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Lower the burden of Admission work in college and university with advanced Block chain CRM Web application!


CRM software is an incredibly commanding tool which, if accurately leveraged, can render precious insights about your students, and let` you build up stronger and more delicate relationships not just with forthcoming and existing students but also with the former students. We at CANIASERP have incorporated various features of CRM

CRM software is an incredibly commanding tool which, if accurately leveraged, can render precious insights about your students, and let` you build up stronger and more delicate relationships not just with forthcoming and existing students but also with the former students. We at CANIASERP have incorporated various features of CRM for Higher Education organization for your better acceptance, which carry to the lead of your competitors.

Many higher education organizations like College and University are currently buying CRM software to exert a pull on the new students, preserve and serve them which is the main reason for the growth of an organization. Consider students as consumers throughout this CRM system to improve the yielding capacity and reputation of the institute, school, college or university. Hence, the respective organization will gain an edge in the extremely viable higher education field. Astoundingly, many Education Institutions still aren’t interested to incorporate CRM Web application because they lack suitable knowledge about such valuable systems.

Benefits gained from advanced CRM software for higher education
Following benefits could be gained from the latest CRM automation application

Control Admissions
Control the entire student admissions lifecycle from one single CRM system including the course and education program, the student is admitted in the institute, the full details of student’s batch & roll no, institutional documents and all other responsibilities that are necessary for finishing the admission procedure. You can have a full batch of students in your institute because of the implementation of blockchain and AI web technologies with SEO promotion strategies. Modernize your admissions procedures by sorting and registering the best candidates, engaging them more successfully and improving enrollment results.

Knob online Inquiries
Sometimes students may make inquiry or guardians may make an inquiry on behalf of students, so treatment will be accordingly from the customer care department. Endeavor high-quality customer support service by conducting follow-ups for each query. With this CRM system, the executives will be able to keep a proper record of every conversation with the students throughout the counseling procedure.

These stored records help the counseling executives in future to follow-up students and proceeding towards the positive conclusion of a deal.

Track potential Leads
Nowadays, most of the students depend upon SmartPhone and digital media sources to collect information about their favorite universities. CRM Web Application comes with incorporated latest tracking tools that allow you to track leads through different promotional programs like sending an email, and invitations for both online and offline events and assesses their viability. Sometimes, many institutes send invitations through printed letters.

This CRM automation application enables the educational organizations or institutions to track the website which the students use to find their preferable institution and here, the institutions can post promotional content to redirect the visiting students. Hence, the institutions can make smarter marketing financial planning and budget allocating assets to the most successful online marketing campaigns. Sometimes, offline events are helpful to gather more students with face-to-face interaction.

Automatic Follow-up emails
You need to continue the follow-up and improve the communication procedure between your academic or educational institute and the student with creative ideas. Otherwise, there is no use of CRM software. But, you can set automatic mail firing and follow-up emails for the students who have made inquiries. This is only possible through Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

In a bigger university or college, this automatic follow-up mail is much valuable to reduce the work burden of the administration or counselors.  They don’t have to send an individual invitation letter to any particular students regarding an inquiry or any promotional events.

Improving Teacher Efficiency
Reduce manual work burden, and help increase steadiness and effectiveness for the teacher documentation and other career-relevant procedures. Hence, teachers could concentrate more on the improvement of teaching quality and higher level education. Reorganize all tasks through CRM so that you can allocate resources to discover and placing the best-talented teachers.

Best talented teachers are current powerful assets of college or university whose higher quality teaching makes a great reference among students across the nation as well as Globe. For instance, Harvard University, California University, Cambridge University, Mumbai University, and Delhi University, etc.

Control on Fee Collection
For a smooth running of the institution along with the salary of teachers, staffs, and maintenance expenses, all educational institutes need an effective fee management system. Through the implementation of automation technologies with ERP software, fee payment procedure could be well controlled to avoid inconsistency and human mistakes for stress-free operation. For example, if a student has not paid fees on time within due date, an automatic reminder will be sent by SMS as well as registered email id.

Hence, there’ll be an automatic follow-up going on, from the administration which will help in the collection of pending fees. Also, absent students will have a convenient communication from the institutions unlike the holiday notice, events & function notice and many more.

Relationship with Alumni and Student Life Cycle Management
Alumni can help students well identify their career objectives and can suggest the right subjects as per their experience with the respective institution. These alumni provide valuable networking contacts to help in the conversion from graduation to the job. Sometimes, rich and successful alumni aid in improving the level of funds which could be used in the development of your organization. CRM Web Application provides you with the components that your organization needs to control personal link and networks within the alumni group. You can have valuable insights about your contributors or donors with Automation promotion and long-term relationships.

Once a student joined up then comes the preservation phase, this CRM Web Application helps observe the progress of the student. 

Intelligence Reports
From the CRM Education Software, you can obtain several reports about the teachers, students, and the staff and maintenance expenses. It’s the focal point of the CRM for higher education application for providing a perfect and adequate report on collected fees, expenses, attendance of students and teachers and many more things. 

Do you have such a CRM system in your organization? If not, just adopt our Blockchain CRM Application for your institute or organization. A definite growth of popularity, as well as growth, will be obtained.


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