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Balanced Scorecard Management - BSC

Balanced Scorecard Management (BSC) with caniasERP

With the Balanced Scorecard Management (BSC) module, the vision and strategy of a company can be transformed into a set of consistent performance measurements and presented to managers by creating a comprehensive framework. 

Besides being a performance measurement system, Balanced Scorecard Management is also used as a management system for a strategic approach. This management system consists of four main perspectives:  "Financial Perspective”, “Customer Perspective", "Internal Process Perspective" and "Employee Perspective." New alternatives can be defined in the module in addition to these perspectives.

Strategic goals are defined in the Balanced Scorecard Management module and targets are set based on these objectives. These objectives are converted to measurable performance indicators. Thus, performance indicators are used to implement strategies while showing the current state of the companies. These strategic goals are gathered under scorecards. It is also defined which coefficient is effective in determining the value of the report. Separate scale and operating period can be specified for each target. Results are automatically calculated by the system.

When the defined scorecards are run at the specified times, the results are shown both in the report and in the tree structure defined in the diagram.

Balanced Scorecard Management module is integrated with all the modules in the caniasERP system, therefore, all system data can be used in the scorecard calculations.


•    Configurable module parameters
•    Identifying new perspectives
•    Flexible scale design
•    Practical scale multiplexing
•    Using data from each module in the system


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