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Production Intelligence - PRI

Production Intelligence (PRI) with caniasERP

caniasERP - Production Intelligence (PRI) module is used to report all the production processes of enterprises in detail. 

The efficiency of the production environment can be monitored in real time with the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that can be defined for a Plant, Production Line, Capacity Groups and Work Centers. Through the extremely flexible structure of KPI definitions, deviations can be followed based on the period defined for production environments in the system.

Total Equipment Efficiency (OEE), one of the tools used in lean production applications, focuses on increasing the performance of machinery and equipment within enterprises. Based on three main factors—Availability, Performance, and Quality, OEE focuses on losses such as downtime, failures, scraps, and rework.

Availability score is calculated by taking the ratio of time spent on production to the planned time for production. The performance score is calculated by taking the ratio of the actual speed to the planned speed on the production order. Finally, Overall Equipment Effectiveness is calculated by multiplying these three scores.

The OEE report can be examined on tables and histograms, as well as by grouping based on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly periods and material, capacity group, work center, shift and personnel.

With the Live Production Monitoring feature found in the Production Intelligence module, it is possible to track the production processes in the work centers based on periods via user-defined key performance indicators. Detailed information such as instant operation information, live speed graph, planned - realized activity times, quality products, scraps and rework amount of each work center can be accessed with this feature.

By using the Production Intelligence module, planned and actual activity times based on production order operation and scraps, rework, by-product and product quantities can be compared between two determined dates. If there is a confirmation metric for the material to be generated as a result of the operation, it is possible to report that data as well. The reporting process can be on a table or histogram.

The Production Intelligence module works in sync with the Production Management and Automation modules. The production environment data collected by the Automation module is interpreted in the Production Intelligence module and made meaningful so that the control of the production lines is ensured.


•    Desired grouping in desired periods
•    OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality Scores
•    Actualized and planned production quantities and times
•    Actualized and planned activity durations
•    Times and frequency of failures according to failure codes
•    Quantity and frequency of scraps according to scrap codes
•    Quantity and frequency of rework according to rework codes.
•    Additional information (temperature, pressure, etc.) reports
•    By-product production quantities
•    Production quantities, production and downtime on personnel basis.


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