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Invest in Thousands of vehicles using ERP software for logistics Industry


Logistics is one of the extremely challenging business sectors which include multifaceted operations like supply chain management, transportation, freight management, warehousing and storage, and many more functions. Hence, Logistics ERP software carries multiple modules for proper control over the entire business sectors. Some clients need only

caniasERP for Logistic Industry
Logistics is one of the extremely challenging business sectors which include multifaceted operations like supply chain management, transportation, freight management, warehousing and storage, and many more functions. Hence, Logistics ERP software carries multiple modules for proper control over the entire business sectors. Some clients need only a transportation module with Logistic ERP application package and some need all above modules along with Logistics software to expand their business with all significant sections and grow unlimited.

Consideration on transportation & freight management
If we consider transportation & freight management module of the logistics industry, we will get insight into its crucial functionalities. Adoption of Logistics software in the logistic transportation industry can align business operations such as Trip Management, Freight Management, Tax Management, staff management & Truck Maintenance with Account management systems for the logistics industry. 

Logistics ERP software for different companies
Many online trading companies earn a great additional amount from Logistics management which includes shipment & delivery of booked goods. In case of wrong delivery, the reputation of e-commerce companies may be spoiled. 

Transportation part in the logistics industry is related to the moving of goods from one location to another, usually shifting of goods between warehouses of the specific company or multiple businesses. As a huge volume of goods of companies is transported through Truck or train, without proper calculation or with manual calculation, there would be a chance of wrong placing of goods or stealing of goods. Thus a proper calculation system is required to obtain the exact profit from this business. In the past, most logistic companies follow the manual calculation system to keep records of business transactions. Also, for one report they took around one or couples of weeks which is completely reduced by implementing Logistics ERP software with respect to transportation & freight management is all about rendering updated information of all direct & indirect costs, manpower, documentation, truck maintenance, and profitability. It keeps a record of all the functions of logistics software in a well-organized manner turning it simple for the decision makers.

Significant features of ERP software for the logistics industry
By adopting transportation and freight management module with Logistics ERP application, you will have the following advantages.

Maintaining Customer indent
ERP software for logistics Industry also keeps ready an organized database of customers and their delivery orders. It lets you generate an indent for all the necessities with information of all items, source area, address and expected delivery date for the transport service.

With the proper indenting system, chances of the wrong volume of things or wrong address delivery will be absolutely reduced. Otherwise, you have to pay a penalty against loss for wrong deliverables and your reputation may be ruined.

Vehicle provision & Goods tracking
This feature of Logistics software lets the business to make provision for the truck based delivery or train based delivery on predictable delivery timings of the booked goods as per client indent. Track the availability of trucks, allocation of driver (if truck delivery) or person (if train delivery) and helping staff for best possible utilization of resources is truly valuable for the transport company. Logistics ERP software has also the functionality to rent a truck from outside to allocate it as per the indent.

Since all provisions of keeping a record in ERP software is possible, it’s easier to track the status of booking goods. Also, the customer will be able to check the status of delivery on the ERP Web application for Logistics through receipt number of transport Company. 

Logistics software allows you to plan the proper schedule of the trip. To change the indirect cost to direct cost it may let you pay drivers for fuel against the trip and helps track the trucks if they’re on a trip. Also, from the ERP web application, you can detect the exact status of trucks, whether they’re on OnTrip or repair maintenance or available for a trip.

Integrated Truck Paper documents
Logistics companies have to issue important documents like Freight slips, Waybill number and Lorry Receipt (LR) number, etc. related to the delivery of goods. ERP software develops a common space to make all these necessary documents. It also permits the team to work on the same page for the time of shipment, cost, delivery of goods and other things.

If the state permit or insurance is expired, your truck with consignment might be on risk at any time. As our project planners know all these issues well and hence, they set automatic alarm of 1 month before the expiry date of state permit or insurance. In the Truck profile module, we have set programs to keep a record of all insurance policy of Truck and drivers, State permit of trucks, so that no further issues will be created on the way. Our automation ERP software will warn about these things in advance.

Truck maintenance ERP management
Unlike Truck documentation and driver documentation, Logistics ERP also helps in storing records of all the transactions concerned with truck maintenance such as scheduling of oil changes, tire checkup, filter change, repairs, maintaining of spare parts of truck in case of emergency needs, and controlling overall expenses of the trucks. So, you can find exact benefit per month from a truck after deducting all the mandatory expenses like fuel, repairing maintenance, insurance, and state permit and driver’s salary, conveyance and toll charges.

In this way, obtaining great profit from ERP software for logistics Industry could be obtained well. From the report of income and expenses, you can assume overall gross profits which will help you in planning and budgeting for future business plan and investment. Also, as per the profit rate, you may buy more vehicles for more transportation purpose or may not, if there is loss going on. Hence, your wastage of money can be reduced.

Are you getting sufficient profit from your Logistics business? Are you a successful business achiever? If not, just get in touch with us to obtain an appropriate solution for your business. Also, you can obtain ERP for Supply chain along with the Logistics ERP software. 

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