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Grow your education institution with Education ERP Software or web application


Education ERP Software helps educational organizations like schools, institutes, colleges, universities and other sorts of organizations take care of various activities starting from inquiry and rendering education to controlling students, fees & attendance, putting controls on performances of teachers, and staff members. Also, it controls other activities like a library,

Education ERP Software helps educational organizations like schools, institutes, colleges, universities and other sorts of organizations take care of various activities starting from inquiry and rendering education to controlling students, fees & attendance, putting controls on performances of teachers, and staff members. Also, it controls other activities like a library, campus selection, maintenance expenses, salaries, and other facilities.

Now these days, most of the education sectors who don’t have an Education ERP application are facing difficulties in controlling administration with growing numbers of students and teachers. Hence, many times stakeholders and students face many issues in gaining the exact information regarding their fees. 

Faster Growth
ERP for education will lower the work burden of management and admin team in managing academic relevant processes like Payroll & fees management, finances, library management, grades & exams management, hostel management, etc. ERP for education is meant to run the information between every stockholder like staff, students, parents, alumni, etc. This may be helpful to expand clearness of institutional system & policies & faster process of documents.

Thus, it’s highly recommended for the above education industries, which meet certain issues, need to use Education ERP CRM Software for all operations of the entire organization. Faster development of the college or university will be definitely realized.

Who needs Education Web ERP Application?
The universities which control several colleges within some geographical location and global online education would definitely adopt the Education Web ERP Application for a broad educational and examination opportunity. Hence, the students across the globe could get an opportunity to learn International standard education, skills, and knowledge.
We at CANIAS, develop, and deploy customized Education ERP software for Educational organizations like College, school, institutes, and universities with the following features and functions:

Automation Time Management System
A time management system assists in the creation of both automatic and manual timetables. It updates different schedules on time, notifies about competence substation, and assists in class details and resources.

So, students will aware of any updated time schedules from this Time Management System and be prepared accordingly. No classes will be slipped from the hand of students due to inconvenience and unawareness. Also, if there will be a change in time schedule, immediately message will be sent to the mobile numbers of all students in advance i.e. the previous day. So, students will be happy with this convenient automated Education Web ERP Application. For instance, if one lecture or professor will be on leave the next day and the students don’t know about it. The same lecture or professor has to update about it on the web portal and hence, an instant message will be sent to the mobile number of all students who are supposed to attend the class.

Administration & Financial accounting management
This Education ERP system helps in handling the account receivables, payable, different adjustment entries, transactions, and general ledger, income from fees and miscellaneous expenses, and other reports and forms required for the purpose of accounting entries.

An admin & account management module of education ERP software handles pre-admission assortment and viewing of student’s application, shortlisting, online registrations, ID card issues and sending e-alerts, etc.

Grades & Exam management
With a grades & exam module, a school or college has the capability of carrying out the offline & online exams, accumulating students’ scores, controlling different books in a library, the printing of report cards, investment in competitive or entrance exams, and publishing outcomes, etc.

Here, in this case, Education ERP CRM Software plays a significant role in performing multiple tasks like conducting entrance exams and selecting students in a proper procedure.

Hostel Management
The hostel management module of Education ERP software helps schools and colleges make more efficient arrangement and accommodation of rooms for teacher and students hostels. It also tracks purchase and used food materials for the students and teachers who stay over there. Also, the details of incoming and outgoing of students and visitors are recorded in this software.

Similarly, hostel fees like meal and bed charges are also accumulated separately in the Hostel Management System which could show an actual profit.

Asset and store management system
The asset & store ERP management system takes the responsibility of schools and colleges in maintaining asset and inventory management for numerous positions. It also allows significantly raising the operational competence and categorizing the permanent and current assets.

Hence, a proper valuation of the assets could be recorded for long term purpose. No single asset could be skipped in any bigger size college, school or university because of the implementation of Education ERP software.

Payroll & Fees Management System
A payroll & Fees module provides a receivable and payable system for schools, colleges, universities and institutions with a distinct categorization for essential reporting. The agenda can also make up a stretchy procedure stage to keep a proper record of collected fees.

Also, the date of fees payment and fine policy will be mentioned on Education Web ERP Application or Mobile Education ERP Application, so that the students will well aware about the updated notice and fees status. Also, now these days, students can pay fees online which is a true symbol of progress in the Educational system.

Budget and cost control module enables a school or college to precisely and quickly budget a lot of expenses. Also, it competently analyzes the performance and cost that helps in distinguishing between necessary and convenient costs.

Overall, the education industry is eventful round the clock with abundant activities like selection, admissions, exams, category wise skills & knowledge, documents, certificates, attendance, marks and records of the entire pass out students along with the teachers & staff details. Education ERP software has made easier to control all the transactions flawlessly. Also, due to implementation of Education Web ERP Application students, teachers and parents could see the required information like pending fees, the score of students in exam and time tables by teachers, parents, and students.

If your institute, school or college doesn’t possess such software or web application, just get consultancy from us. Definitely, your administration will be stable with the latest automation Education web ERP application and Mobile Education App.


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