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Increase Food production volume with same invested amount through advanced automated software.


Among all kinds of businesses, Food and medicine businesses are much sensitive as they all are eatables. The food and medicine packages always carry the manufacturing date, expiry date, costing and list of ingredients. Food processing ERP software plays a significant role in deicing the cost of manufactured food or medicine.

Among all kinds of businesses, Food and medicine businesses are much sensitive as they all are eatables. The food and medicine packages always carry the manufacturing date, expiry date, costing and list of ingredients. Food processing ERP software plays a significant role in deicing the cost of manufactured food or medicine.

The food manufacturing industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors & plays a significant role in the economic development of the country in terms of production, distribution, consumption, & export of food products. Indian food processing industry wraps up a wide array of products like fruits, vegetables, milk products, Cold drinks, mineral water, high protein dry foods, alcoholic beverages, fisheries plantation, meat & poultry, etc.

Everything should be conducted carefully, like production, packing, manufacturing & expiry date, batch number& description on packet or bottle and recording them in software is the ideal process of production. 

What CANIAS ERP software provides?
CANIAS ERP for Food processing industry is a stretchy & the most influential business management software for improvement of ROI of Food manufacturing business. This software is somehow designed especially for Food industries and it controls all decisive business functions in the food industries. 

This ERP software also helps improve the small scale food processing industry into large scale food processing industry. Within food industries category, the following organizations are included

Snacks & biscuit manufacturing
Baby food manufacturing
Dry-food manufacturing
Chocolate and Cold drinks manufacturing

Our ERP software eases their purchase, sales, and inventory accumulations in order to provide a perfect report on profitability. 

Excellent dealing with Food distributors
Apart from direct customer service, they also provide manufactured foods to different distributors at discounted price for a broad area of sales promotion. They also ensure improvement in food safety of their production method. Food distributors are the significant partner of the food manufacturing company who could promote food products of the manufacturing company and can carry them to the retailers or customers directly.

Also, we offer ERP software for distributors to control inward and outward of food products along with payment and receipt transactions. Hence, Food processing ERP software works for different business levels in the field of food production.

Top concerns of Food processing industry
The top concerns of the Food processing industry can be controlled easily by the Food Processing ERP software easily. There are various food quality and brands available in India as well as the world, so it is essential to offer them configurable, wide-ranging, regulatory, and supple with scheduling capacity as per their demands.

CANIAS ERP software for Food Industry is an inclusive set of financial management throughout the business. ERP is the best component to make production plan for all food-related brands & leading manufacturers & distributors according to the rate of sales volume and more selling area. All these details will be obtained from the stored information in ERP software according to invoice raised against distributors, retailers or customers as well.

CANIAS Food processing ERP application helps the food processors or manufacturers to obtain a faster response at any situation & product records. It renders the best package options to consumers depending upon their necessities. Hence, consumers will be happy and satisfied with the sufficient availability of products in the market. 

Throughout Food processing ERP web application, you will be able to maintain the instructions of products, ingredients, food safety precautions, consumer feedbacks, and certificate of analysis, food packaging rules, and valuation of the stock.

Control of production Cost
With the use of Food processing ERP software, the manufacturing company will be able to control the costs of food, but it’s much problematic without visibility of the company’s procedure under one display. To perk up the ROI, the food processors must minimize their costs to allow more discounts to distributors.

ERP for manufacturing industry is very useful to control the inventory recipes; purchase & sales order processing, control production. Every food industry needs to deliver dependable food product to control their inventory. Improvement of quality throughout different stages of processing is possible. It can control the production information from start to finish.
  • Use of ERP software for the food industry
  • Production efficiency will be increased with decreased cost & risks.
  • Betterment of supply chain management
  • Excellent reporting on the current status of foods
  • Face new needs & functions to integrate the business needs.
  • Reduce material waste & shortage of raw material.
  • Improve Food quality throughout the whole manufacturing process.
  • Easily control sale, purchase, and inventory with payment and receipt
  • Simplify compliance with food regulations
  • Grow ROI and materials module
  • Increase sales through a combination of ERP Web application and e-commerce sites and customer analytics
  • Control expiry dates of product to minimize waste
ERP for Bakery Industry
Developed upon the ERP platform, our ERP software for bakery industry is customized for the necessities of the purchase, manufacturing, sales and supply chain needs of companies building varied ranges of foodstuffs including bread, cake, biscuits, Pizza, hot plate items, rolls, and pastries.

A small bakery industry could be uplifted with the use of our Food processing ERP software. For instance, Britannia Company produces all bakery related products starting from Bread to biscuits. Any bakery Company could grow up to giant size company by incorporating flexible ERP software.

ERP for Dairy Industry
For smooth processing of the dairy industry, we have designed ERP software which helps record the day-to-day data of purchase and sale of milk with packing and purification expenses.  

Also, diversified arrays of products including cream, purified milk, milk powders, butter, cheese, spreads, ice cream, yogurts, and desserts. With the help of ERP software, excellent profitability could be measured and development budget could be made for business development purpose.

CANIASERP delivers world class enterprise business solutions with Financial ERP Management and CRM. With multiple international business partners and companies, it has spread over Asian and European countries and world. Which business do you possess? Just let’s know if you have software or not?  Contact us for appropriate solution.


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