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Latest ERP automation software with AI & ML – a multipurpose web application


ERP software has undergone a wide change in the last decade. By the mid of 2000, ERP solutions jumped out from the manufacturers to different sectors. Nowadays, ERP application is considered as the backbone of either domestic or international businesses which have computerized windows and web applications.

ERP software has undergone a wide change in the last decade. By the mid of 2000, ERP solutions jumped out from the manufacturers to different sectors. Nowadays, ERP application is considered as the backbone of either domestic or international businesses which have computerized windows and web applications. Some of these businesses are inventory, Courier & logistics, warehouse, trading, online shopping, manufacturing, etc. 
Multipurpose functionality

Every time, it’s designed to serve multipurpose like product based business or service based business or both. However, it’s always suggested to deal with a combined serving application for the longtime business plan. Mainly, Courier & logistics & warehouse businesses belong to the service category who use ERP automation software to get alarmed about in and out the date of stored goods.
If any space is free inside the warehouse, the ERP software will raise a regular alarm about it which helps you yield great revenue from warehouse storage service.
ERP automation software with great security

In an earlier age, ERP was utterly controlled and operated by a human being, which is now completely reduced with automation tactics. In this modern era, many tasks have been controlled with some functions like AI and ML functions. We can discuss one by one and first come to functions, which is automatically applied for payment follow-up or reminder as per mentioned due date in sales or service invoice. After the written credit period, the reminder function of the calendar will alarm both the business owner and client for payment settlement.

Where security is a great concern for any business, mainly, two types of securities are required for a trading business, saving goods from stealing by employees and saving ERP software from cyber security or hackers. If you are opting for an ERP web application, you will have both securities in one package.

ERP automation software for Wholesale trading business
We know how crucial it is for conducting a wholesale business sector to be retailer-oriented or consumer-oriented, which is probably only when it fetches together all its complex operations under a single roof. Wholesale trading businesses often face excess inventory costs and Tax penalties. But, implementation of ERP application has improved the purchase order booking models, timely delivery service delivery, payment settlement, and follow-up schedules. 

Right from purchase, distribution, packaging, marketing, sales, etc., data concerning all relevant departments and procedure must be obtainable on a central hub. This could be fulfilled by ERP automation software for wholesale trading.

Here’re some features of ERP software as follows:

Timely delivery accomplishment
Retailers or consumers feel irritation for not completion of delivery of ordered goods on time. With the use of the latest ERP Artificial Intelligence application, you will get alarmed every time; wholesale distributors could access the quick reports concerning the delivery schedule and pending orders. 

In order to stand ahead of the competition and restrain misuse, a wholesale company needs to continually seek out a valuable way to deliver goods to retailers including labor and transportation costs. Most significant method to make scheduling and enhancement is possible through an ERP system, which turns distributors into more receptive to demands of supplier and seller by reforming communications and quick change in delivery schedules.

Centralized reporting
More prominently, any data or report could be available to all responsible personnel across the company such as managers, senior executives, and supply chain partners who will take quick action on delivery action. Hence, ERP software plays the role of a big administration across the globe where numerous end users work through web-portal facility. Most probably, MNC’s take this opportunity to use a single ERP web application to operate wholesale business smoothly.

Reduces inventory cost
Since the wholesale trading business is extremely time-bound, numerous products especially unpreserved ones should be conserved and stored accordingly, otherwise, they may become useless. Similarly, some products having expiry date needs to be shorted out for instant delivery and this work can be accomplished certainly by Artificial Intelligence function. Also, a barcode scanner is used to read the number code which prevents typing mistakes by end users. Probably, ERP Machine learning keeps security tight with the fingerprint of the manager who operates the ERP for input and output entries. So, making fraud is strictly prohibited.

Tax penalty saving
This is an excellent opportunity for wholesale trading companies that are using any ERP software could upgrade their existing application with new one possessing tax compliance. Concerning to GST, and other taxes, the new ERP web application would be much effective and by every day or weekend or month-end, there would alarm of tax payable amount or tax receivable amount, so that decision of purchase and sale could be made on the proper time. Hence, there will be no chance of tax penalty for the reason of delay in tax payment.

Payment settlement
The latest ERP automation software with receivable automation characteristics can make this process faster and flawlessly. This task is also the main part of the financial management of a company who needs accurate report on debtors and creditors.

More shared Solutions
The wholesale industry always has numerous inputs from a variety of products and outputs. Incorporating an ERP solution will surely enable even run of products between manufacturers, Wholesale distributors (warehouses as per need) and retailers so that everybody in the supply chain will meet the demands of a consumer on time. For a long term plan, you need to incorporate high-level web security plug-in, AI, ML, and top quality database, so that you don’t have to spend amount for frequent maintenance.

In sum, upgrading the existing ERP into new ERP Automation software or ERP Web application could be a good idea to increase ROI and business area by increasing numbers of resellers or retailers. They will reach you by sitting at home and book your products online through door delivery service terms and conditions. If you have need of such latest ERP software, just get in touch us for your requirement, we will make it affordable for you. You will have customized ERP software within limited budget.


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