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Responsive ERP web application hikes SERP traffic as well as online sales!


Responsive ERP is self-explanatory itself which can answer well for any types of queries related to sale, purchase, inventory, payment, and receipt. It’s the base construction of any company which gathers, stores, handles and decodes the data from different users as well as departments

Nowadays, most of the companies have adopted ERP systems while some of them upgrade their simple ERP web application to Responsive form and still many companies haven’t explored the potential of this advanced ERP software.
Responsive ERP web application technically helps a company obtain traffic on the web by getting crawled by the search engine crawler. In this way, your entire inventory and accounts task will get accomplished and new customers will be visiting your website through SERP. Hence, we can state the Responsive ERP application as a multipurpose web application.

ERP is like a SPOC for all your inter-department interactions and operations with which all the departments are leveraged to access information through a single system. Ultimately, this helps in the elimination of excess manpower and saving of huge money from employing much personnel unnecessarily. With this single ERP package, all departments can be integrated well to find a complete report. 
Such departments are HR & admin, accounting, finance, inventory, purchase, sales, and marketing, etc and all activities and information details will be found in one place. Mostly, ERP is being used for Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Import & Export companies, Warehouses, Wholesale supply chain, Cargo & Logistics services, and many more businesses.

Benefits of Mobile ERP
Nowadays, both mobility and technology work together to obtain a great outcome as consumers are always looking for easier and comfortable options when buying, reviewing or portentous any online product/ service. Every end-user would prefer to have accomplished online buying activity on single click. Referral era comes with many innovative thoughts which have opened the most beneficial ways to inspire users for successful and satisfactory transactions.

A mobile ERP app can be accessed and controlled from any location across nation and globe which is a broad opportunity for the users and businesses to get its maximum use. For this reason, every employee of a company possesses a SmartPhone to participate actively in a company’s operation and growth. Just keep the key to your inventory with you always. Anytime, book goods for your clients, check inventory status for any specific products or all products and make a production budget accordingly.

Ease of Access
Throughout mobile app or web application, various dynamic websites, e-commerce businesses, and gaming zones can yield great amount up to the level of satisfaction. Starting from small businesses to corporate companies, almost everyone is opting for mobile apps to win the race of sales competition. Bearing in mind ERP as one of the significant helpful support systems for any business either inventory or accounts or both, in this SmartPhone ERA, it’s recommended to upgrade it into responsive version as well as get designed its mobile version for a hike of ROI and smoothening operations and reducing wastage of time and manpower. With this in mind, automation technology like Artificial Intelligence has been implemented to obtain an automatic emailing, reminder and many more triggers. Hence the production department never faces short of stock before going for a manufacturing task.

Caniaserp makes it the most adored and demanded ERP web application at present due to its unblemished mobility features. 

Excellent Features of Responsive web/mobile ERP apps
Global Business control can be obtained from a single application with tight security features. You don’t have to spend money for several IT personnel as our IT help desk can control your maintenance and support services through online tools and sources. Hence, Z-level data security can be maintained by ethical hacking experts.
Unlimited expansion of business is the main motto of each and every business owners. Hence, opening business branches or counters across a nation or globe is possible with this single ERP app. Moreover, you don’t have to stay at your workstation for the entire day; especially sales reps can roam across country and book goods on behalf of clients from outstation only.

All information will be perceptible to the authorized login users through which they can work from anywhere without breaching the security guards. Mobile ERP web application becomes the significant grounds of growth of ROI and it should be properly and securely used and controlled by the professionals and business personnel in a trustworthy manner.

How Mobile ERP software becomes popular?
Businesses solely depend upon money rolling and that can be obtained through a powerful workforce committed to creating opportunities ahead of time. But, the question is raised here, how it’s possible? Incorporating Mobile ERP software would be the right answer when your personnel is much tired in working with a spread sheet and manual documentation. Everything is based upon written docs to process a purchase or sales order and if you need to check the status of any inventory, it will be definitely a tiresome and time-wasting act. Obviously, reporting is a much tedious work which may not be 100% correct due to any miscalculation.

But, Mobile ERP software has fixed up the calculation formula with the given parameter by the end-users who need a report. Thus, this makes a great difference between manual reports and ERP reports. Also, some new customized report can be designed with the help of SQL queries by the data scientists.

Difference between ERP Web app and ERP Mobile App
Mainly, security is the significant factor which is greatly supported by Mobile ERP app since the ERP web app can be hacked by the illegal hackers. Mobile ERP is much valuable as sticking to your computers is impossible during a tiresome task. Especially, the business owners, sales managers, and reps may wish to meet different prospects and to adapt them to potential customers. Here, these people can show the inventory report to new customers to make them impressed.

Which one do you need? Or do you need both apps? We always recommend our customers to have both apps for long term utility purpose. Ask us if you have any more doubt.


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