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Uplift your Health care business intelligently with big Data and Business Intelligence ERP Software!


In the past few decades, Big Data and data analytics were mostly used for reporting purpose. As modern businesses are becoming more data-driven, they adopt BI software to extract a full proof valuable report from the collected data. Varieties of businesses use Business Intelligence software to improve their processes. Currently, how many patients are coming on average as there’s much healthcare opened in the urban area.

If your healthcare hasn’t yet implemented BI software, or your current system is not performing up to your expectation, it’s time to initiate looking for a suitable solution. We at CANIASERP render the best Business Intelligence web application for healthcare organizations to help you grow.

Let’s consider the healthcare organization for the use of BI software. Following features of BI software will be available.
•    Profitable Financial Operations
•    Improvement in Performance
•    EHR Performance report
•    Fruitful medical service with instant reporting
•    Ad-Hoc Analysis
•    Tackling Challenges with Automation BI Software
•    Mobile Business Intelligence application

Profitable Financial Operations
The main purpose of Business Intelligence software implementation is to control financial operations in the profitable way. Similarly, likewise, healthcare and other organizations are persistently looking for ways to reduce costs. In the USA, it’s obtained from a survey conducted by McKinsey Global Institute that the Healthcare who applies Big Data and business intelligence software could save between $200 and $500 billion per annum.

The healthcare industry implements business intelligence software to save money in many of the same ways that other industries do. For illustration, the healthcare uses BI application to gain insight into patient satisfaction and make financial decisions based on their findings. Healthcare BI software can make out financial reports, and offer insight into those reports that help in decision making. But, the planning should be conducted with proper analysis.

One of the major revelations obtainable through the healthcare BI software report is determining which services are the most cost-effective and, more notably, which are not profitable. Hence, this report helps healthcare organization in finding the real status of revenue income, expenses and stocks. Many organizations either healthcare or others observed that some of their most beneficial services are the ones that they considered for granted or didn’t promote very seriously.  After obtaining this summary, a healthcare organization can make essential updates to achieve as much out of those services as probable. Healthcare Software can also disclose the most lucrative times of the week, month and year, so they can plan accordingly in order to improve your profits.

Improvement in Performance
Increasing managerial quality ensures all processes run effortlessly which also helps in the improvement of productivity of employees and services. More crucially improving the quality of performance leads to enhance patient outcomes without fail. From a recent study conducted by the Institute of Medicine, it’s found that patient safety issues are far more likely to be created by a bad device than by bad staffs.

Hence, the question is how does Business Intelligence software help progress your system? For one, it ensures that the health organization has well-staffed and then only the issues with devices could be easily sorted out. Engaged times are cost-effective, but can over-duty doctors and nurses be cost-effective? BI software can expose the times when the existing staffs are busiest so the management can appoint extra staff to handle the extended patient volume. This is only possible by comparing the past report of patient volumes and staffs with the current report of patient volumes and staffs.

EHR Performance report
The objective of any healthcare is to amplify the health of their patient with high-quality treatment in a profitable manner. All doctors and nurses can show the detail that even the most essential treatments aren’t forever one-fits-all. Consequently, personalized treatment needs to be served for goodwill and reputation purpose. On the other hand, without the use of a Business Intelligence solution, it’s critical to do at scale.

After an EHR carries out the data compilation of all of your patient’s healthcare histories, business intelligence software for healthcare can work on those collected information to execute analysis on data such as hereditary markers. This detailed analysis permits physicians to be more practical in disease anticipation, as well as decrease the clashes of diseases on their patients. Hence, with the use of this software helps improve the reputation of healthcare.

Fruitful medical service with instant reporting
This is the most perceptible sign contributing to a fruitless medical service. If your staffs are wasting excess times regularly on reporting of patient lists, discharge list, and administration work, your employees are absolutely not getting sufficient time to concentrate on the most vital aspect of patient treatment analysis and service.

In past many healthcare were using CRM software to handle patient treatment and expenses details, but, chances of improvement in medical service is very low as there are numerous healthcare are opening in urban areas. Since hospital management always expects profit from the treatment and service management, BI Software helps a lot in this regard.  

Ad-Hoc Analysis
The complicated process for healthcare particularly is handling incoming patients successfully. BI application helps you handle the cases that cannot be ranked easily.
The best business intelligence software can act upon ad-hoc analysis to gather input data about an incoming patient. For illustration: From which disease the patient is suffering from and for how long days and this procedure definitely satisfies the patients with instant action by the administration. The patients don’t have to wait for serial number anymore in the reception area.

Tackling Challenges with Automation BI Software
The advantages of using Automation BI Software for healthcare can tackle any challenges that are faced by these organizations. The biggest confrontation meeting by healthcare lies in the management of formless data. Since formless data can lead to imprecise analysis, BI Application helps in the inclusion of all this information before summarizing a complete report.

Some formless data are images coming from radiology, X-ray and Ultra Scanning.  Sometimes, these data are valuable for calculation of profit and history of patients, etc.  Similarly, the service quality of nurses, attendants, and Doctors, could be realized from the list of recovered or cured patients.

Mobile Business Intelligence application
As everything is now available online, like client takes appointments online through the website , all blood test reports, treatment and prescriptions are available online, Mobile application of Business Intelligence software helps clients get the past report for a comparison purpose with the current status. You can have either Mobile-friendly web application or mobile application for a better client and medical management.
Which kind of Business Intelligence Software do you need, let’s know?


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