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Customer Relations Management  - CRM

Customer Relations Management with caniasERP (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, with its integrated structure, allows centralized recording and management of data from all modules in the system. 

The actions feature of this module enables recording of all communications with customers/vendors and potentials. In addition, an action record can be created directly from other modules such as Opportunity Management, Issue Management, Sales Management, and Collaborator. It is possible to define an action group together with the Planned Actions feature and trigger all other planned actions depending on this action. The main functions of the Customer Relations Management module are the adaptation of communication information to individual requirements, making specific approaches for potential customers and providing immediate response to developments in customer relations. Opportunity Management application provides the opportunity to monitor and report on the system. Similarly, issues and suggestions can be followed, and necessary actions can be taken with Issue Management feature. The data generated by the Customer Relationship Management module and other modules' daily work is automatically collected in the information pool of this module. Thus, companies do not need to spend a workforce for this process.

The following chart shows the schematic diagram of the Customer Relations Management module within the system.


Every day, there are numerous data streams to the system with customer data coming through communication tools such as emails, phone calls, faxes, letters, and text messages. The data and documents created in this way are stored centrally on the system through integration with all other modules. The detailed information retrieved from sales, service and marketing departments, such as past transactions, contacts, addresses, relationships with competitors, and behavior of competitors can be used for strategic relationship management.


The analytical functions in the Customer Relationship Management module allow customer surveys to be carried out both manually and with the electronic systems. In this way, the entire questionnaire forms can be created in the system. Alternative response paths and different weighting criteria can be defined, and open-ended questions can be edited. Customer surveys can be assigned, applied and evaluated for specific participants. The analysis of responses can also be displayed graphically. Here, the results can be obtained by contacting the address data.

Sales opportunities; campaigns, projects, offers, materials or competitors. Also, based on selected search criteria, a sales opportunity analysis can provide different views for defined and maintained sales opportunities. The complaint management feature in the module collects all positive and negative feedback and suggestions in order to include customers' ideas in the improvement process. The module's history tracking feature provides information for the entire communication process, involving the relevant customers or the contact persons concerned. In addition, types such as Potential Customer/Vendor, Customer or Vendor may be created; the person concerned may be appointed and all proceedings can be followed after becoming a Potential.

Operational Structure

The Customer Relationship Management module supports regulatory and supervisory work across the entire supply chain, from the offer to the invoice. With the integration of the address book and customer master data, documents can be quickly and accurately edited and tracked in full.

Mobile Connection

The mobile application of the module is available to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and allows the creation and maintenance of relevant data while on the field service. The Salesperson Console provides a quick overview of the key functional areas in the module and enables more transparent management of customer relationships and responses to these relationships. The ability to independently view the entire communication history makes the day-to-day work of an on-site service very easy.


Customer Relationship Management module integrates with the entire ERP system; therefore, it provides companies with better estimates of their customers, vendors, and potential customer/vendors. With the history tracking feature, details of all data in the system (Sales Management, Purchase Management, Financial Accounting, Service Management, Production Management, Inventory Management, etc.) and all relevant modules can be accessed. In addition, thanks to the integrated work with the Corporate Communications (Collaborator) Management module, activities/actions can be tailored specifically to the relevant people. With the Document Management module, all documents related to the customer /vendor/potential customer/potential vendors can be recorded and monitored from the system. Salespersons can perform operations such as creating sales documents in the new action or Sales Management module via the shortcuts in the Salesperson Console. In addition to these integrations, it is also possible for the Customer Relationship Management module to be used as an independent solution. However, the complete integration of the module into the caniasERP general system ensures a harmonious and integrated operation between the Marketing, Call Center, Sales and Service departments.

Features Overview
1.    Perfect integration into caniasERP system
2.    Action management

a.    Communication management
b.    Potential customer/vendor, vendor and customer
c.    Data maintenance
d.    Communication planning, contact history
e.    Tele-marketing support / Call Center integration
f.    Bulk email / letter / SMS sending
g.    Customer group analysis
h.    Planned Actions

3.    Integration with the Corporate Communication Management module

a.    E-mail client
b.    Calendar
c.    Task management
d.    Activity management
e.    Address book management
f.    Sending SMS texts

4.    Opportunity management
5.    Survey management
6.    Sales campaign management
7.    Salesperson console
8.    Evaluations
9.    Issue management


Satış Yönetimi - SAL
Müşteri İlişkileri Yönetimi - CRM
Perakende Yönetimi - RTM
Servis Yönetimi - SRV
İhracat Yönetimi - EXP


Satış Yönetimi - SAL
Müşteri İlişkileri Yönetimi - CRM
Perakende Yönetimi - RTM
Servis Yönetimi - SRV
İhracat Yönetimi - EXP
Stok Yönetimi - INV
Satınalma Yönetimi - PUR
Üretim Yönetimi - PRD
Genel Muhasebe - FIN

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