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Increase profit volume of Furniture industry with automated ERP Software or web mobile application


Every furniture company has a passion for turning imaginative designs into beautiful and well-designed furniture, fittings or accessories. But, you expect more than successful craftsmanship to run a profitable manufacturing business.

Every furniture company has a passion for turning imaginative designs into beautiful and well-designed furniture, fittings or accessories. But, you expect more than successful craftsmanship to run a profitable manufacturing business.

Most of the furniture businesses would like to have a highly profitable business, but how it’s possible? Without proper calculation of the cost of raw materials and components, and the value of sold furniture, how can you find the exact profit?  CANIAS Furniture industry ERP replies a suitable solution to all these questions with a proven software application.

Likewise any industry, ERP software could be the best answer to Furniture industry also. All the companies and actions that concerned with the design, production, delivery, and sale of well-designed and decorative equipment of the family unit and commercial unit come under the Furniture manufacturing industry. 

Our ERP software for the furniture industry is valuable for small scale as well as giant furniture industries. Numerous furniture industries are spread worldwide and have distinctive requirements of ERPs. The furniture industry ERP software would be needed to keep a proper track on all the consumers and their address and requirement details, procurement of raw materials, sales order, final goods, delivery services, and details of a vendor with other expenses, etc.

Recording of Raw materials and expenses
Costs for raw materials along with labor and transportation charges are always in instability mode. Your catalog might include numerous product lists with diversified colors, metals, fabrics, qualities, shapes and sizes, and different complexities. Customers and distributors may pressurize you for quick dispatch and delivery, more eco-friendly designs and discounted pricing.

Our Furniture industry ERP application can help you achieve momentous efficiencies, simplify your supply chain, and obtain your furniture and related accessories to distributors, retailers and consumers quicker than before, even at great volume. CANIAS Furniture industry ERP software empowers your team to efficiently control different areas like quality control, procurement, inventory control, business operations, sales recording, financials and more. 

Increase Sales volume and control Demand successfully
As most of the sales reps hold SmartPhones in this modern age, for the purpose of latest marketing trend requirements, they can access information about any product or inventory through ERP web application for Furniture industry from any location. Sales volume could be increased by managing the complex pricing like contract quotes, discounts, advertisements and rebates.

A sales order is automatically processed by reducing paperwork with the incorporation of Electronic Data Interchange like payment processing by card; net banking and further instruction will be forwarded to vendor for shipment of goods. With such kind of sales order processing service, the customers will be satisfied with automation technology-based service. Also, the return of goods for exchange purpose could be accomplished at a faster rate due to flexible furniture industry ERP software.

Solid Control
Without firm control over your equipped and financial processes, you probably run the risk of production errors, low costs that put your margins down and late deliveries. Whether you’re selling high-quality custom designed chairs or cabinet drawer pulls – manual work may increase your work burden. Hence, the Furniture industry software may ease your work and responsibility.

CANIAS ERP Software for Furniture Industry is designed to work out challenges across your whole operations of furniture and fittings manufacturing work due to flexibility with the customizable feature. Unlike your consumers, you can also select the design that satisfies your business best. Carry your company to the next level of development with a solid, incorporated Furniture ERP software foundation, from a vendor who knows how to resolve your precise industry requirements.

Customer satisfaction with the latest Furniture industry ERP software
We at CANVAS ERP enable our customer to bring absolute customer satisfaction with timely manufacturing, high-quality product, timely delivery, payment collection, and many more transactions. Hence, customers will be satisfied definitely. But, we always create an opportunity for end-users by reducing their work burden through our latest automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine learning, and IoT, etc.

More benefits of Furniture Industry ERP software
Obtain several inventory reports and business intelligence reports from your live database which can help you take better business decisions with the Furniture ERP Software instantly from any device, any location and any time.

It reduces the cost and grows the profits as and when all your procedures are on the right track, you can classify the leakages occurring in the ERP system. ERP software also assists you to improve the profitable purchase of raw material, inventory, and sales forecasting, etc., effectively increasing the whole supply chain and making it more approachable.

How profit can be earned during procurement?
CANVAS ERP enables the Furniture industry to earn profit everywhere like procurement, stock calculation, a summary of unused raw materials and many more. During placing an order, you need to check the previous purchase transactions, to justify the current price. You can have a quick answer for any condition & product recalls and the suitable package options rendered to the customer is best as per their need. This ERP software for furniture Industry plays a significant role in maintaining the list of all unused and used valuable raw materials, manufactured and sold products, remaining products in stock, the transaction details of customer and vendors, the total amount spent and yielded an exact profit.

Hence, it increases the profit by reducing the unnecessary expenses and also, creates new opportunity.  Especially the modules like Inventory control and business intelligence report help to store all the data and retrieve excellent meaning report respectively.

Here, ERP web application for the Furniture industry plays a significant role in maintaining inventory control of several manufacturing units of the furniture industry. From any branch or location, you can work with a cloud-based web application. Now, you must say you have already grown with our ERP Web application and also, you can have our Mobile ERP application.

We are confident that CANIASERP developed Furniture industry ERP software will certainly made your business better. Your stock will be more precise with the implementation of our ERP CRM Software. If you have already ERP software, just upgrade it with our latest automated ERP software and get chances to yield more profit from your business.


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