals and business owners. It covers all the aspects of the company like sales, inventory, customer support service, and promotion, etc. 

Investment in a single software system for multiple manufacturing units and departments will reduce your maintenance expenses and save your time from working in different software. Therefore, enabling the updated data flow between all the departments and increasing the productivity and efficiency of all the departments in different branches is possible through the ERP software. Can you imagine the benefits of a single system for a giant company with multiple departments and factories? If your business is not up to that point, you can plan for a BIGGER COMPANY with CANIASERP’s software.

Also, a quality improvement could be brought into action through the implementation of Carpet manufacturing software.  However, the quality of the product can be enhanced by approaching the use for correct types of raw materials and also by having transparency in all the production procedure. Continuous checking of each stage of production is valuable since it helps fulfill the TAT of delivery and increase numbers of satisfied customers.

Need of Mobile ERP Application
As most of the people including employees of manufacturing companies and service industries, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and customers are fond of SmartPhone and use for online shopping and other official activities. Hence, Mobile ERP application could be successfully used by employees for instant access of application from any place of the nation and world.

Tight and unbreakable security is another reason for the growing popularity of mobile application which is a vital need for any company as well as ERP software. 

Warehouse and Customer Satisfaction
The CRM module with automatic follow-ups and promotional features helps the company to obtain regular feedback or views from the clients and share about any new discounted offer or new product with the customers. Through the carpet manufacturing software, the carpet manufacturers can set up and maintain a warehouse to assure the accuracy of inward and outward materials and safely store. Also, the same goods can be retrieved quickly as per requirement.

Adopting an ERP for manufacturing software is not a straightforward task and when assigned with go-live verdicts to face the deadline, it turns all into more frantic. Generally, ERP software development may take a few days or a few months according to your company size. But, we are sure the growth of ROI will be realized within a few weeks due to systematic actions in production units. For illustration, the calculation of the raw materials, labor costs, and all other expenses will help management to fix up proper prices to yield profit with reputation.

The ERP Web Application helps the manufacturer get live information of all production units by sitting at one place. As the managers and business owners don’t have enough time to visit all the production units physically and see the status of production. Also, they can verify the volume of products and raw materials with wi-fi CCTV camera. Along with ERP web application, Mobile ERP Application is also valuable for a secured application of ERP which could be accessed by the SmartPhone users. Hence, it’s a wise idea for carpet manufacturing companies to adopt both web and mobile apps for a high-quality production purpose.

The Automation ERP software incorporates advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, IoT and Block-chain technologies to incorporate smart manufacturing process within your company. You can handle your machines from your home or distant places. 

How it will be? Just ask us your queries! We will be happy to resolve.


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