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Reduce manpower, training and maintenance expenses with Integrated All-in-One ERP and CRM solution


Mobile companies now these days are having both manufacturing unit and customer care department to fulfill post-sales support service. Here, combined software of ERP and CRM has a great demand to serve these types of industries. Although two separate enterprise management software, CRM and ERP solutions perform excellently when in integration.

Mobile companies now these days are having both manufacturing unit and customer care department to fulfill post-sales support service. Here, combined software of ERP and CRM has a great demand to serve these types of industries. Although two separate enterprise management software, CRM and ERP solutions perform excellently when in integration. Even both the systems perform excellently on their own companies can allow running free after a strong ERP and CRM integration.

Handling complex data and operations
Nowadays, with all complex business data being created at pervert speed, owners and operation managers are tackling with more and more complex business operations than past. Hence, combined ERP and CRM software help obtain a valuable summary with maximum columns like no. of customers, product name, area name, and period, etc. Auspiciously, various small and medium scale businesses are admitting the worth of incorporating ERP and CRM web application into one integrated solution to automate and perk up business operations as well as the outcome.
But remember that the developers for these kinds of integrated packages must be highly experienced to set appropriate coding, functions, stored procedures, triggers, AI and ML to convert it into a complete web application. As per need, we provide both windows and web application which enables the business to share data for both platforms.

Any business can have Combined ERP and CRM
To give you inspiration, ERP software automates and modernize administrative processes such as HR, administration, accounting, purchase, inventory, etc., whereas CRM software simplifies sales pipeline control, record customer details, record customer conversation, sales date,  etc. By incorporating these business solutions together, you can assume the profit like lower pricing, lower maintenance, and lesser manpower investment, etc.
Not only Mobile manufacturing company, and also all manufacturing company who have own customer care department can buy this integrated software to conduct in-house customer care. No need to hire call center service for the purpose of customer care which saves huge money.

Saving training and maintenance expenses
With perfectly combined ERP and CRM software, conducting separate training for end-users is not required at all. All end-users need to attend a single training session and can use double single user-id and login authentication to work with both the software. As companies spend huge money for newly joined employees, so a huge amount could be saved by conducting a single training session.
Instead of two separate systems, one system could be used for server purpose through which the database could be maintained properly. Hence, no more manpower is required for support and maintenance purpose. Here, money saving opportunity of business is clearly visible which is also countable as all IT consultancy and infrastructure expenses are costly enough.

Prevents duplicate data and boost productivity
However, CRM and ERP software possess some specific triggers to restrict duplicate entries into the system which truly keeps the uniqueness of database. Probably, CRM focuses on sales, customer support, tracking, and prospects, whereas ERP focuses on shipping, billing, purchase, payment, and receipt, etc.  For instance, a customer name couldn’t be duplicated during tracking as well as making an invoice which is a strong point of integration of both ERP and CRM software. Hence, duplication entries could be restricted easily by this integrated package.
Mostly the integration of ERP and CRM boosts the productivity of the Sales team because of the various reporting facilities, through which they can use for planning their sales target and area. With delicately integrated and single software, sales personnel easily and quickly access order details, purchase, inventory control, and invoice details even when at the outstation. 

Data interaction from any location at any time
Throughout the ERP and CRM web application, they can access the required data as well as a report from anywhere. Easily reachable through any small or bigger Smartphone or laptop from any outstation location, an incorporated solution offers unsurpassed mobility to its all end-users. This facility is truly a windfall to salespersons that are outstation for most of the time. They can retrieve and update information into the system even when on the way.

Easily upgradable
Unlike other software applications, the incorporated CRM and ERP package could be easily upgraded with some few steps. Not a big issue. When you possess completely combined CRM and ERP solution, all people in your business will be able to work together on a single system. Everybody can have streamlined data instantly without redundancies. 
Prominently, managers and business directors handle complex business data as and when required. Hence, ERP and CRM integration improves productivity and sales on a parallel track.

Lower query resolving TAT
A well-integrated ERP and CRM system facilitates employees to have a crystal-clear view of customer interactions and past history of all transactions. This assists in lowering the query resolving timeline, and increases customer satisfaction. For instance, in the ERP and CRM integration software, if a prospect enquires about inventory information regarding some particular products, he/she can instantly provide information about inventory from the ERP module. Hence, smart information could be obtained at any time by a single person.

Increasing ROI
With a reduction of all additional expenses, there would be great ROI within a short period from the launch date of ERP and CRM together. Similarly, marketing personnel will come up with significant strategies for the purpose of quick data retrieval and it saves time ultimately. Merely locate, precise targeting for marketing campaigns would revolve easy, hurried and effective.

In sum, Buying a combined ERP and CRM software is a money-saving and time-saving opportunity, which most of the business owners would like to have to scale their business up to a great level what they dream for. Ultimately, their business earning capacity will be increased at a faster rate which creates a successful environment. Please note, it can help only in data retrieval and support service, but the talent and skill of sales reps are also mandatory for sales development. Do you have any more queries? Don’t hesitate to ask us. Get in touch with us for your any kind of upgradation of the existing system or buying a new combo system.


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