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Mobile ERP -Understand the Advantages of Mobile ERP today


An unorganized business makes for messy management. To get ahead and make the most of the opportunities, organization is what the business needs. ERP can help you ensure that your business is organized and functions smoothly in the long-term. An enterprise resource planner caters to all the divisions separately while assimilating their roles on one computer.

Mobile ERP -Understand the Advantages of Mobile ERP today

An unorganized business makes for messy management. To get ahead and make the most of the opportunities, organization is what the business needs. ERP can help you ensure that your business is organized and functions smoothly in the long-term. An enterprise resource planner caters to all the divisions separately while assimilating their roles on one computer. This way, each department can access all the information whenever required. Moreover, it helps you make smart decisions and work efficiently.

With every service going mobile, where mobile apps rule the roost, how can the ERP stay behind? Irrespective of the size of your business or the industry there is a solution for everyone. Whether you require a basic solution or a complex one, the ERP software can be custom-made for your organization. If you need to access your ERP anytime anywhere, consider having a mobile ERP software; it lets you access the system using your mobile devices.

Mobile ERP offers a few features like immediate access to the work center and its production, enhanced workflow and faster approvals, more attention paid to customers, prospect requirements and surveys, fact-based decisions, greater operational output, value-added communiqué and synchronization and access to enterprise and business intelligence anytime. 

Still not sure if Mobile ERP is for you? Here are a few advantages to know about Mobile ERP

Increase Your Output: With information on hand using mobile ERP, taking fact-based decisions becomes easier, which may not be the case before ERP implementation. Faster decisions lead to faster executions, which in turn, means a more industrious workforce. A few ERP versions allow users to access business-related info without an Internet connection; the system updates once a connection is established. Productivity increases as employees no longer must wait on data to complete their jobs. The production and execution timelines benefit, cutting down TAT helping faster completion of projects. 

Improved Data Accuracy: Business efficacy contains not just output but correctness too. To help personnel be more active at their jobs, they need precise, up-to-the-minute information. Not having the information or having incorrect information can lead to wrong decisions —ordering for too much inventory, not meeting set timelines, inefficient use of resources, delayed project completions etc. Every department in the organisation is dependent on one or more departments to finish their jobs efficiently, while manual data entry can be inefficient and susceptible to human errors. Getting a mobile ERP solution to mix these functions would mean giving your employees the right tools they require to accomplish their duties.

Better Customer Engagement: If you want to offer the best customer service to your customer, then having all the information is a must. Bad customer service would mean losing customers steadily creating an impression you don’t want. To avoid such a situation let your service team have access to pertinent information they need to serve your customers better. With mobile ERP the customer service representative can access information easily and be able to answer any questions about the organization and its procedures, as well as access the customer’s account. Providing customers with up-to-date and correct information will result in better reviews and an increase in goodwill.

Instant Access to Inventory: Haven’t there been instances when you have accepted an order; then realised you are falling short or you don’t have the product in stock needed to fulfil the order. This is the case most often for organisations that manufacture or distribute products. Having information on their stocks instantly can help to lower instances of over manufacturing or ordering too many raw materials that can add to your business cash requirements. So, whether you want to maintain just enough inventory, re-stock, or check to see if you have enough to fulfil a large order, your mobile ERP presents your business info instantly. 

Create Systematized Communication
Almost all sections of the organization must communicate with other departments, even when they have their own duties. Considering the quick-pace of most establishments, scheduled weekly or monthly meetings are the only time where employees or whole departments can share information with each other. With the new ERP system, employees can look up all the information they require without disturbing their routines. However, Mobile ERP adds to the benefits where communication is possible anytime irrespective of where the employees are or which department they belong to. 

Make Your Business More Viable
As ERP systems help you augment productivity, give your customer service representatives the info they need to serve customers while encouraging smart business decisions that help the company become more competitive in the industry. Employing mobile ERP goes even further as it lets you eliminate the limitations of a single computer-based system that may prevent from optimum productivity to grow to become one of the best in the industry. Using an enterprise resource planner is vital for the company’s success, but if you want to reorganize the organization some more, mobile ERP is a better option. 

Getting a Mobile ERP may be one of the best decisions you take for the success of your business. However, if you find you still have a few questions unanswered, connect with us at 1800 1200 427 or mail at



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Following the official directives to self-quarantine and to work remotely from home, our IAS Business Academy trainings will continue as scheduled from our online platform. We offer this special training to all our IAS partners, customers, employees and anyone else with an interest in learning more about ERP, technology, software, and digitalization. We highly recommend these trainings to take advantage of the opportunity while working from your home.

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