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Financial Accounting - FIN

Financial Accounting With caniasERP (FIN)

caniasERP Financial Accounting (FIN) module manages the governmental and/or administrative requirements of manufacturers, service providers and commercial companies. 

Financial Accounting module contains General Accounting, Receivable Accounting, Payables Accounting, Cost Accounting, Administrative Accounting, Fixed Assets, Human Resources Accounting functionality.

With the Financial Accounting module, enterprises can perform operations smoothly and run reports efficiently by using multiple accounting standards including TMS, UFRS, USGAAP, and others, without needing duplicate entries, databases or additional installations.

Main features of the module are;
•    Registration of commercial events and their documents in accordance with the applicable legislation and their applicable foreign currency information (Fulfilling official General Accounting requirements).
•    Preparing the official book, e-Ledger, Declaration, e-Declaration or financial statements and making them available in e-Government works.
•    Ability to effectively manage trade receivables and commercial debts with real-time or collective integration with Sales Management, Retail Management, and Invoice Control modules. (Open balance control, credit/debit aging, customer debt information, collective reminders).
•    With real-time integration to the Asset Management module, accounting for monthly depreciation expenses; automatic creation of full or partial sales, scrapping of related accounting documents, automatic determination, and processing of fixed assets and expenses of the related period from accounting records.
•    Accounting of monthly personnel expenses and accruals by the Human Resources Management module integration.
•    With perfect functioning integration, transferring the expense records entered in the Financial Accounting module to the Cost Centers Accounting module before the cost calculations.
•    Creation of reflections of expense accounts and accounting of material costing records through integration with Inventory Management and Production Cost Management modules
•    The planned and actual comparison of finance and expenditure budgets with budget management module integration.
•    Record the notes such as checks, notes, letters of credit, receipt of credit, follow-up, bankruptcy, collection or forensic follow-up status, reporting, creating automatic accounting documents and evaluating them at the end of a period.
•    Tracking and accounting of the letters of guarantee received and given
•    Follow-up of loan and leasing applications, the realization of the entry and installment payments, monitoring and accounting, detailed analysis of the applications and the realization of the period-end exchange rate adjustments and accounting.
•    “Financial Reminder” feature so that companies do not skip any payment or collection (Check, promissory note, letter of credit, insurance policies, etc. information and reminder with specific reports, dates and times defined by e-mail and/or SMS messages).
•    Automatic accrual of debt collection, clear balance tracking, related foreign exchange profit/loss and due date accounting by subjecting debt accruals to financial matching in transaction currency or local currency.
•    Comprehensive reporting of the ledger, trial balance, definite trial balance, balance sheet, profit/loss statement, cash flow statements, etc. (With the options of the local currency, reporting, transaction or currencies) Easy to get financial statements and lists. Ability to create personalized reports and tables as well as financial reports and tables covered by the standard.
•    Preparation of formal and administrative cash flow statements from accounting records, pre-accounting (Sales, purchase invoices, orders) documents, and credit payment plans not yet integrated into accounting.
•    Creation of a template document for transactions such as periodic payments, insurance premiums or rent payments and automatic accounting at the required date.
•    Integration with banks where companies work; swift integration of transaction transactions in the MT940 standard, check / note integration, bulk payment orders delivery and consequence integration.
•    Real-time or bulk document creation with integration with other related modules, as well as fast, controlled and easy document entries via rich, customizable “Posting keys”.
•    Automatic creation of debit record accrual accounting documents foreign exchange profit/loss accounting documents resulting from the “Periodic Currency Valuation”, and exchange rate difference invoices.
•    Calculation of debt/receivable maturity, delay interest and interest number statements, rediscount calculation, weighted average maturity difference calculation reports.
•    Comprehensive “End-of-Period Transactions” and ending and the opening of new period documents.


Standard reports are available with rich parameters and options; With the help of easy-to-use wizards, Excel, PDF, text documents can be transferred easily to different environments. The Financial Accounting module includes account plan breakdowns to meet official or administrative needs, accounting document breakdowns, checklists, comprehensive account transaction dumps, temporary and final balance, balance sheet, income statement, official books (with printed paper or approved e-Ledger option), check / promissory notes and historical execution, cash flow reports, e-Declarations, debtor account information and reminders, Babs report, VAT reports, special reports for importers and exporters, debt aging reports, collection-payment reports. 


The Financial Accounting module has flawless integration with modules such as Sales Management, Retail Management, Invoice Verification, Asset Management, Human Resources Management, Production Cost Management, Cost Centers Accounting, Inventory Management, and Budget Management.

•    Official reports such as e-Ledger, e-Declarations, Babs forms, VAT report
•    Multiple accounting standards, real-time or end-of-period parallel ledger printing, discount calculations of timed debt/credits.
•    Foreign currency transactions, foreign currency reports, periodic exchange rate valuation, foreign exchange profit/loss, aging difference, interest number and debt / receivable aging calculations.
•    Manual or batch financial matching, matching exchange difference.
•    Real-time or collective accounting integration.
•    Creating accounting templates for different types of transactions with posting keys.
•    Bulk customer/supplier information, reminders
•    Cheque and promissory note management, the financial reminder
•    Integration with banks.
•    Detailed credit and lease monitoring.
•    Financial ratios, analyze.
•    Automatic repetitive payments and accounting documents
•    Rich, customizable ready-made reports and ability to create your own reports
•    Full support for end-of-period and beginning of period closing/opening operations.
•    Full infrastructure support to local regulations and legislation of Turkey, Germany and many other European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Latin American countries.


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