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Is your ERP system has Automation technology and high security protection?


Award-winning CANIAS ERP system is currently in use by more than 500 mines and mining suppliers across the world. As it’s updated with the latest automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and high-security components, it enables a mining business to yield a great volume of profit. We provide an inclusive ERP

The CANIAS ERP system is currently in use by more than 500 mines and mining suppliers across the world. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and high-security components, it provides a large volume of profit. We provide an inclusive ERP platform for the operations of the mining industry. Are you interested?

CANIAS ERP software is developed for single or multiple mines, multiple geographical locations, multiple transportation, and multiple enterprises. It handles your every processes, exploration, scientific planning, land administration, procurement, inventory, production, maintenance & control of asset and supply chain, sales & marketing, CRM, HR and payroll, finance and business intelligence reporting to ensure outfitted efficiency and output .Moreover, it expands to the best decisions. Our ERP System is also highly secure with windows and web security apps, so you need not be worried about the data - a significant asset.

Incredible benefits of Mining ERP Software
The mining organizations do not have ERP software, doubling of ROI is much critical. However, the instability and risk allied with unpredictable prices of natural resources, earnings and gains must be made. Without ERP software, it's like no meaningful business and no profitability. Sometimes, employees can get a clueless chance to make fraud in accounts and other departments. 

Investing in Mining ERP software benefits the business owners through reforming operations and rising control of decisive processes.Everything will be controlled from the single software. For example, Inventory, Inward, outward, salary, labor expenses, transportation expenses, maintenance expenses and conveyance, business intelligence reporting, Compliance, and profit report will be provided by this ERP system. Hence, a mining business can be driven successfully.

CANIASERP exploits ROI for clients. Moreover, the industry established ERP software provides an expert support right through the mining lifecycle. From discovery to production, we get better key factors. 
Our ERP software for the mining industry assists different sectors of mining businesses such as junior mining, mining suppliers, JV companies, and producing mining companies.

ERP Web Application for multiple Mining areas
For the larger range of mining businesses, we recommend ERP Web Application which is the largest brand software with multiple modules like CRM, Material, HR & Payroll, Accounts, production, and many more. Here, many additional advantages can be obtained by mining companies such as business promotion, optimization, online reporting, intelligence reporting and profit reporting.
All over India and other countries, you can conduct your multiple mines throughout this single ERP Web Application. Hence, your multiple mines business can make you an MNC with this single web application. 

To reduce pressure on wealth and budgets, contact with CANIASERP and you will get the right solution. With the proper business intelligence report, you will be able to make a proper budget. Are you thinking the same?

Why should you choose us?
We have helped more than 500 mining clients. However, our post-sales support service has increased trust in our ERP system.

Strict mining warehouse
With the help of ERP software for the mining industry, you can gain complete control of the inventory through the firm. In this way, proper control over the warehouse and inventory could be implemented.

A successful internal audit could be carried out at any time with the help of a database of Mining ERP software. Also, this software server needs to be protected through high security software and web security apps to avoid any virus or hacking attacks. Otherwise, leakage of financial information, bank information, customer information, and much more information. In your opinion, high-level security should be added at the server of the office.

Regular database backup and Automation technology implementation
A regular database backup service can be minimized. Creation of full control on a defensive and analytical maintenance plan is possible. Moreover, it includes all labor types and job timings.

Mine owners can make provision for updated reporting and alert notification through mobile messages and emails. How it's possible? Throughout the implementation of automation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and others, you can obtain automated alert services.
Hence, project visibility can be increased for proper cost control and a decrease in risk of overall project.

Compliance and decide properly handling the
Achievement of authoritarian compliance through different technologies and rules & regulation and wide-ranging mine management could be possible through a single ERP system. Thus, the location of the mines in a tremendously remote location can generate various precise and up-to-date reports.
With comprehensive visibility across all locations, profits, stocks, schedules, transportation, and administration, non-mining business transactions, you can plan flawlessly, to fulfill the altering market demands. Moreover, excellent planning and business intelligence are helpful for business.

Do you have a mine or multiple mines? Have you adopted any software program? How long you're using it? Upgrade the same or buy a new ERP Web Application! It will be a multipurpose application! You'll get several benefits!


Optimizing processes in 10 steps: How to find the right ERP system


Success, development or expansion of a company can bring with it new requirements and structures. In such cases, the introduction of a new ERP system can support the company in meeting these new challenges. However, various factors must be taken into account to structure itself and optimize decision-making in order to choose the system that best matches its needs.

Digital Transformations is not an Option But Must


Reis Makine’s General Manager Basar Demircan, attended the ‘Compulsory and High Quality Transformation in Pandemi’ panel held by the Bilişim Summit for online platform, said, “We have a large data pool that allows us to process and analyze data and make decisions on the spot with the technology. These decisions that we make always takes us one step further. For this reason, we think that digital transformation is not an option but a must.”

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