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Knowledge Management - KMS

Knowledge Management (KMS) with caniasERP

With the caniasERP Knowledge Management (KMS) module, the data in the whole system can be organized and then transferred to the knowledge management data warehouse.

Access to these stored data is also provided through the inter-module access. This encourages the sharing of information and feedback from users, such as experience, by providing interfaces suitable to the habits of Internet users and allows for a more collective system.


The Knowledge Explorer is the knowledge management application used to search the data in the caniasERP system. With a single word or part of a word, the users can easily access the information they want to access by searching the Knowledge Management Data Warehouse. It is also possible to access the relevant applications of the caniasERP modules via links in the search results.

The Knowledge Explorer application has a user-friendly interface that is designed according to (in line with) users' habits on the Internet. The feedback mechanism, which is an essential of information management, is another feature of the application. Users have the ability to comment, like, dislike, score, and comment on the listed results. It is possible to optimize the searches, to prepare statistics and reports through the feedback.

Another important feature of Knowledge Management is that information in it is never lost. Revision tracking of stored data can be found in the Knowledge Management Data Warehouse. The ability to search for older versions of information allows feedback for those versions as well.


This app collects data and categorizes it by catalogs under a specific title as articles. These articles, like an encyclopedia summary page, provide all the necessary information in a single frame. Thus, it becomes possible to see the bigger picture related to the data instead of just accessing the information. For example, it is possible to create a material catalog and then create a one-page article for each material code. In this summary article, base information of the material, production information, sales/supply information, etc. can be shown together. Similar to the Knowledge Explorer application, the Knowledge Encyclopedia application is also an ideal way to access summary data as it presents a template in accordance with today's e-Encyclopedia designs.


In this application, the management of items is done by the administrator, who has full control of any information entered into the system and is able to approve or reject any item. Items with approval mechanisms cannot be displayed on the search screens unless the administrator approves them.


The Knowledge Management module has integration with all modules in the caniasERP system, mainly in Base Data Management and TROIA Development Tools modules.


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Integration with modules in the caniasERP system 
  • Implicit information input 
  • Feedback mechanism 
  • Flexible catalog design
  • Revision tracking
  • Categorization of data
  • Approval mechanism for the shares made


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