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Business Intelligence - IQ

Business Intelligence (IQ) with caniasERP

The caniasERP Online Analytic Processing and Business Intelligence (IQ) module ensures that data necessary for decisions to be taken company-wide are accessed, are quickly analyzed, evaluated multidimensionally and prepared visually.

Business Intelligence (IQ) module provides the required data for the strategic decisions to be taken throughout the company, making the analyzes as fast as possible, evaluating the data in a multidimensional way and preparing it visually. In this process, it aims to minimize user intervention and to make reporting as automatically as possible. Developed in cooperation with Qlik, one of the world's leading business intelligence firms, the Business Intelligence module provides an integrated business intelligence system for all its users in caniasERP.

Business Intelligence module is a homogeneous structure that is fully integrated into the system. Without the need for a third-party ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tool, ERP data is passed through the ETL process and transferred to the OLAP tables in the Data Warehouse Management module. Thus, data can be analyzed in a centralized manner and collected independently from the resources. As a result, decisions that are critical to enterprises can be given smartly and effectively.

The module formats the company's critical data in a standardized and structured way and provides the users with multi-dimensional capabilities for efficient analytical inquiry. Thanks to the OLAP tables created using the Data Warehouse Management module, data can be viewed multidimensionally in horizontal and vertical axes in the Business Intelligence module. A multidimensional view at data gives flexibility to prepared reports and provides unlimited cross-reporting.

The module also provides the opportunity to view large volume data of commercial activities of companies from multidimensional horizontal and vertical axes. Visualization tools like Dashboard can be used in the module. Thus, decision-making processes of companies are supported easily and automatically.

OLAP tables are designed to meet the requirements and automatically establish relationships between tables without the need to design OLAP cubes.

Association technology in the Business Intelligence module allows analysis in the way the human brain thinks and offers the user a highly flexible inquiry. As a result of keeping the data available in the association, the results of other analyzes that may be related at the same time may be reflected on the screens, apart from the questions asked. With the self-service feature, users can make changes to existing dashboard displays, analyzes or create new screens from scratch.

Analysis of data can be started instantly with ready-to-use reports as soon as the module is installed.

Business Intelligence module's in-memory working technology keeps all the data set in the analysis in memory and reduces the time required to analysis into mere seconds to speed up the processes. In other words, it returns the result of the inquiry made by the user over the data set previously stored in memory before going to the source (database) of that data. Given the large data sets with millions of rows of data from data sources, such technology makes a big difference to the instant calculations that the user needs in terms of speed.

Business Intelligence module has perfect integration with all modules in the caniasERP system, especially with the Data Warehouse Management module. The dashboard and other reports prepared on the module can be accessed directly without the need for third-party applications. Through the developed bi-directional integration, Business Intelligence reports can be accessed via caniasERP modules, as well as using the links defined on Business Intelligence dashboards, and the details of an important situation or record can also be accessed with one-click through the caniasERP modules.

•    Summarization of variable OLAP tables
•    Ready for instant analysis with ready-to-use reports as soon as the module is installed
•    In-memory working technology
•    Association technology
•    Direct access to dashboards and reports via caniasERP
•    Direct access to caniasERP records via Dashboards
•    Multi-dimensional overview feature
•    No limits in dimensions and groupings
•    Unlimited cross-reporting capability
•    Detailed or summarized overview
•    Unlimited display of data
•    Comparative overview feature
•    Real-time evaluations


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