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Corporate Communications - CLB

Corporate Communications (Collaborator) With caniasERP

caniasERP Collaborator (CLB) module allows the exchange emails in and out of the company and sending of emails from all applications. Personal or general deadlines and the tasks can be managed through the Personal Agenda, Corporate Schedule and Address Book Management applications. In addition to this, with the Summary feature of the module, data can be accessed from the applications in the ERP and personal reports can be prepared.

The following chart shows the schematic diagram of the Collaborator module on the same network.

Emails can be sent and received via the integrated mail client. It is also possible to manage multiple email accounts with this module. Information of all contacts saved in the address book can be easily accessed. The contacts saved in the address book can be contacted via email, telephone or fax integration.

The organizer in the Collaborator module can be used to view the personal calendar of the relevant user or to see a company-wide overview. The period to be displayed can be selected individually. The desired search can be performed within the interactive calendar using various display filters, such as resources (Company cars, space availability) or employee groups (Departments, teams, etc.). The creation of new events can be performed automatically with manual or integrated processes. In addition, important information such as payment or contract renewal dates within the ERP system can be tracked through the module via the calendar.

The task and event manager in the module provide comprehensive functions for creating and managing tasks. Task and activity types, such as user-defined on-site meetings and on-premise activities, can be used. It is possible to assign different statuses to tasks or events, and these assignments can be forwarded to the relevant user via an email notification.

The Collaborator module provides all of the important lists and figures of the company that is specific to the company from the entire caniasERP system. In addition, all desired indicators, including open jobs, tasks, and information from external sources, can be combined with a user-specific summary view.

Certain processes associated with emails can be started by using user-defined codes in the module. Thus, the processes of creating orders in Sales Management and Purchase Management modules or production orders in the Production Management module can be started directly through this module. The email and address book management applications in the module also have seamless integration with the Customer Relationship Management module. Collaborator module is an interactive communication solution that offers a wide range of possibilities for setting up a personalized work order. With its structure that is fully integrated to caniasERP, this module enables the start of a large number of processes as well as the creation of individual connections.

•    Dynamic adaptable user console
•    Connection with caniasERP modules/processes or external data sources
•    Ability to send emails from all modules
•    Task, event planning and managing tool
•    Personal or company calendar management
•    Email and address book management integrated with Customer Relationship Management module
•    Instant message and SMS service


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