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Optimize your Packaging business with latest Automated Business Intelligence software!


In the Packaging Industry, the managers and employees bear upon the accountability and service of packing and ensure the product’s safety and security until it arrives at its end user. Implementation of an ERP Business Intelligence Software could resolve all the accountability relevant issues. Furthermore, the employees need to carry out their work carefully

In the Packaging Industry, the managers and employees of the products and services of the industry. Implementation of an ERP Business Intelligence Software Furthermore, the employees need to carry out their work carefully. The packaging industry also deals with the difficulty of satisfying the products.

From the eco-friendly packaging industry, the packaging industry provides security, expediency, guard, and marketing to the world. But with these innovations comes an exclusive set of industrialized necessities, such as the need for detailed lot traceability, accurate part labeling, and production flexibility. ERP software that meets your needs.

CANIAS ERP is a responsive and well-groomed business management tool, which includes a cloud-based ERP framework, rendering a sudden connection to any user at any time for 24x7 hours. Hence, a faster connection between all users. We, as an ERP vendor, ensure that your firm does not drop the customer to the aggressive competition, and finally, as soon as you get your business environment cleared by this certain business organization system.

Significant feature of the ERP Business Intelligence software
• Product Inward and outward:
• Safe and Reliable dispensation with compliance control:
• Smart Controller Warehousing: 
• Profit-motivated packaging
• Business intelligence reporting
• Implementation of the latest technology

Let's have a detailed description of the above

Product Inward and outward:
Purchase of raw materials for packaging task and manage all your products through ERP BI software and their packaging necessities proficiently, furthermor to, design and label the products flawlessly, meeting the needs of the market.

ERP software helps keep perfect records of inward unpacked goods and outward packed goods. The bills will be raised to the client. Mostly, the manufacturing companies are the regular clients of the packing companies. Sometimes, the distributors who purchase unpacked products from the manufacturing companies and sell their products.

Safe and Reliable dispensation with compliance control:
For packing purpose, the products come in various shape and sizes, as well as have different properties. Plan and carry out the packaging procedure for meeting their safety requirements. The packaging material must not be destructive for nature, nor for the goods. It means that the packing materials should be strong and eco-friendly. Hence, the ERP BI software.

Make sure the MFG date, Expiry date, and MRP are printed properly on the packets. Mostly the packaging of the products.

Smart Warehousing Control: 
The packaging industry has a face-to-face confrontation of a generous amount of inventory, caring for their batches, and packaging details, etc. However, CANIAS ERP Business Intelligence software can put control over warehouse management. From the BI report, the details of the packaged product can be counted. The products will be counted during both inward and outward movements.

With the implementation of ERP for Packing Industry software, the warehouse calculation will be perfect and the client's trust will be more than the before. As and when the client's confidence will be raised, several repeat orders can be expected from the potential clients.

Profit motive packaging
BI software can improve your production rate, rationalize your procedures while it lowers extreme expenses, minimize wastage, maximize profit and Save time easily. Often, innovating, the packaging industry is improving the products, the containers, the bottles, and the packs to protect the products.

In the printing & packaging industry, all actions are very fast. Faster delivery of packed goods and preparation of invoices and quotations. Also, the ability to estimate the exact cost and pricing information based on multiple units and quantities is vital. Only a powerful ERP for Packing Industry which can fulfill all the above needs.

If you have printing and packing industry, the preparation and costing systems deal with the setup and run times, operations and customer approval procedure. The ERP Business intelligence software also enables you to control your design department, presses, labor, sheet stock, dyes, and inks, efficiently.

Implementation of the latest technology
Cloud ERP framework enhances the smooth running of the packaging industry. AI, ML, and Block-chain along with the Cloud platform. Throughout this software, you can manage multiple sections of business, payment, resources, and employees. 

Business intelligence reporting
Business intelligence reporting can be added to a future plan and budget control. Keeping many things in mind, ERP Business Intelligence software is designed and developed. It is expertly handles a lot and sequential traceability, classification, pack outs, control of external and internal documentation. 

You can view external & internal documents, and email, from protected document libraries. When you are storing goods in pounds, and in the procurement of boxes, it's very much critical to handle the changing units according to the cost. But, don't worry about it at all, as Business Intelligence software will handle these tasks easily through automatic programming tools. 

Still, your packaging industry is underdeveloped? For a long time, you have been struggling with old ERP software? Just get in touch with us for any kind of requirement. We are confident that our advanced Business Intelligence software sorts out your all issues.


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