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Payroll Software Canias has brought automation technology added salary system for industries!


Payroll ERP software is a perfect ERP solution which meets your necessities and simplifies the payroll processing for your business. Adopt Payroll Software CANIAS to smoothen your salary system undoubtedly and save time and manpower.

Payroll ERP software is a perfect ERP solution which meets your necessities and simplifies the payroll processing for your business. Adopt Payroll Software CANIAS to smoothen your salary system undoubtedly and save time and manpower.

A manual payroll work is much slower than an automated calculation procedure. Automated payroll software enables the employer to process salary through an automated computerized system. The most understandable benefit of payroll software is that HR executives can accomplish payroll calculations successfully at a faster rate than they perform manually. 

However, depending upon the size of a company, the payroll process goes through a number of complications like constitutional compliance, imprecise payroll, and tax calculation, etc. Payroll work often comes with monotonous HR and admin tasks like leave calculation, PF deduction, Insurance deduction, and attendance/work time calculation, etc.

Who needs HR Payroll web or Mobile application?
Mostly, the MNCs have multiple branches across the country or globe, thus they need HR Payroll web application for a widespread control over the employees working in various locations. Every day at the end of the day, the HR executives trace out by summary of working hours and attendance by location wise which helps the business owner to accumulate productivity, outcome, and profit as well. As per the interest of the business owner, we also develop Mobile HR Payroll App for our clients.

Significance of Automation Payroll ERP Software
It automates your entire payroll processes with Artificial Intelligence, IoT, BlockChain and machine learning technologies. Also, an advanced payroll system can assist you well to carry out all your computation with improved speed, competence, and self-assurance.

Types of payroll software
Basically, two types of Payroll software are available in the industries

Desktop Payroll software
Cloud Payroll Software

Desktop Payroll software
It is installed on your desktop as offline software. You can access it on one computer or within the local home network and the data will be stored in your local device. Internet connection is required only when you get the software updated or submitting your monthly tax returns or statutory returns.

Cloud Payroll Software 
This software is stored in the cloud web server. You have to log in with the user id and password in the web browsers like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It’s accessible from anywhere across the globe for 24x7 hours.

Benefits of Payroll Software Canias
Payroll ERP software developed by CANIAS is truly an incredible software with several features which empower the growth of the company and increase ROI.

1. 360-degree view and Time-saving effort
360-degree view featured cloud-based payroll ERP CRM software is such a completed valuable package that aims at all the necessities of the entire company. CANIAS payroll ERP software comes with stout HRM modules to strengthen HR of your company. Also, now these days through HR chatbot application, employees can get clarified many queries automatically without the help of HR executives.

Due to use of Chatbot service and simplified settings in Cloud payroll Software, your any requirement could be fulfilled certainly and hence the valuable time of HR personnel and you will be saved.

2. Save manpower and fewer maintenance expenses
Payroll software is cost effective as you can add employees, generate numbers of payslips, and file your statutory returns and many more things through the simplified software. It is also a cost-efficient option which does not require any professional maintenance service.

Since, everything will get accomplished with few clicks, no need to employ huge manpower for the payroll system. Hence, here manpower will be saved with the latest automated payroll software.

3. Generate Payslip easily and user-friendly
Payroll software allows you to generate payslips quickly and easily for your employees so that no pending task will remain on your desk. Also, it offers various templates which can be modified according to your need.

Payroll software is very easy in which you won’t have to maintain data in multiple files. With payroll software, you can have data which is in-sync with attendance, leave management, reimbursement or bonus, deduction, TDS, etc so that, the entire process is much easier.

4. 100% Data Security
The security of your data is very significant and mostly your payroll data is very responsive. Hence, employees’ data security is the main advantage of Cloud payroll software which is accompanied by the latest security software components. With a good payroll system, you can ensure that the information is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone outside the organization.

Keeping large volumes of data on the payroll can be critical and hence, a company cannot store numerous documents manually. However, while using payroll ERP CRM software, it is suitable to save the records to different databases available online. If your local computer or system is damaged, you should always keep a backup file to recover all your recordings.

5. Reduce errors with automation Payroll ERP Software
Precision is mandatory to pay employees the accurate money they have yielded. To avoid the error and complexity of manual calculation of the salary and automate the payroll process, you can use the latest automation Payroll ERP Software. With this software, calculate the withholding tax for all employees based upon data available in the database. 

This lowers the probability of errors in the payroll tax amount, which can direct to charges from the income tax and corporate tax. Your accounts department can generate reports and financial documents with no trouble.

Hence, the efficiency of the HR and Payroll department will be increased with faster and exact tax calculation method. By implementing the automation technology, time will be saved and productivity will be optimized.

6. Straightforward Forecasting
A Payroll system allows you to view and control instantly all payroll expenses. This helps you make chart on the financial data to help you form an estimate. If you have a proposal of your business presentation, it will be much easier to select when you need to hire new employees for the company. 

This HR payroll software can render much more than the capacity to work out legal deductions such as tax and insurance and maintain increasing totals. With this software, Time Tracking function is incorporated to record attendance or working time of the employee. Hence, automation web ERP application gathers the information on total hours worked, either automatically.


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